The software development of the Check_MK Appliance is organized in so called Werks. A Werk is any change or bug fix that has influence on the user's experience. Each Werk has a unique ID, one of the levels Trivial Change, Prominent Change or Major Feature and one of the classes Bug Fix, Feature or incompatible Change.
Whenever you make an update to a new Check_MK version please make sure that you have understood all incompatible changes.

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Trivial Change Prominent Change Major Change New Feature Bug Fix Security Fix Incompatible

Version 1.4.4
#9374 Firmware: Now shipping stunnel with the firmware for setting up encrypted connections
#9375 Firmware: Ship with KVM/QEMU guest agent
#9377 cluster: Deal with different alignment of data partitions
#9376 cluster: Enforce new partition creation on inconsistent cluster node disband
Version 1.4.3
#9372 Check_MK virt1: Fixed incompatibilities with XEN hypervisors
#9371 Firmware: Improve handling of <1.4 updates
#9367 Firmware: Backup: Deleting a backup job now deletes state files
#9370 Firmware: Fixed possible CPU hog when enabling "root via SSH" view "console via SSH" is already active
#9369 Firmware: Updated shipped Check_MK Agent to 1.5.0p3 agent
#9368 Firmware: Updated initial Check_MK version to 1.5.0p3
#9373 cluster: Fix systemd automatic fsck confuse cluster initialization on slave
Version 1.4.2
#9366 Check_MK rail1: Fixed SD card detection after update to Version 1.4.x
#9365 Firmware: Incompatible Check_MK versions can not become the default version anymore
#9364 Firmware: Site management: Print helpful error message in case default version is incompatible
#9362 Firmware: Mounts: Fixed broken mounting of CIFS volumes with "Mount on access, unmount on inactivity" option enabled
#9361 Firmware: Mounts: CIFS mounts now use "NTLMv2 hashing encapsulated in raw NTLMSSP" by default
#9360 Firmware: Mail: Changed send timeout & made it configurable
Version 1.4.1
#9356 Check_MK virt1: Fixed possible import error with VMWare ESX 5/6
#9359 Firmware: Updated initial Check_MK version to 1.4.0p31
#9357 Firmware: Fix suddenly stopped apache process during reloads
#9358 cluster: Fix systemd automatic fsck confuse cluster initialization on slave
Version 1.4.0
#9355 Firmware: Platform update to Debian stretch
#9354 Firmware: Updated initial Check_MK version to 1.4.0p29
Version 1.3.20
#9349 Check_MK rack1: Raid Management: Handle resync state of raid correctly
#9350 Check_MK rack1: Raid Management: Fixed broken raid management page with rack1 Mark I
#9352 Check_MK virt1: Fixed "The OVF package is invalid" issue with vSphere client (1.3.19 regression)
#9353 Firmware: Updated initial Check_MK version to 1.4.0p28
#9351 Firmware: Fixed editing bonding interfaces with localized GUI (regression in 1.3.19)
#9348 Firmware: Switching from advanced to simple network dropped gateway setting
Version 1.3.19
#9343 Check_MK rack1: RAID Management: Show device names of HDDs in the device table
#9344 Firmware: Fixed ValueError exception showing the current modem status
#9347 Firmware: MAC address failover parameter of bondings is now configurable
#9346 Firmware: Updated initial Check_MK version to 1.4.0p25
#9342 Firmware: ixed possible error when resetting the syslog configuration to "No forwarding"
#9339 Firmware: Fix possible disabled startup of important services
#9341 Firmware: Fixed possible error when resetting the mail configuration to "Not configured"
#9340 Firmware: Improved robustness of device configuration after unclean shutdowns
#9345 cluster: IP address of cluster might be attached to wrong interfaces
#9338 cluster: Repair broken cluster process startup during firmware update
Version 1.3.18
#9337 cluster: Fixed cluster promoting non UpToDate node in sync situations
#9336 cluster: Updated DRBD utils to 9.2.0
Version 1.3.17
#9332 Check_MK rack1: Fixed issues with connected KVM devices (regression in 1.3.16)
#9329 Check_MK rack1: Fixed broken automatic raid rebuild on Check_MK rack 1 Mark I and Mark II
#9328 Check_MK rack1: Fixed broken RAID management page on Check_MK rack1 Mark I and Mark II
#9334 Firmware: Improved user feedback on console when firmware update fails
#9333 Firmware: Fixed possible "Logout()" exception when showing dialogs during boot
#9335 cluster: Fixed sync of backup job configuration between master and slave node
#9331 cluster: Fixed editing interface configuration that is part of a cluster
#9330 cluster: Updated DRBD to 8.4.10-1 and DRBD utils to 8.9.11
Version 1.3.16
#9327 Firmware: Updated initial Check_MK version to 1.4.0p22
#9326 Firmware: Add support for the upcoming Check_MK rack1 Mark III
#9325 Firmware: Mounts: Fixed exception when uploading private key
Version 1.3.15
#9309 Check_MK virt1: Added support for KVM virtio
#9321 Check_MK virt1: Default VMWare hardware version is now version 8
#9324 Firmware: Updated initial Check_MK version to 1.4.0p15
#9322 Firmware: Fixed possible issue during firmware update with files in /boot
#9323 Firmware: Mount management: Add support to manage SSHFS (SFTP) mounts
Version 1.3.14
#9311 Firmware: Support for Multitech MTD-H5 Modem added
