The software development of Check_MK is organized in so called Werks. A Werk is any change or bug fix that has influence on the user's experiance. Each Werk has a unique ID, one of the levels Trivial Change, Prominent Change or Major Feature and one of the classes Bug Fix, Feature or Security Fix.
Whenever you make an update to a new Check_MK version please make sure that you have understood all incompatible changes. You might have to adapt your configuration.
If you like to get informed about new werks, you can subscribe to various mailinglists which inform you about werks of specific levels.

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Trivial Change Prominent Change Major Change New Feature Bug Fix Security Fix Incompatible

Version 1.5.0p4
#6485 Checks & Agents: fsc_sc2_voltage: Do not discover not-available voltage units
#6488 Checks & Agents: storeonce_servicesets storeonce_clusterinfo: Consider new API keys of capacity and free space values
#6476 Checks & Agents: apc_symmetra: Fixed transposed default levels for battery capacity
#6409 Checks & Agents: wmi.include: don't throw exepctions in the parse function
#6464 Checks & Agents: Linux Agent: Fix excluded filesystems in df section
#6489 Checks & Agents: mssql_backup: Fixed parsing of backup date, time and type
#6502 Config generation: Fixed config generation for check/service/notification period.
#6554 Core & Setup: Raw Edition: Improved handling of configuration errors
#6553 Core & Setup: Fix "Error running .../MKEVENTD 'set' 'on'" error in case of config errors during update
#6549 GUI: Crash reports: Filter out password/_password from HTTP vars of GUI crashes
#6475 GUI: New Theme: Fixed snapins in dashboards
#6579 WATO: Fixed host renaming in notification rules
#6552 WATO: Role changes now create change entries on central site
#6551 WATO: Fixed missing permission checking during "Discard changes"
#6557 distros: Add build support for SLES15
#6550 omd: Fixed warning "bad ps syntax" when stopping a site on e.g. SLES11
Version 1.5.0p3
#5509 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: Prevent agent update from crashing while setting up syslog
#6408 Checks & Agents: blade_health: The state "degraded (non critical)" is now treated as WARN instead of CRIT
#6472 Checks & Agents: zpool: Fixed title and units of graphs
#6407 Checks & Agents: mk_postgres postgres_instances: output missing instance data
#6406 Checks & Agents: df: fix a crash of the check if the inode count is '-'
#6403 Checks & Agents: memory.include: return UNKNOWN if the total memory is not present
#6404 Checks & Agents: oracle_undostat: prevent the discovery of invalid services
#6474 Checks & Agents: aix_diskiod: Fixed style of graphs
#6479 Checks & Agents: oracle_tablespaces: Check for empty filenames
#6523 Checks & Agents: nginx_status: Fixed discovery of running instances on Ubuntu
#6529 Checks & Agents: df: Fixed inode monitoring
#6521 Checks & Agents: akcp_exp_temp: Fixed reference to invalid default levels variable
#6520 Checks & Agents: akcp_sensor_temp: Add missing reference to check default levels
#6484 Checks & Agents: Fixed filtering check plugins for the management board and the host itself
#6512 Checks & Agents: agent_3par: Fixed broken 3par special agent (Regression in 1.5.0p1, #6420)
#6402 Checks & Agents: mssql_counters.locks_per_batch: avoid crash if parameters are defined
#6461 Checks & Agents: solaris_mem: Fix crashing check when values in agent output are given in Kilobytes
#6218 Checks & Agents: mgmt_ipmi_sensors: Wrong battery / power supply WARN state
#6401 Checks & Agents: brocade_mlx.module_mem: avoid a crash of all services if SNMP data for one service is missing
#6215 Checks & Agents: cisco_secure: Fix UNKOWN state for disabled portsecurity
#6217 Checks & Agents: mgmt_ipmi_sensors: Fix wrong state for IPMI Sensor warnings
#6397 Checks & Agents: Fixed too high CPU utilization on SNMP devices like HP procurve switches
#6398 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_environment: Fixed discovery of environmental sensors like PSU
#6400 Checks & Agents: brocade_fcport: fix for the calculation of received and transmitted bytes per second
#6500 Config generation: Fixed config generation for shadow hosts/services
#6501 Config generation: Warn during config generation when an unknown timeperiod from a shadow host is encountered.
#6457 Core & Setup: IPMI Management board: Improved error handling when sensors can not be read
#6456 Core & Setup: IPMI Management board: Fixed "cmk -d" on hosts with enabled mgmt board
#6458 Core & Setup: IPMI Management board: Use USER privilege level for monitoring
#6499 Event Console: Fixed execution of event console actions
#6526 GUI: LDAP: Fixed another "ValueError: option error" exception when using LDAP over SSL on some distros
#6525 GUI: Raw Edition: Graphing pages are now themed correctly
#6452 GUI: Fixed wrong sidebar snapin permission checking
#6522 GUI: if_fortigate: Add perfometer
#6530 GUI: Fixed possible error "You can not override a builtin auxiliary tag" after update
#6292 GUI: Werk list: Fixed wrong number of werks shown at top of the page
#6453 GUI: LDAP: Users with non-ASCII characters in uid could be created incorrectly
#6455 GUI: LDAP: Multiple sync processes could be running at the same time
#6471 GUI: New Theme: Updated fixes
#6470 GUI: New Theme: New fixes for modern theme
#6469 GUI: New Theme: Fixed again several bugs
#6291 GUI: Werk list: Fixed input validation and error handling
#6290 GUI: Limit the output of the werk list to the number of groups
#6289 GUI: User profile: Theme changes are applied to result page automatically
#6531 Reporting & Availability: Fixed background color of host state columns in views when host is down
#6293 WATO: Fixed exeption when trying to delete hosts of disabled slave sites
#6524 WATO: BI: Fixed folding of BI aggregations of the same type
#6451 WATO: Service discovery: "Analyze parameters..." link of manual checks is now correct
#6510 WATO: Global Settings: Custom localizations recognizes new languages now immediately
#6454 WATO: Fixed "tree_spec" exception in virtual host tree snapin with older configs
#6511 WATO: Global Settings: Custom localizations fixed possible exception when language alias contains non-ascii characters
#6513 WATO: hp_msa: Hide password from GUI in configuration dialogs
#6518 WATO: Fixed sorting of dual list choices (like network interface types)
#6519 WATO: Fixed unselecting items from dual list choice via double click
#6516 alerts: Fixed stored XSS using alert handler config
#6017 cmc: The CMC logs external commands into the monitoring history now.
#6285 omd: Improved Check_MK installations in containers
#6528 omd: TMPFS config hook is now available again
#6527 packages: Add missing package dependency cron/cronie on most distros
#6517 packages: Nagios: Improved init script when tmpfs is not prepared
#6018 packages: The rrdcached logs to var/log/rrdcached.log again.
