TitelSite condition for EC rules / rule packs
KomponenteEvent Console
StatusDone (Done)

we currently have some trouble with the „Expect regular messages” option in Event Console rules. We have implemented the active Check_Email check to forward mails to the Event Console. For most of the mails everything is working fine. We get notifications out of the EC when a mail is sent there. For selfmonitoring purpose we have implemented also a regular sent Mail. Now we wanted to use the “Expect regular messages“ option to get an alarm when the regular Mail was missing. Sadly the EC rule for that is running on all of our distributed monitoring sites, but the Mail is just forwarded to one of them. This leads to massive number of false alarms on all other sites. To solve this issue it would be very helpful if the EC rules can be applied to single sites. Like there is the check box “do not apply this rule” it would be perfect to have additional checkboxes per monitoring site, where to apply a rule or rule pack. This would also increase the performance of the EC if you have lots of EC rules which are configured to run just on the sites where they are needed.