Titellegacy_checks could allow passive services
StatusDone (Won't Do)

Chris Bowlby: > I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this before, based on a cursory > search of the mailing list, but would be nice to have an optional > element that can be used as part of the legacy_check param that would > denote that particular service as being passive. For example: > > legacy_checks += [ > ( ( "passive_check_command", "PASSIVE SERVCE", False, True), ALL_HOSTS), > ( ( "active_check_command", "ACTIVE SERVCE", False), ALL_HOSTS), > ( ( "active_check_command", "ACTIVE SERVCE2", False, False), ALL_HOSTS), > .... > ] > > The example would set the first legacy check as passive, and the other > two as active. I know that one can simply use the extra_nagios_conf > parameter, but it's a wee bit clunky if you've got a large number of > passive checks and other elements that need to be converted. This idea > may provide a cleaner method where one can simply define the passive > check here, and allow them to take advantage of the other elements, such > as service groups, contact group links, etc. It also reduces the changes > of miss-creating an entry that causes a conflict later on.