Version 1.5.0p2
#5508 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent.exe: Prevent Agent Updater from running twice
#6248 Checks & Agents: cmk -IIv tabula rasa discovery did not remove vanished services
#6313 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_hostsystem: Fixed discovery of multipaths
#6211 Checks & Agents: cisco_secure: Handle unknown 'enabled' state
#6460 Checks & Agents: jolokia_generic: Do not crash when non-numeric data is supplied for number or rate type values
#6447 Core & Setup: Agent type: Fixed not working "use all enabled datasource programs" option
#6449 GUI: Fixed stored XSS using custom host / user attributes
#6448 GUI: Fixed displaying tag aliases in rule lists for builtin tags
#6450 WATO: Fixed handling of "SNMP" and "Dual Check_MK Agent + SNMP" tags when migrating from <1.5
#6446 WATO: Fixed changing agent type from "No agent" to agent in some cases
#6016 cmc: Fixed creation of rule-based downtimes
Version 1.5.0p1
#6395 Checks & Agents: mk_cups_queues: Fixed discovery of several printers
#6393 Checks & Agents: check_bi_aggr: Fixed link in 'Open this aggregation' in the dropdown menu of the aggregation service
#6442 Checks & Agents: huawei_osn_if: Fixed broken check (check_if_common is not defined)
#6419 Checks & Agents: agent_3par: Prevent InsecureRequestWarning error when ignoring SSL cert issues
#6420 Checks & Agents: agent_3par: Certificate verification can now be enabled/disabled
#6391 Checks & Agents: multipath: Fixed unrecognized paths which include a dot
#6444 Checks & Agents: brocade_mlx.module_mem: Fixed broken discovery function (KeyError: state)
#6193 Checks & Agents: OpenHardwareMonitorCLI.exe was broken
#6127 Checks & Agents: ucd.include: Astaro Firewall is Linux but should use hr_mem
#6194 Checks & Agents: Windows fileinfo: wrong size for files exceeding 4 GB
#6459 Checks & Agents: 3par_volumes: Fix crash due to unknown provisioning type
#6246 Checks & Agents: Windows Powershell: Scripts are now always called with the options -noprofile -executionpolicy bypass
#6445 Checks & Agents: Fixed broken openhardwaremonitor executable
#6372 Core & Setup: Check_MK service: Piggyback data source reports the source hosts now
#6428 Event Console: Fixed broken positive matching on syslog priority
#6429 Event Console: Fixed broken cancel event based on priority
#6427 Event Console: Raw Edition: Fixed broken Event Console rule editing (1.5 regression)
#6438 Event Console: Fixed canceling of events when positive and cancel messages both match
#6441 GUI: Fixed broken bulk host import with discovery (Regression in 1.5.0)
#6432 GUI: Raw Edition: Fixed possible broken graphs related to lower/upper parameters
#6436 GUI: Prevent metrics with "," in their names from breaking graphs
#6433 GUI: Raw edition: Fixed interface graphs when no warn/crit/bandwidth is reported
#6434 GUI: Background jobs: Not stoppable jobs ignore SIGTERM now
#6424 GUI: LDAP: Only set SSL/TLS specific options when SSL is enabled
#6421 GUI: Fixed interpretation of script tags when displaying werk texts
#6423 GUI: Fixed possible XSS in views with some filters
#5918 GUI: New Theme: Fixed several bugs
#6399 Notifications: Avoid failed notifications in case of crash dumps
#6247 WATO: The WATO edit folder page is no longer broken, when the tag group criticality gets deleted
#6440 WATO: Backup: Deleting a backup job now deletes the state file
#6439 WATO: Fixed upload of some icon files
#6431 WATO: Fixed bulk discovery (addition to #6377 in 1.5.0)
#6422 WATO: Prevent non-admin users from managing custom host/user attributes
#6425 WATO: Improved validation of timeperiods before deletion
#6015 cmc: Handle 802.1Q and 802.1ad packets in Smart Ping
#6443 omd: Fixed possible "omd backup" error when files vanish during backup
#6435 omd: omd stop on all processes of a site terminates remaining site processes
#6396 omd: Fixed 'Unhandled exception 452' in master control snapin if EC Daemon was disabled via 'omd config'
Version 1.5.0
#6243 BI: BI: fixed minor display bug, when BI had an additional message for the rule state
#6388 Checks & Agents: mssql_transactionlogs: Fixed conversion of empty values like 'used size'
#6120 Checks & Agents: cisco_nexus_cpu: use the ruleset "CPU utilization for simple devices"
#6244 Checks & Agents: Invalid realtime check data can no longer crash the realtime check helper
#6387 Checks & Agents: Fixed staleness of services on piggybacked hosts
#6392 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.solaris: Fixed computing uptime
#6126 Checks & Agents: use correct metric with a better visible colour for averaged CPU utilization
#6374 Core & Setup: Fixed wrong Check_MK service execution time calculation with special agents
#6373 Core & Setup: Fixed UnicodeEncodeError when piping "cmk -M" to stream or file
#6378 Event Console: Fix statistics reported by Event Console
#6242 GUI: Improved SLA WebAPI error handling
#6377 GUI: Bulk discovery was not taking selected options into account
#6375 GUI: Fixed sidebar folding when "Show Check_MK edition & version in sidebar" is disabled
#6376 GUI: Analyze configuration: Fixed "Apache number of processes" on SLES
Version 1.5.0b11 (Not yet released)
Thursday, 02.08.2018
#6245 Checks & Agents: Windows realtime checking did not work without data encryption
Version 1.5.0b10
#5507 Agent Bakery: Prevent cmk-update-agent from being prelinked on Linux
#6380 Checks & Agents: oracle_jobs: Bugfix for auto_drop=TRUE jobs
#6381 Checks & Agents: apc_inrow_system_events liebert_system_events: Fixed handling of empty section
#6384 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.linux check_mk_agent.solaris check_mk_agent.openwrt: Quote command line in asynchronous MRPE call to prevent globbing and word splitting
#6385 Checks & Agents: Check_MK service: Fixed 'missing agent sections' warning if the time period of a service is active
#6383 Checks & Agents: db2_bp_hitratios: Fixed conversion to float if any value contains a comma instead of a dot
#6364 Checks & Agents: check_mk_active_bi: Fixed crashed checks (Regression in 1.5.0b9)
#6318 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.{linux,solaris,openwrt}: Quote command line in asynchronous MRPE call to prevent globbing and word splitting
#6315 Checks & Agents: mssql_backup: Fixed missing default levels
#6358 Core & Setup: Fixed stale services on cluster nodes
#6370 GUI: Fixed missing CEE/CME specific werks in release notes
#6357 GUI: Facelift theme: Icon buttons were not using themed buttons
#6360 GUI: Fixed HTML fragments in global settings titles
#6362 GUI: Preview graphs of "Service Graphs with Timerange Previews" painter can now be overridden
#5917 GUI: Facelift theme: Fixed Logo in Browser tab
#6363 GUI: Fixed "host_inventory" exception when using "Has inventory data" filter
#6367 GUI: Fixed HTML fragments shown in hover title of perfometers
#6369 HW/SW-Inventory: Fixed date shown for the first inventory history entry
#6386 HW/SW-Inventory: esx_vsphere_hostsystem: Fixed crash if no hardware system information is available
#6359 Reporting & Availability: View "Export as PDF" results in empty PDFs
#6366 WATO: User and profile edit dialogs show wrong language when 'en' is configured
#6371 WATO: Fixed broken Global Settings page when liveproxyd is disabled
#6365 deb: Another fix for debian package incompatibilities (extends 6340)
Version 1.5.0b9
#6310 Agent Bakery: mk_postgres: Fixed baking postgres plugin and related bakery rule
#5503 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: Convenient logging on Linux
#5506 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent.exe now ignores windows proxies by default
#5505 Agent Bakery: Multiple formats for Agent Updater executable on Linux
#6341 Agent Bakery: Fixed "SyntaxError: invalid syntax" warning when installing bakery packages on older systems
#6351 BI: Fixed creating BI aggregations
#6311 Checks & Agents: diskstat: Ignore partitions which do not provide all necessary information
#6312 Checks & Agents: filesystem: Fixed blemish in discovery dialog: Invalid check parameter: Undefined key 'patterns' in the dictionary
#6342 Checks & Agents: Fixed degraded SNMP check performance when using SNMP sub checks
#6121 Checks & Agents: security_master security_master.humidity security_master.temp: new checks to monitor sensors of security master devices
#6122 Checks & Agents: zebra_model zebra_printer_status: new checks for zebra printers
#6309 Checks & Agents: winperf: Set default levels to 90, 95 percent
#6124 Checks & Agents: juniper_bgp_state: avoid crash if peer state or peer status is missing in SNMP walk
#6125 Checks & Agents: mssql_connections: new check to monitor active connections of a MSSQL database
#6123 Checks & Agents: fsc_sc2_fans fsc_sc2_power_consumption fsc_sc2_psu fsc_sc2_temp fsc_sc2_voltage: avoid crashes when values values are missing in the SNMP walk
#6350 Core & Setup: Fixed broken checking of unrelated hosts when using manual checks
#6349 Core & Setup: Fixed not working "manual checks" in Check_MK Raw Edition
#6340 Core & Setup: Fixed debian agent package incompatibilities
#6344 Event Console: Fixed exception in MIB listing when directories are e.g. in /usr/share/snmp/mibs
#6227 Event Console: Fix failing termination or config reload
#6226 Event Console: Allow to match against the monitoring site in rules
#6356 GUI: New standard theme for Check_MK GUI
#6241 GUI: SLA configuration: The alert levels did only support integer values
#6348 Notifications: Contact groups in notification rule conditions are now sorted
#6345 Notifications: Fixed invisible/lost notification rules when editing notification rules
#6354 WATO: Timespecific parameters: List of timeperiods is now sorted
#6355 WATO: Fix possible activation warning message about /etc/ssl/certs/localhost.crt certificate
#6343 WATO: Analyze parameters: Shows parameters of clustered services now
#6353 WATO: LDAP sync: Do not add a pending change when sync is executed on slave sites
#6352 WATO: Fixed "Sync with LDAP connections" default for new sites
#6346 WATO: Fixed failed host rename when host is configured as parent on folder level
#6347 WATO: Add hover title to make long permission titles visible
#6339 WATO: Fixed sorting of subfolders in breadcrump navigation
Version 1.5.0b8
#6287 Agent Bakery: Cleanup half written solaris pkg packages when error occurs during package finalization
#5499 Agent Bakery: Implicit default values for agent updater config
#6144 Agent Bakery: win_eventlog: Fixed handling of optional parameter 'Vista API'
#5502 Agent Bakery: Prevent baked tar.gz agents from changing ownership of files on host
#6191 Checks & Agents: Configure additional Windows eventlogs with keyword 'logfile'
#6148 Checks & Agents: solaris_fmadm: Some 'fmadm' versions provide a different output format. This may lead to empty service details if the agent reports any problems
#6145 Checks & Agents: Fixed "UnboundLocalError (local variable 'section_content' referenced before assignment)" (Updates werk 6186)
#6204 Checks & Agents: veritas_vcs veritas_vcs.servicegroup: Monitor 'frozen' Attribute of Veritas Cluster
#6306 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.aix: Prevent timeout of Check_MK service if LPARs of a PowerHA are hanging
#6238 Checks & Agents: check_http: fixed proxy authentification problem when using NTLM
#6229 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_status: now also supports state "ok_with_suppressed"
#6282 Checks & Agents: docker_container_cpu: Fixed crash in some environments
#6143 Checks & Agents: mssql_backup: Fixed crash if check gots old-style parameters
#6142 Checks & Agents: qnap_disks: Fixed undetected error if SMART information is missing
#5935 Checks & Agents: logwatch: "Activate modern eventlog API introduced in vista" is now configurable via agent bakery
#6301 Checks & Agents: if_fortigate: Related graphs look like all other interface graphs
#6302 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.linux: Fixed 'oci runtime error: exec failed: container_linux.go:265: starting container process caused "exec: \"check_mk_agent\": executable file not found in $PATH"'
#5826 Checks & Agents: mrpe: Fixed broken option "Append age to output"
#6305 Checks & Agents: sap_hana_filesystem sap_hana_mem: Fixed wrong conversion of filesystem and memory values
#6236 Checks & Agents: cmk --convert-rrds: fixed broken command
#6300 Checks & Agents: win_printers: Added line break to section header; otherwise the output format was broken in case of a Get-WMIObject failure
#6141 Checks & Agents: mssql_databases: Fixed creating rule with 'Map Database States' parameters and moved state bubble to right place
#6307 Checks & Agents: hyperv_checkpoints: Parameters did not correctly apply
#6299 Checks & Agents: mk_logwatch: If no MK_CONFDIR/logwatch.cfg exists all configuration files below MK_CONFDIR/logwatch.d were ignored. Fixed that!