#9308 Firmware: Updated initial Check_MK version to 1.4.0p10
#9307 Firmware: Fixed Firmware Update problem from 1.2.1+ to 1.3.13
#9306 Firmware: FIX: Changed minimum system memory from 1 GB to 2 GB
Version 1.3.13
#9305 Firmware: Updated initial Check_MK version to 1.4.0p9
#9304 Firmware: Backup: Fixed displaying wrong finish time after backup completion
#9303 Firmware: Improved error handling during firmware updates from older versions
Version 1.3.12
#9301 Check_MK rack1: Fix "Your BIOS is broken and requested that x2apic be disabled" messages in syslog during boot
#9310 Firmware: logwatch: ignore pattern memory usage increased
#9302 Firmware: Updated initial Check_MK version to 1.4.0p8
#9299 Firmware: Fixed creating certificates with "custom address"
#9300 Firmware: Site table is now sortable by the user
Version 1.3.11
#9296 Firmware: /var/log is now reboot persistent
#9297 Firmware: Fixed accidental mount of /rw volume as ext2 on rack1/virt1
#9298 Firmware: Updated initial Check_MK version to 1.2.8p16
#9295 Firmware: Firmware volume now uses 4GB space on new installations (and reseted devices)
#9294 Firmware: Allowing more apache instances with default config
#9291 Firmware: CIFS mounts: Fixed handling of "hidden shares" when using automation mount/unmount
#9292 Firmware: Fixed displaying of many IP addresses / network interfaces on console
#9293 Firmware: Fixed "cma_nav" error in sidebar snapin when using Check_MK 1.4.x
#9290 Firmware: Site migration: Fixed possible issue when having wrong Check_MK version as default
Version 1.3.10
#9288 Firmware: cmc.log monitoring: Fixed matching of continuation lines
#9287 Firmware: CIFS shares: Allowing dashes and underscores in share names now
#9286 Firmware: Virtualbox checks are now again only discovered on Virtualbox platforms
#9285 Firmware: Added support for the upcoming Check_MK rail2 hardware
#9284 Firmware: mkbackup: Fixed backup to some CIFS shares ([Errno 13] Permission denied) '...')
Version 1.3.9
#9283 Check_MK virt1: VMWare Tools / VirtualBox Additions: Cleaned up installation shipped with firmware
#9282 Firmware: Fixed wrong language entry "de" in language selection dialog
Version 1.3.8
#9278 Firmware: Mount management: CIFS mounts can now directly mount subdirectories
#9279 Firmware: Backup: Fixed detection of online backupable sites when using daily builds
#9281 Firmware: Updated initial Check_MK version to 1.2.8p13
#9273 Firmware: Fixed possible exception "Not existing VLAN config" when using VLANs on boding interfaces
#9277 Firmware: Mount management: Security mode can now be configured for CIFS mounts
#9274 Firmware: Removed invalid mount option "noatime" from CIFs mounts
#9275 Firmware: The URL /webconf is now redirected to /webconf/
#9276 Firmware: Fixed error on console when having more than 3 VLAN interfaces
#9280 cluster: Disconnect/Connect of cluster nodes broke automatic startup of cluster services
Version 1.3.7
#9264 Firmware: Fixed possible issues in memory reservation for system processes on non clustered devices
#9261 Firmware: Device time can now be set manually
#9260 Firmware: Test mails can now be sent from the GUI
#9269 Firmware: Fixed broken upload of Check_MK CEE (Demo) packages
#9270 Firmware: Fixed possible out of memory errors introduced with 1.3.5
#9272 Firmware: Site users are added to smsd group during clone/migration
#9271 Firmware: Updated initial Check_MK version to 1.2.8p10
#9241 Firmware: omd update: Stopping processess accessing site temp filesystems during omd updates
#9259 Firmware: Sites can now be renamed using the GUI
#9245 Firmware: Monitoring sites can now be cloned using the GUI
#9244 Firmware: Added network filesystem mount management
#9243 Firmware: Added new device backup functionality
#9242 Firmware: Fixed firmware update needing space on /rw volume
#9258 Firmware: logwatch: ignore pattern Missing RRD info file
#9246 Firmware: Using generic Check_MK crash reporting in Web Configuration
#9257 Firmware: Corrected logfile path for notifications
#9247 Firmware: Fixed possible site migration issue in case of large rrdcached journals
#9262 cluster: Cluster page shows a warning message when time synchronization (NTP) is not configured
#9263 cluster: Showing CMA version of cluster nodes in node table on cluster page
#9265 cluster: Switching to simple network config via console now cleans up cluster config
Version 1.3.6
#9238 Firmware: Network: Fixed removing of default gateway of interfaces
#9239 Firmware: Site migration can now be done without gzipping the site files
#9240 Firmware: Updated initial Check_MK version to 1.2.8p5
#9237 Firmware: Fixed TypeError exception when creating bonding interfaces with gateway
#9236 Firmware: Local console: Fixed error when bonding is configured but disabled
#9233 Firmware: Fixed GUI exception after deleting bonding interface
#9234 Firmware: Fixed errors in case of broken (e.g. not initialized) sites in GUI
#9235 Firmware: Network interfaces are now sorted correctly in GUI
#9232 Firmware: Local console: Fixed error when VLANs are configured on bonding interfaces

You can find a list of all werks including older versions here.