TitelMake painter options configurable as view defaults
StatusDone (Won't Do)

The painter options can not be configured per view, for example in a view dashlet. These are user related options. We should implement these options as defaults per view, while the user can override them. ---- Mail from user: We used to have a view in the dashboard, with URL defined in the dashboard like so: "title" : _("Applications - errors"), "title_url" : "", "view" : "aggr_dashboard_apps_errs&po_aggr_onlyproblems=1", This allowed us to get a neat tree view of problems in the network, and showing only the problems - if list was empty, everything was great. Getting such a view does not seem possible with the new view format. While using a link (the title_url) to the actual view still works, such painter options are not stored as part of custom dashboard view configuration - only filters are stored. For other (non-dashlet) views, the chosen view options are of course stored in var/lib/user/, but this does not apply to view dashlets. What this means is that we are seeing *all* aggregation data, including items in OK state, on the dashboard. Could you make it possible to also include the painter options in the custom view dashlets? Right now our only workaround is to use a URL Iframe, and with that, we cannot hide the other elements of such an url (such as the action buttons at top of a page and so on). To us this represents a loss of functionality and clarity in dashboard.