#6117 Checks & Agents: check_http: Add the possibility to perform certificate checks over a proxy
#6116 Checks & Agents: mk_db2.linux: major refactoring of the plugin to solve different issues
#6281 Core & Setup: Add Edition and running core to crash reports
#6224 Event Console: Prevent multiple mkeventd's from being started in some situations
#6014 Event Console: Fixed handling of expected regular messages
#6222 Event Console: Fix exception during event rewriting, causing events for missing expected messages failing to be created
#6225 Event Console: Fix key errors in mkeventd.log due to missing default values
#6322 GUI: Inventory painters: Allow dynamic table column width scaling
#6118 GUI: Add a analyze configuration rule for flexible and plain email notifications
#5825 GUI: Fixed broken sync of personal user settings information to slave sites
#6234 GUI: SLA computing: added some bugfixes relating to special timeperiods
#6321 GUI: Fixed perfometer sorting in some cases
#6320 GUI: Some services (e.g. Linux Memory) were using wrong perfometers
#6237 HW/SW-Inventory: Inventory plugin esx_vsphere_hostsystem: fixed crash during HW/SW inventory
#6323 Metrics System: Fixed graph PNG export of other than first graphs
#6324 Metrics System: Notifications: Fixed height of graph area with a larger legend
#6232 Notifications: Notifications rules are no longer sortable
#6119 Notifications: asciimail mail: display the custom host and service notes URL correctly in notifications
#6319 WATO: Fixed wrong changelog entry when moving folders
#6325 WATO: Fixed broken "Parameter rule set" link on check manpages
#6233 WATO: Wato Web-API: Fixed broken service discovery for cluster hosts
#6231 WATO: WATO GUI rule matching: Fixed broken evaluation of negated WATO rules
#6115 WATO: Use the correct matching behaviour and avoid a crash while baking agents for some agent bakery rules
#5827 WATO: Background jobs: fixed race condition where current job state was not available
#6239 WATO: WATO host diagnostic page: SNMPv3+Credentials hosts no longer report an exception.
#6240 WATO: WATO Web-API: Implemented SLA API interface
#6286 omd: crontab init script: Fixed implicit dependency to "which" command
#6279 packages: Fixed package installation when bash-completion is not installed
#6288 packages: Added missing runtime dependency "cpio" for solaris package building
Version 1.5.0b7
#5277 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: Add support for proxy servers
#5501 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: Fix mistaken server response for Windows Agent Updater
#6134 Checks & Agents: sap_hana_full_backup: Fixed crash if backup is running
#6190 Checks & Agents: Win-agent: prevent unsigned integer overflow in process uptime
#6131 Checks & Agents: brocade_fcport: Fixed wrong look up of indices which might lead to stale services
#6113 Checks & Agents: winperf_processor esx_vsphere_hostsystem.cpu_usage: shift duplicate service detection from the special agent to the check
#6220 Checks & Agents: df: Fix crashing check for vanished filesystems
#6132 Checks & Agents: ipmi_sensors.include: Treat states 'S0G0' (System full operational, working) and 'System Restart' as 'OK'
#5818 Checks & Agents: Fixed "unknown agent version" message in Check_MK check, shown by cluster hosts
#5813 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle.ps1: temporary files are no longer written to c:\windows\system32
#5806 Checks & Agents: Periodic service discovery: Fixed scenario where process could get stuck
#5814 Checks & Agents: Fixed missing clustered snmp services on cluster hosts
#6221 Checks & Agents: emc_datadomain_disks: Fix crash caused by missing busy data
#5817 Checks & Agents: The "Check for correct version of Check_MK agent" rule no longer applies to datasource programs
#5816 Checks & Agents: Check parse_function is no longer called multiple times if there are several subchecks for the same section
#6013 Core & Setup: Correctly ignore downtimes for vanished hosts/services.
#6186 Core & Setup: Fixed crash of Check_MK service on counter wraps in parse functions (e.g. MKCounterWrapped: WMI query timed out)
#6114 GUI: Add a analyze configuration rule for ESX
#5823 GUI: New Feature: SLA reporting
#5995 HW/SW-Inventory: Status data inventory: Fixed fetching client data once more
#6012 Livestatus: Fixed CMC crash for malformed rrddata queries.
#5815 WATO: Background Job/User synchronization: Fixed text encoding bug / Fixed incorrect exception message
#5819 WATO: Host DNS names may include underscores again
#5822 WATO: WATO Web-API set_ruleset: Now able to delete complete rulesets from folders
#5824 WATO: Agent Bakery: Fixed missing baked packages
#5821 WATO: Fixed exception during configuration changes
Version 1.5.0b6
#6181 Checks & Agents: Improved execution of agent in containers
#6189 Checks & Agents: OpenHardwareMonitorCLI did not run on some Win7 machines
#6180 Checks & Agents: docker: Try to execute agent only in containers having the bash
#6175 Checks & Agents: docker_container_status: Fixed broken check regression in 1.5.0b5
#6174 Core & Setup: Fixed discovery for host with management board without IP addresses configured
#6170 Core & Setup: Raw Edition: Fixed monitoring using special agents
#6154 Core & Setup: Fixed different Check_MK calls (parent scan, baking, rrd conversion) in some cases
#6173 Core & Setup: Fixed possible crash in Check_MK and Check_MK HW/SW Inventory
#6183 GUI: LDAP: Improved debug logging during connect
#6179 HW/SW-Inventory: Add some more details to docker node infos
#6185 HW/SW-Inventory: docker_node_images: Improved performance of agent section creation
#6178 HW/SW-Inventory: Add inventory views for docker images and containers
#6177 HW/SW-Inventory: Correctly escaping output of inventory data based painters
#6176 HW/SW-Inventory: docker_node_images.containers: Show table of containers for docker nodes
#6153 Notifications: Fixed broken notifications and alert handling (Regression in 1.5.0b5)
#6171 Reporting & Availability: Fixed vertical lines overlapping graph legend in some cases
#6184 WATO: LDAP: LDAP connection was not correctly using the sites trusted CAs
#6169 WATO: Discovery page: Fixed incompatibility with central 1.4 and remote 1.5 site
#6182 WATO: Users: Fixed misleading message "User synchronization successful" when opening users page
#6155 WATO: Service discovery page: Active checks were not correctly shown in specific cases
#6107 WATO: Agent bakery signing key passphrases could be visible in access logs
#6151 packages: Net-SNMP: Add some patch trying to fix SNMPv3 communication in some cases
Version 1.5.0b5
#6130 Checks & Agents: ipmi: Fixed unknown device status handling
#6150 Checks & Agents: docker_container_status: Fix crash when receiving data from multiple hosts
#6088 Checks & Agents: steelhead_connections: Skip values of connection types which are not reported
#6129 Checks & Agents: megaraid_ldisks: Fixed crash if item not found
#5811 Checks & Agents: Fixed race condition when creating missing directories
#6109 Checks & Agents: etherbox.temp: fix unicode error
#6111 Checks & Agents: heartbeat_crm: return CRIT if the connection to the cluster fails
#6087 Checks & Agents: cups_queues: Fixed missing parameters if old format is used
#6086 Checks & Agents: oracle_processes: Handle Oracle specific error
#5928 Checks & Agents: Provide option to deploy hyperv_vms_guestinfos plugin for Windows through Agent Bakery
#5927 Checks & Agents: Windows: use case-insensitive drive letters in fileinfo paths
#5812 Checks & Agents: Fixed Check_MK check helper crashes related to loading of precompiled checks
#6081 Checks & Agents: Fixed info extension by node name of cluster-aware checks if host if not part of a cluster
#6082 Checks & Agents: aix_hacmp_services: Fixed parsing data; If a subsystem is in 'inoperative' status no PID is reported
#6085 Checks & Agents: innovaphone_licenses: Do not discover if no data is sent by special agent
#6084 Checks & Agents: apc_rackpdu_power: Do not discover services if device information is missing
#6083 Checks & Agents: websphere_mq_instance: Fixed crash if no standby status is reported
#6106 Core & Setup: Raw Edition: Fixed checking of some hosts when check speicific config variables are used
#6105 Core & Setup: CMC check helper: Fixed issues related to check includes not being loaded
#6098 Core & Setup: Raw Edition: Fixed broken "Check_MK" service when monitoring host named "cmk"
#6097 Core & Setup: Raw Edition: Fix possible "(null)" output of Check_MK services
#6103 Core & Setup: Check and discovery parameters were not always reloaded
#6108 GUI: Raw Edition: Don't show enterprise specific graph export links in context menu
#6110 HW/SW-Inventory: inv_if: Don't return Unknown if no data for OID is present
#6152 WATO: Notification conditions can now be displayed in notification rule table
#6102 WATO: Web API: set_ruleset call adds a config change log entry now
#6104 WATO: Fixed not available global settings page when check specific variable configured
#6093 omd: Bash completion: Make completion work on SLES
#6094 omd: Bash completion: Fixed exception when trying to use completion as root
#6101 packages: Fixed partial uninstall of Check_MK 1.5 versions (leaving sitecustomize.pyc)
#6099 rpm: Only reset default version when current default version is uninstalled
Version 1.5.0b4
#6076 Checks & Agents: lnx_bonding: Fixed item name which had a leading './'
#6077 Checks & Agents: ps: Using number of cores sent by Linux agent is now configurable
#6078 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.openwrt: Fixed invalid syntax in nfsmounts section
#6092 Checks & Agents: docker_node_images: Fixed crash in case of agent output from old docker versions
#6067 Checks & Agents: diskstat: Fixed error complaining about unknown diskstat_diskless_pattern
#6075 Checks & Agents: fortigate_ipsecvpn: Fixed crash if no parameters are stated
#5926 Checks & Agents: Agent Bakery options for WMI and full path with Windows processes
#6065 Checks & Agents: fileinfo.groups: Fixed broken discovery "Invalid output from webservice (malformed string)"
#6091 GUI: Fixed possible UnicodeDecodeError with special characters in the start_url parameter
#6066 GUI: 389directory: Use "member" as group member attribute by default
#5810 GUI: CMC Graphs: fixed incorrect fallback to pnp4nagios graphs in case some sites are disabled
#6090 WATO: Download Agent: Fixed possible broken "Properties" link for hosts
#6068 WATO: Fixed misleading "Last user synchronization ran into an exception: User synchronization" message
#6089 WATO: Download agent page: Only link to rule sets in case the user is permitted to access it
#6064 omd: Fixed possible hanging updates from 1.5 versions
Version 1.5.0b3
#6052 Agent Bakery: Show "Agent updates" context menu only for permitted users
#6007 Checks & Agents: etherbox.temp: Fixed another UnicodeDecodeError
#6006 Checks & Agents: pvecm_nodes pvecm_status: Now supports Proxmox VE Cluster versions greater equal 3
#6004 Checks & Agents: dell_compellent_folder: Fixed forgotten include file 'size_trend.include'
#6039 Checks & Agents: Nagios: Fixed monitoring of cluster hosts and nodes
#6005 Checks & Agents: hp_procurve_cpu: Fixed invalid parameter format
#6045 Checks & Agents: df: Disable for docker containers
#6062 Checks & Agents: checkpoint_ha_status: Workaround devices reporting wrong state information
#6049 Checks & Agents: docker_node_disk_usage: Fixed crash when docker process is not running
#6048 Checks & Agents: docker_node_info.containers: Fixed crash when daemon is not running
#6003 Checks & Agents: HW/SW inventory: Fixed TypeError if any inventory hooks are executed
#5805 Checks & Agents: windows services: service discovery was unable to ignore disabled rules
#6008 Checks & Agents: df.include: Fixed possibly missing parameter 'Show reserved space'
#5924 Checks & Agents: Windows: Use WMI for process monitoring by default
#6071 Checks & Agents: emcvnx_sp_util: Fixed UnboundLocalError 'busy_ticks' referenced before assignment
#6069 Checks & Agents: netextreme_fan: Fixed crash if no speed information is sent from device
#6070 Checks & Agents: oracle_locks: Fixed missing include which caused the NameError 'oracle_handle_ora_errors' is not defined
#5925 Checks & Agents: Use 10 min default timeout for Windows updates plugin
#6002 Checks & Agents: cisco_asa_failover: If a failover occurs the check goes WARN as the related manpage describes.
#5993 Checks & Agents: Fixed execution of management board checks
#6074 Checks & Agents: postgres_sessions: Missing information about 'idle' or 'active' sessions means zero which is never shown
#6000 Checks & Agents: statgrab_mem: Missing data caused UnboundLocalError
#6001 Checks & Agents: ps.include: Checks crashed if parameters 'Levels on CPU utilization of a single process' or 'Enable per-process details in long-output' are used
#5998 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.aix: Fixed parameter substitution for environment variables MK_LIBDIR,MK_CONFDIR and MK_VARDIR
#5997 Checks & Agents: brocade_sys: Fixed missing data handling which caused IndexError
#6046 Core & Setup: Improved execution time of e.g. service discovery
#6063 Core & Setup: Special agents: Remove unreplaced macros from special agent command lines
#6061 Core & Setup: Real time checks: Improved log messages in case of invalid messages
#6060 Core & Setup: Clusters: Add missing custom variable containing the node names
#6041 Core & Setup: Discovery: Exceptions during discovery produce crash reports again
#6037 Core & Setup: Fixed broken "Primary IP address family" rule set
#6036 Core & Setup: Fixed broken IP lookup in Check_MK service when using Nagios core
#6044 Core & Setup: Nagios: Fixed crash when discovered checks were disabled
#6038 Core & Setup: Nagios: Fixed IP address resolution of dual stack hosts
#6042 Core & Setup: Nagios: Fix processing of service output containing special characters
#6043 Core & Setup: Fixed HW/SW inventory marking discovered services as vanished
#6011 Event Console: Fixed host name translation via regexes in the EC
#6059 GUI: "All Services with this description" view: Shows services of all sites now
#6040 GUI: if: Fixed interface graphs for some hosts when using the raw edition
#5808 GUI: Quicksearch: Searching for groups did not always return full results
#6047 HW/SW-Inventory: docker_node_info: Fix crash in case docker process is not running
#5994 HW/SW-Inventory: inv_if: Fixed failing scan function if device returns no data for OID '.'
#6053 Notifications: Fixed sync after user notification rule changes
#5996 WATO: Fixed lookup of management protocol and credentials
#5809 WATO: New Web API Call: delete_hosts, allows to delete multiple hosts at once
#6050 WATO: Analyze configuration: Execute CMC specific tests only with CMC
#6056 WATO: Analyze configuration: Test for old omdadmin default credentials
#6051 WATO: Analyze configuration: Fix livestatus test with Nagios core
#6055 packages: Updated Python to 2.7.15
Version 1.5.0b2
#5984 Agent Bakery: Agent RPMs: Add missing "Vendor" RPM header
#5275 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: Fix run-as-plugin mode (Regression since 1.5.0b1)
#6029 Agent Bakery: Fixed error handling when RPM building fails
#5504 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: Bug in Windows MSI logging
#5981 BI: Fixed displaying of BI aggregation with icons
#5968 Checks & Agents: raritan_pdu_ocprot: Now displays performance data
#5967 Checks & Agents: stormshield_cluster: Firewall configuration synchronization status results have not been mapped correctly
#5923 Checks & Agents: Windows: section MRPE was incorrectly formatted
#6019 Checks & Agents: docker_container_cpu: Fixed calculation of CPU utilization
#5972 Checks & Agents: docker_node_info: Fixed crash when a node with older version reports null labels
#5988 Checks & Agents: docker_container_diskstat: Check disk usage of docker containers
#5989 Checks & Agents: fireeye_content: Fixed exception, in case content update has never been performed
#5841 Checks & Agents: MSSQL plugin: fixed instance connection setup if at least one, but not all instances, use TCP ports
#5987 Checks & Agents: docker_container_mem: Check memory usage of docker containers
#5971 Checks & Agents: docker_node_disk_usage: Fix "No JSON object could be decoded" exception with older docker versions
#5922 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: Many WMI queries could lead to integer overflow
#5757 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_sensors: ignore 'Unknown' sensors
#5799 Checks & Agents: Availability: Fixed error in duration computation when merging identical states
#6028 Checks & Agents: chrony: Fixed incompatibility with RedHat 7.5
#5756 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.linux check_mk_agent.openwrt: specify message digest for encrypted agent output explicitly
#5754 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_vf_stats: now uses the correct number of CPUs
#5840 Checks & Agents: MSSQL plugin: fixed detecting of default instance MSSQLSERVER in AlwaysOn environments
#5713 Checks & Agents: mk_logwatch: Fix message rewriting and continuation patterns
#5801 Checks & Agents: Fixed incorrect check parameter assignment after tabula rasa
#5973 Core & Setup: Fixed broken SNMP walk download via GUI
#5836 Event Console: Event Console messages without a service level can be matched against service level 0 now.
#5837 Event Console: Fixed overflow event text for local limits.
#5835 Event Console: Improve performance of various event console queries.
#5834 Event Console: Fixed SNMPv3 credential handling in the event console.
#6009 Event Console: Rewrite event text in cancel events, too
#6010 Event Console: Service levels in event console rules can now have a precedence
#5986 GUI: User synchronization is now using background job mechanism
#5992 GUI: HW/SW Inventory: Fixed AttributeError if any plugin provides wrong data structure
#6020 GUI: View permitted group selection: Increased size of select fields
#6027 GUI: Fixed availability CSV export when summary is disabled
#5978 GUI: Fixed possible exception when user has invalid idle timeout value configured
#5976 GUI: Fixed possible "AttributeError" exception on custom graph list page
#5974 GUI: Fixed possible exception on background job detail page
#5800 GUI: Availability: UNMONITORED timeperiods were incorrectly used in computation results in certain scenarios
#5977 GUI: Fixed broken dropdown fields in several places
#5975 GUI: Agent output / SNMP walk download: Now processed asynchronously
#5979 GUI: Availability: Fixed broken highlighting of timeline entries on hover
#5983 HW/SW-Inventory: docker_node_images: Fixed mixups between images of same repository and different tags
#6024 HW/SW-Inventory: docker_container_network: Show nodes networks and ports
#6025 HW/SW-Inventory: docker_node_network: Inventory information about docker networks
#5970 Livestatus-Proxy: Cascading livestatus proxy is now possible
#6021 Metrics System: Combined graphs: Fixed handling of optional metrics
#5802 Metrics System: Graph rendering: fixed automatically scaling of vertical axis
#6035 Reporting & Availability: Improved error handling when images can not be rendered
#6034 Reporting & Availability: Fixed adding combined graphs to reports
#6031 WATO: Improved initial activation step performance in some cases
#5913 WATO: webapi: Fixed handling of the option mode in service discovery
#6022 WATO: Analyze configuration: Enabled livestatus proxy is now deceted correctly
#5980 WATO: BI: Fixed deletion of single aggregations
#5982 WATO: BI: Only show bulk move action when targets are available
#5969 WATO: Fixed possible "params" exception when editing sites after update
#6023 distros: Add build support for Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic)
#6032 omd: Debian/Ubuntu: Disable possible duplicate startup on systemd based systems
#5985 omd: htpasswd command is now available in all sites
#6030 packages: NagVis: Updated to 1.9.8
#6026 packages: Updated pnp4nagios to 0.6.26
Version 1.5.0b1
#5872 Agent Bakery: Do not bake VANILLA/GENERIC implicit when bake for list of hosts
#5775 Agent Bakery: Fixed missing McAfee AV client baklet for Windows systems
#5882 Agent Bakery: Agent bakery host selection was showing wrong settings after saving
#5317 BI: BI rules: Fixed renaming rule
#5958 Checks & Agents: Introduce docker monitoring with Check_MK
#5839 Checks & Agents: MSSQL Plugin: fixed mssql_backups for some SQL server versions and situations (alwayson, cluster)
#5955 Checks & Agents: df mounts: Skip docker mounts for name resolution
#5953 Checks & Agents: lnx_thermal: Disabled in docker container contexts
#5951 Checks & Agents: kernel: Disabled in docker container contexts
#5952 Checks & Agents: docker_container_cpu: Check the CPU utilization of a docker container
#5909 Checks & Agents: fortigate_sessions fortigate_cpu: Fixed duplicated discovery if needed information is at two places
#5838 Checks & Agents: Citrix Netscaler Certificates: check is cluster aware now
#5796 Checks & Agents: Fixed race condition in counter computation if a host uses real time checks
#5961 Checks & Agents: nfsmounts cifsmounts: Fixed the blemish "Invalid parameter" displayed in service discovery dialog
#5960 Checks & Agents: docker_images: Inventorizes information about repository, tag, ID, creation time, size, labels and the amount of containers of docker images
#5959 Checks & Agents: docker_node_info: New check which monitors the status of docker daemon
#5858 Checks & Agents: agent_ipmi_sensors: Search PATH for ipmi-sensors command
#5791 Checks & Agents: Fixed broken calculation of correct host check command
#5793 Checks & Agents: Agent Encryption: No longer trying to decrypt all incoming tcp data when a "Encryption" rule with an arbitrary value was set
#5949 Checks & Agents: cpu.threads cpu.load: Disabled in docker container contexts
#5920 Checks & Agents: Windows: use standard file matching patterns for fileinfo
#5936 Checks & Agents: Fixed broken metrics in Fireeye statistics checks. Affected performance graphs are now generated correctly.
#5937 Checks & Agents: apc_system_events: New check which monitors active system events on an InRow Cooling device
#5919 Checks & Agents: Windows agent crashed with a lot of transport protocols available
#5912 Checks & Agents: mk_jolokia: Fixed exception in Bakery rule if an instance is set
#5910 Checks & Agents: ups_cps_outphase: Fixed decimal place in current outphase
#5911 Checks & Agents: mem.linux: Fixed Perf-O-Meter displaying wrong usage if swap is used
#5876 Checks & Agents: fileinfo_groups: Increased size of input fields
#5869 Checks & Agents: mem.win: Fixed displaying of percentage thresholds in graphs (Regression in 1.4.0p21)
#5789 Checks & Agents: agent_ucs_bladecenter: removed legacy debug feature, which import the UcsSdk python module
#5950 Checks & Agents: uptime: Is now reported correctly for docker containers
#5948 Checks & Agents: docker_container_mem: Docker container specific memory checking
#5947 Checks & Agents: df: Exclude docker local storage mounts on docker nodes
#4867 Checks & Agents: F5 BIG-IP: new checks for vCMP guest monitoring
#5946 Checks & Agents: lnx_if: Exclude veth* network interfaces on docker nodes
#5859 Checks & Agents: agent_ipmi_sensors: Fixed exception when using debug mode
#5954 Checks & Agents: drbd: Disabled in docker container contexts
#5710 Checks & Agents: jolokia_generic.string: Fix broken parameter handling
#5767 Checks & Agents: f5_bigip_vserver: Status of VServer is configurable
#5769 Checks & Agents: site_object_counts: New check which collects information about the amount of different host types or used check commands of OMD sites
#5788 Checks & Agents: check_bi_aggr: no longer reports "SubjectAltNameWarning" when initiating connection
#5742 Checks & Agents: windows_tasks: show the hexadecimal representation of the status code
#5755 Checks & Agents: docker_node_info.containers docker_system_df: new checks to monitor the container status and disk usage of a node
#5752 Checks & Agents: cisco_stackpower: only inventorize enabled ports, show operational status in service output
#5753 Checks & Agents: mk_postgres: reduce the amount of psql sessions opened by the plugin
#5712 Checks & Agents: cisco_mem cisco_mem_asa cisco_mem_asa64: No longer crash when total memory is reported as 0.
#5711 Checks & Agents: cisco_mem_asa64: Fix incorrect labelling of graph
#5772 Checks & Agents: mssql_counters.transactions,mssql_counters.pageactivity,mssql_counters.locks are cluster aware
#5774 Checks & Agents: if.include: Wrong items were discovered which led to vanished/undecided(unknown) services
#5964 Checks & Agents: sym_brightmail_queues: Fixed ValueError if some queues do not provide all necessary data
#5777 Checks & Agents: ucs_bladecenter_fans.temp: Made item name unique
#5705 Checks & Agents: Restore support for 32 bit Windows
#5704 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: prevent crash without IPv6 support
#5787 Checks & Agents: Fixed broken host check command "Always assume to be up"
#5706 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: fix endianness of IP addresses
#5748 Checks & Agents: cisco_cpu cisco_nexus_cpu: improve snmp_scan_functions
#5707 Checks & Agents: Windows: allow eventlog monitoring from multiple hosts
#5741 Checks & Agents: isc_dhcpd: allow dynamic-bootp entries
#5749 Checks & Agents: tcp_conn_stats: use ss by default if present otherwise fall back to cat /proc/net/tcp
#5743 Checks & Agents: cisco_ip_sla: show source and target address in service output
#5873 Core & Setup: IPMI Management board
#5896 Core & Setup: Improved output of Check_MK services
#5903 Core & Setup: Improved handling of CTRL+C in some situations
#5901 Core & Setup: Fixed broken "Check_MK Discovery" service when using Nagios core
#5900 Core & Setup: Fixed broken "Check_MK" service when using the Nagios core
#5897 Core & Setup: Agent connection errors are now treated as connection errors again
#5887 Core & Setup: Protect against checks overriding Check_MK internal config variables
#5945 Core & Setup: Hosts can now be configured without IP address
#5830 Core & Setup: Fixed DST shift correction for downtimes, causing CMC to use 100% CPU
#5832 Event Console: Render snmpTrapAddress in a human-readable form even without SNMP trap translation
#5751 Event Console: Add contact group contacts of EC rule if host is not a core host
#5744 Event Console: Export of rule packs in MKP packages
#5833 Event Console: Fixed handling of 'acknowledged' parameter of the EC's UPDATE command
#5856 GUI: Fixed host auxiliary tag filter with service views
#5766 GUI: Contact groups: Fixed handling of missing inventory paths
#5879 GUI: Dashboard: View dashlets were not applying row limits
#5888 GUI: Fixed non working quick search redirect when "Buffered HTTP stream" is off
#5904 GUI: Add view name to view permission help text
#5938 GUI: Fixed search of event console packs and rules
#5864 GUI: Host- and service state filters were not set when adding a filtered view to a dashboard
#5871 GUI: Improved service view rendering performance when showing perfometers
#5899 GUI: Add new permission for "Remove all" downtimes button on hosts/services
#5942 GUI: Fixed broken BI availability with limit set to 0 (regression in 1.4.0p26)
#5750 GUI: Add negate button to the Host Auxiliary Tags filter
#5944 GUI: Fixed broken HTTP header auth for not yet existing users
#5861 GUI: Availability: Fixed missing warning about reached logrow limit for BI aggregations
#5776 HW/SW-Inventory: win_reg_uninstall: Fixed transposed month and day fields of dates which caused 'Inventory failed: unconverted data remains'
#5895 HW/SW-Inventory: mgmt_ipmi_firmware: New inventory plugin to gather the IPMI board firmware version
#5771 HW/SW-Inventory: Created wrong SNMP cache folder 'var/check_mk/HOST'
#5770 HW/SW-Inventory: HW/SW/-Inventory service: Displayed wrong amount of entries by using wrong data source
#5963 HW/SW-Inventory: docker_container_labels docker_container_node_name: Inventorizes labels and node name of docker containers
#5933 HW/SW-Inventory: HW/SW inventory: Fixed AttributeError
#5894 Inline-SNMP: Fixed possible exception on service discovery page for SNMP hosts
#5829 Livestatus: Fixed calculation of time ranges when using disjunctions in queries.
#5857 Metrics System: Improve amount of v axis labels for smaller graphs
#5745 Notifications: handle deferred notification properly
#5785 Notifications: User notification rules: Now also checks if the user is restricted to authorized sites
#5902 Reporting & Availability: Fixed possible exception in PDF export when using the Nagios core
#5853 Reporting & Availability: Fixed escaped HTML entities in view columns
#5943 Reporting & Availability: Fixed broken PDF export of host/service history views
#5747 Reporting & Availability: fix daylight saving time error
#5893 Reporting & Availability: Fixed some report table layout problems
#5867 Reporting & Availability: Report scheduler: Sending mails manually could be triggered multiple times when reloading the page
#5892 Reporting & Availability: Tables: Fixed backgrounds not filling whole table cells
#5891 Reporting & Availability: Fixed column layout of host/service report tables (smaller titles)
#5931 WATO: Fixed "skipping unimplemented check" warning message of active checks
#5868 WATO: Fix duplicate search entries in check plugins search in WATO
#5860 WATO: Fixed description of recurring downtime rules
#5852 WATO: Fixed broken "Management board SNMP credentials" inheritance
#5862 WATO: Wiondows agent sections: Fixed incompatibility with rules created before 1.4.0p22
#5863 WATO: Windows agent sections: Fixed incompatibility with rules created before 1.4.0p14
#5874 WATO: Improved diagnose logging for WATO integrated Git
#5851 WATO: Hosts: Don't show additional IP addresses on host list pages
#5850 WATO: Management board protocol can now be configured on folders
#5784 WATO: WATO Web-API: fixed broken update of host tags
#5783 WATO: Introduced background jobs for longer running task
#5797 WATO: netapp_api_luns: fixed interchanged free/used names in WATO configuration rule
#5848 WATO: Fixed broken inheritance of agent type set on folders (regression in 1.5.0i2)
#5849 WATO: Fixed visibility of "Data sources" properties when editing folders
#5875 WATO: Git: Fixed error "git add --all ... is outside repository" with older git versions
#5866 WATO: Fixed performance issue on ruleset search and discovery page with a large number of rules
#5885 WATO: Builtin auxiliary tags were not available when editing tags (Regression in 1.5)
#5878 WATO: Fixes sorting of host tag groups
#5886 WATO: Improved performane of "ineffective ruleset" searching
#5889 WATO: Fixed visible HTML tag in WATO folder permission error message
#5905 WATO: Configured "Receive fallback notifications" attribute of users was not displayed correctly
#5883 WATO: Fixed broken conversion of customized agent tag group (Regression #5257)
#5884 WATO: Fixed host tag removal confirm dialog (1.5 regression)
#5881 WATO: Tag condition editor could show wrong tag selection after submission
#5939 alerts: Alert handlers can now be packed into MKPs
#5870 omd: Removed PYTHONPATH from site environment
#5865 omd: omd rm --kill now kills all processes of the site user
#5898 omd: Improved error handling in case of wrong permissions on init scripts
#5794 packages: diskspace cleanup: now also deletes any connected .info file when removing a rrd file
#5906 packages: NagVis: Updated to 1.9.6
#5956 packages: Updated NagVis to 1.9.7
#5941 packages: Fixed nagios using outdated config when not using "cmk -R/-O"
#5855 packages: Updated NagVis to 1.9.5
#5907 packages: CentOS/RedHat: Add explicit dependency to php-cli to fix possible broken PNP graphs
#5831 packages: Fixed RFC1158 MIB from pysnmp library
Version 1.5.0i3 (Not yet released)
Monday, 26.02.2018
#5274 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: prevent saving state file to wrong directory on windows
Monday, 19.02.2018
#5737 Core & Setup: cmk -M now handles missing man pages in a more user friendly way
#5736 GUI: Show even empty custom graphs in sidebar view snapin
Friday, 16.02.2018
#5828 Livestatus: Handle case-insensitive equality correctly in Livestatus.
#5735 Event Console: Fixed PDF export of "Event Detail" page
#5734 WATO: LDAP: It's now possible to create user accounts only on first login
#5733 WATO: Fixed bulk deletion of users with special characters in their ID
Thursday, 15.02.2018
#5781 Agent Bakery: Check_MK Update Agent: Now automatically repairs missing agent plugins after a failed windows agent update
#5731 GUI: Custom icons and actions: Add new macro $USER_ID$
#5273 Metrics System: Fix display of CustomGraphs for metrics without current performance data
#5671 Livestatus: Use RE2 regular expression engine for Livestatus queries.
Wednesday, 14.02.2018
#5670 Event Console: Handle history files from older EC versions, which have fewer columns.
#5730 Metrics System: Graph export can now use custom consolidation function
#5272 Core & Setup: Make Real-Timer-Helper Pool configurable
Tuesday, 13.02.2018
#5271 Agent Bakery: Better handling of erroneous deployment information in Agent Bakery
#5729 GUI: Fixed loosing configured icons when editing bookmark lists
Monday, 12.02.2018
#5728 Metrics System: Fixed larger graph legends being cut off in graph dashlets
#5726 packages: Updated NRPE to 3.2.1
Friday, 09.02.2018
#5780 WATO: fileinfo.groups: Fixed check parameters display bug in service discovery page
#5764 Checks & Agents: df.include: Fixed dynamic levels in ruleset 'Filesystem (used space and growth)'
#5702 Checks & Agents: Allow spaces in Windows eventlog name
Thursday, 08.02.2018
#5724 GUI: View/Dashboard list: Link titles only for views/dashboards visible to the user
#5763 Agent Bakery: mk_jolokia: relative URI was not written into configuration file
#5762 Agent Bakery: mk_jolokia mk_logwatch win_eventlog win_logwatch winperf: Fixed UnicodeEncodeError while baking agents
#5723 GUI: Fixed broken sorting of services
#5722 GUI: View/dashboard list: Show link to view only for not hidden and published views
Wednesday, 07.02.2018
#5740 Event Console: mkeventd: reload configuration on SIGHUP used e.g. by omd reload
Tuesday, 06.02.2018
#5779 Checks & Agents: mk_logwatch.exe: fixed broken python frozen binary
#5709 Checks & Agents: apc_netbotz_sensors apc_netbotz_other_sensors: Fix discovery for newer models
#5721 WATO: Saving backup jobs: Fixed AttributeError() occuring while handling an exception
Monday, 05.02.2018
#5739 Checks & Agents: mbg_lantime_ng_refclock.gps: support for more substates
#5759 HW/SW-Inventory: snmp_extended_info: Inventorizes software and manufacturer information
#5557 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.aix: Fixed bug in uptime because AIX is not able to interpret ? and + in regexes
#5758 HW/SW-Inventory: lnx_distro: Fixed 'Inventory failed' while parsing os-release output of RHEL 7.4 distros
Friday, 02.02.2018
#5720 GUI: Standard tables now tell their number of rows in page title area
#5719 WATO: The Start URL is now configured optionally for new users
Thursday, 01.02.2018
#5718 omd: omd: Improved error handling when deleting site users
#5497 Checks & Agents: statgrab_net: collect net stats for local zones if dlstat exists
#5669 Livestatus: Always fetch host/authorization-related info from EC when needed
#5496 Checks & Agents: lnx_if: fix an issue that could lead to a crash of the agent if no interface address is returned
#5667 GUI: Fixed broken newline rendring in sidebar user messages
Wednesday, 31.01.2018
#5700 Checks & Agents: Windows agent crashed while unpacking plugins
#5495 Checks & Agents: fileinfo: Make out of relevant time of day more present and remove state markers
#5627 Checks & Agents: hp_hh3c_ext hp_hh3c_ext.states hp_hh3c_ext.cpu hp_hh3c_ext.mem: New check plugins for HP switches which support the HH3C-ENTITY-EXT-MIB
#5666 GUI: Availability: Fixed broken editing of annotations (regression in 1.5)
#5665 GUI: Improved timeout error handling when trying to download agent output of a host
#5668 Livestatus: Fixed potential segfault when talking to the event console
Tuesday, 30.01.2018
#5663 Metrics System: Fixed adding graphs to graph collections
#5626 HW/SW-Inventory: win_wmi_updates: Inventory of Windows Update KBs
#5662 GUI: Tactical overview: Can now be configured to not show stale hosts/services
Monday, 29.01.2018
#5661 GUI: Publish views (and dashboard): Only own contact groups are selectable for users
#5624 HW/SW-Inventory: oracle_performance oracle_tablespaces: Inventory plugins provide status data
Sunday, 28.01.2018
#5708 Checks & Agents: df: Fix incorrect values being reported on devices with btrfs
Friday, 26.01.2018
#5494 Checks & Agents: nfsmounts cifsmounts: increase timeout of nfsmounts and deliver correct status details
#5659 GUI: Master control snapin: Improved handling of half configured sites
#5658 GUI: Fixed possible "TypeError" on "Agent update status" view
#5623 HW/SW-Inventory: lnx_if: Do not ignore interface any more if no speed information is available
#5257 WATO: Fixed broken creation of new tag groups and auxilary tags
#5699 Checks & Agents: Windows agent crashed at non-existent Skype perf counter
#5657 WATO: Custom user attributes that are not editable by the user can now edited by the admin
Thursday, 25.01.2018
#5656 Reporting & Availability: Report edit: Add validation that reports can not use layouts from itself
#5493 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.solaris: deliver informations about tmpfs filesystems
#5492 packages: Prefer local/lib over lib in the PYTHONPATH
#5491 Notifications: Show failed host notifications in tactival overview
Wednesday, 24.01.2018
#5602 Checks & Agents: ups_modulys_alarms: Make check handle devices outputting NULL instead of integer type flags on some values
#5655 Core & Setup: Discovery: Display parse function errors on console instead of suppressing
#5654 GUI: Fixed XSS on the site management page
Tuesday, 23.01.2018
#5556 Checks & Agents: check_bi_aggr: Active Check for BI is now able to use the password store
#5653 Reporting & Availability: New report element: Add host report for multiple hosts
Monday, 22.01.2018
#5555 Checks & Agents: mk_inventory: Added Bakery configuration for AIX inventory plugin
#5698 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: space in MRPE plugin path resulted in wrong plugin name
#5622 Checks & Agents: Hosts can have multiple IP addresses which may be checked by ICMP service
Thursday, 18.01.2018
#5490 Checks & Agents: ra32e_temp ra32e_power ra32e_humidity ra32e_heatindex ra32e_sensors ra32e_switch: new checks to monitor AVTECH Room Alert 32E devices
#5554 Checks & Agents: ps: Fixed missing Total RAM if AIX is the source and percentual thresholds are configured
#5619 Checks & Agents: memory.include: Ignoring levels led to a crash because the handling of the paramters was not correct
#5689 Checks & Agents: Newline in mrpe include file crashed Windows agent
Wednesday, 17.01.2018
#5651 Core & Setup: Fixed agent TCP connect timeout being used for whole communication (1.5.0i2 regression)
#5688 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: numerous fixes to only_from
#5650 WATO: Fixed service discovery page for SNMP cluster hosts
Tuesday, 16.01.2018
#5649 Core & Setup: Fixed performance issue caused by too many parse function calls
#5648 omd: omd stop/start: Add new option to execute site actions simultaneously
#5618 Checks & Agents: skype.sip_stack: Fixed "missing key" error which caused a check crash
#5634 Core & Setup: Fixed slowing of CMC stop operation when SNMP checks are running
#5270 Agent Bakery: Improved Agent Updater Check behaviour
Monday, 15.01.2018
#5617 BI: BI rule: Documentation-URL is configurable within 'Rule Properties'
#5616 Checks & Agents: ceph_status.pgs: Added new states 'backfilling' and 'backfill_wait' which are treated as WARNING
#5615 Checks & Agents: ceph_status: Fixed status handling if HEALTH_ERR occurs
#5614 Checks & Agents: raritan_pdu_ocprot: Fixed wrong scaling of current value
Friday, 12.01.2018
#5600 Checks & Agents: hp_fan: New check to monitor the fans of HP switches
#5613 GUI: Auxiliary tags: New column 'Tags using this auxiliary tag' shows related tag group
Thursday, 11.01.2018
#5489 Checks & Agents: pvecm_status: Fix parsing of agent output that could lead to a crash
#5488 Checks & Agents: veeam_jobs: Add support for new veeam API
#5633 GUI: It is now possible to sort by the perfometer column
#5612 Checks & Agents: Monitoring SNMP hosts with SNMP management boards is possible. New services for SNMP management boards are available.
Wednesday, 10.01.2018
#5632 GUI: Fixed XSS when rendering values of dropdown choices
#5477 Core & Setup: Rule-based recurring downtimes can have and end now.
#5631 GUI: New host/service painter to display the notification postponement reason of the Microcore
#5611 BI: BI rule: Icons can be added below 'Aggregation functions' within any rule configuration which can be used for visual recognition
#5487 Checks & Agents: isc_dhcpd: Resolve performance issues
Tuesday, 09.01.2018
#5630 GUI: Host/Service detail views: Display notification related painters together at end of runtime data painters
#5629 Metrics System: Vertical axis width can now be set to a custom width
#5628 Metrics System: Reduced default vertical axis width to previous width
#5597 Metrics System: Fixed incorrect handling of configurable graph font sizes (since 1.5.0i2)
#5596 Metrics System: Fixed exception when editing "Metrics graph of a single service" reportlets
#5256 Event Console: mkeventd: fixed two bugs regarding rule matching, introduced with WK5254
#5595 Event Console: Fixed "Events of monitored host" view showing events not related to the wanted host
Monday, 08.01.2018
#5594 GUI: Custom graphs: Fixed rendering titles of "sidebar hidden" custom graphs on graph list page
Friday, 05.01.2018
#5608 Checks & Agents: temperature.include: Fixed device levels handling
#5486 GUI: Add permission for admins to see custom views, dashboards and reports
#5269 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: New show-config mode
#5268 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: Improve exception handling
#5607 WATO: HW/SW Inventory: Access of certain inventory tree sections is configurable in contact groups
Thursday, 04.01.2018
#5593 Agent Bakery: Added AC test to warn about unencrypted agent updater communication
#5552 Reporting & Availability: reporting: Fixed unreasonable high timeout for availability elements
#5606 Checks & Agents: job: This check is now cluster-aware and worst or best state is configurable
Tuesday, 02.01.2018
#5590 Livestatus-Proxy: Fixed possible deadlock in shutdown/restart procedure
Thursday, 28.12.2017
#5598 Checks & Agents: postfix_mailq_status: Fix Linux agent to handle newer SuSE systems
Thursday, 21.12.2017
#5485 Checks & Agents: alcatel_power: improved detection of power supplies on newer devices
#5476 cmc: Fixed notification numbering of periodic notifications
#5605 HW/SW-Inventory: HW/SW Inventory: Status data can be integrated into HW/SW Inventory tree
Wednesday, 20.12.2017
#5475 cmc: Do not suppress recovery notifications via throttling.
#5604 Checks & Agents: check_by_ssh: This active check is now configurable via WATO
#5474 cmc: Revocery notifications have at least notification number 1
#5484 Checks & Agents: logwatch.ec: Fix exception when reclassify patterns are specified
#5589 Agent Bakery: Agent bakery: ... (X hosts) text can now be clicked to show all hosts of a backed agent
#5588 Agent Bakery: Agent bakery: Added search form to filter the table of baked agents
#5603 Checks & Agents: fireeye: Some new checks for Fireeye appliances
#5601 Checks & Agents: fortinet_controller_aps: New check which monitors the number of WiFi access points for Fortinet WLAN controller
Wednesday, 13.12.2017
#4865 Checks & Agents: Citrix Netscaler: added new check to monitor age validity of ssl certificates
Tuesday, 19.09.2017
#5294 Checks & Agents: mk_sap_hana: New plugin which monitors SAP HANA instances
Monday, 02.01.2017
#5592 Metrics System: Fixed broken graph panning (at least in Firefox)
#5591 Metrics System: Only load graphs that are currently visible
Version 1.5.0i2 (Not yet released)
Wednesday, 20.12.2017
#5587 Agent Bakery: Agent updater: Display user name on password prompt during registration
Tuesday, 19.12.2017
#5586 GUI: Raw edition: Fixed adding graphs to dashboards
#5585 GUI: Added missing icon "host is currently not being checked" to host views
#5584 HW/SW-Inventory: Fixed exception when "Export List of Software packages as CSV file" is enabled
#5583 WATO: Restrict agent access via IP address: IPv6 addresses/networks can now be configured
#5582 Checks & Agents: hr_cpu: Fixed displaying of "per core CPU utilization" in raw edition graphs
#5527 Checks & Agents: ucd_mem hr_mem: Prefer ucd_mem check for certain Cisco IronPort models
Monday, 18.12.2017
#5457 GUI: EventConsole: Keyword search is now possible in rule packs and rules dialogues
#5416 Checks & Agents: Prevent MS Exchange checks from crashing upon WMI timeout
#5551 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.aix: Fixed crash in uptime if the output is day instead of days
#5456 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle mk_oracle.aix: Fixed excluding all sections for any SID which contains invalid characters in the related variable name
#5455 Checks & Agents: solaris_services: New check which monitors single services of Solaris systems
Friday, 15.12.2017
#5267 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: New binary format of Agent Updater executable on Linux
Thursday, 14.12.2017
#5415 Checks & Agents: Make Windows section openhardwaremonitor backwards compatible
#5255 Checks & Agents: Autodiscovery with Automatic Activate changes: fixed race condition when trying to delete state file
#5473 cmc: Add correct host-related acknowledgement info to notifications.
#5472 cmc: Ensure correct quoting of values in event contexts.
Wednesday, 13.12.2017
#5254 Event Console: Event console: Introduced syslog application placeholder which can be used in rewriting events
#5253 Checks & Agents: Linux check_mk_agent: now able to execute plugins for real time checks
#5483 Notifications: mknotifyd: improve error handling and logging
Tuesday, 12.12.2017
#5482 Notifications: Add option to specify a timeperiod for notification bulking
#5471 cmc: Handle malformed SEND_CUSTOM_{HOST,SERVICE}_NOTIFICATION commands more gracefully.
#5581 Agent Bakery: Fixed incompatibility when installing baked packages on systems with older python versions
#5580 Event Console: Host event limit can now be configured individuall per Host & service ruleset
#5579 Event Console: Rule event limit can now be configured individually per rule
#5526 Checks & Agents: check_dns: Do not pass off the host's IP address as a default DNS server address
#5578 Event Console: Fixed process locking (pid file handling)
#5570 GUI: Fixed disabling of availability row limit
#5453 HW/SW-Inventory: HW/SW inventory: Changed output format of raw inventory tree
#5252 Checks & Agents: Agent Updater Check: increased robustness in handling incomplete agent data
#5569 Metrics System: Graph layout is now more customizable
Monday, 11.12.2017
#5265 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: Enable Agent Updater to update itself on Windows
#5264 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: Improve logging under windows
#5251 Checks & Agents: Windows Agent: Improved handling of cmk-update-agent.exe plugin
#5470 WATO: Make the number of rrdcached write threads configurable.
Thursday, 07.12.2017
#5568 Reporting & Availability: Fixed breaking report elements when reloading edit page
#5469 Core & Setup: Fixed acknowledgement notifications when RBN is disabled
#5567 Reporting & Availability: Scheduled reports can now be stored in the site
Wednesday, 06.12.2017
#5525 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.aix: Fix spoolfile handling
#5452 GUI: Highly improved performance of rendering large tables of HW/SW inventory trees
Tuesday, 05.12.2017
#5250 WATO: Fixed tmpfs full issue: Activate Changes did not cleanup all temporary files
Monday, 04.12.2017
#5481 Checks & Agents: Host-specific Check_MK agent TCP connect timeouts
#5468 Livestatus: Fixed indexing with disjunctions.
#5565 WATO: WATO rules: Breadcrumb navigation is now consistent with rule search
#5451 Checks & Agents: logwatch: Fixed reclassifying mechanism: Patterns did not apply correctly if they have changed
#5248 Checks & Agents: diskspace cleanup: No longer deletes agent updater registration files of hosts monitored in foreign sites
#5247 Checks & Agents: cmk --list-hosts now supports the additional options --all-sites, --include-offline
#5564 Notifications: Fixed site filter when using "analyse notification"
#5414 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: Exchange Availability Service was broken
Friday, 01.12.2017
#5563 WATO: Renamed "Site Management" configuration options introduced with #5173
#5562 Core & Setup: Flap settings can now be configured individually for hosts/services
#5467 Core & Setup: Fixed interaction between periodic notifications and acknowledgements.
#5561 distros: Add build support for SLES12SP3
Thursday, 30.11.2017
#5450 Checks & Agents: mgmt_snmp_uptime mgmt_hr_fs: Added SNMP uptime and HOST RESOURCES filesystem checks for SNMP management boards
#5449 WATO: Credentials of SNMP management boards are now configurable via WATO host rule
#5559 WATO: Bulk import: site attribute can now be imported
Wednesday, 29.11.2017
#5523 Checks & Agents: df: Make filesystem types ignored during discovery configurable via WATO
#5558 WATO: Rule list: Fixed visibility of rules in child folders for transitive folders
Tuesday, 28.11.2017
#5547 WATO: Errors in pre-activate-changes hooks prevent configuration activation now (regression since 1.2.8)
#5448 Checks & Agents: mssql checks: Added prefix 'MSSQL' to each MSSQL service description
#5466 Livestatus: Fixed filtering of services table for host name
#5546 Agent Bakery: Count size and age of files (Linux Windows): Increased input fields of paths
Monday, 27.11.2017
#5522 Checks & Agents: mkbackup: Fix crash in case of multiple backup jobs
#5480 Checks & Agents: bdt_tape_info bdt_tape_status bdtms_tape_info bdtms_tape_module bdtms_tape_status: new checks to monitor tape libraries
#5545 WATO: Editing rules: Fixed adding date+user to rule comments
#5544 WATO: LDAP: It is now possible to clone LDAP connections
#5543 Core & Setup: Host rename: Reduced duration of core downtime during host renamings
#5542 WATO: Table quick search: Is now using regex matching instead of substring search
#5541 GUI: IE 11+: Fixed styling of select fields
Friday, 24.11.2017
#5521 Checks & Agents: logwatch: Fix exception in WATO's check parameter display
#5540 Metrics System: "Graph time range" display option had no effect on Check_MK graphs
#5413 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: nocontext tag did not work for multibyte encoded logfiles
#5412 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: fix logfile glob patterns without '*' at the end
#5465 Livestatus: Fixed calculation of standard deviation.
#5463 Livestatus: Report invalid table names via response header.
#5539 Metrics System: Improved performance of pages showing many graphs
Thursday, 23.11.2017
#5447 Checks & Agents: fjdarye500_ca_ports: New checks monitor IO and throughput of Fujitsu storage CA ports
#5550 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle.ps1: Fixed exceptions because of useless backslashes
#5549 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle.ps1: Fixed scattered information for configuration
Wednesday, 22.11.2017
#5538 Core & Setup: Improved performance when processing a large amount of piggyback data
#5446 Checks & Agents: ceph_status ceph_status.pgs ceph_status.osds ceph_status.mgrs ceph_df: new checks for Ceph Storage
#5411 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: handle WMI timeouts
#5537 WATO: Icon categories can now be customized
#5536 WATO: Network scan: New option to disable configuring "IPv4 Address" attribute
Tuesday, 21.11.2017
#5520 Checks & Agents: rstcli rstcli.pdisks: Fix broken parse function
#5535 Core & Setup: Check_MK hosts can now use multiple agents
#5534 Core & Setup: Fixed wrong host graph scaling when using DNS names as IPv4 address
#4863 Checks & Agents: MSSQL plugin: fixed backup detection for always-on and FOC systems
#5462 Livestatus: Fixed aggregation of performance data
Monday, 20.11.2017
#5479 Checks & Agents: fileinfo: handle globbing pattern expansion and whitespace in fileinfo.cfg
#5519 Checks & Agents: ddn_s2a_errors ddn_s2a_faultsbasic ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.bootstatus ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.cachecoh ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.disks ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.dualcomm ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.ethernet ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.fans ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.pingfault ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.ps ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.temp ddn_s2a_stats ddn_s2a_stats.io ddn_s2a_stats.readhits ddn_s2a_statsdelay ddn_s2a_uptime ddn_s2a_version: Suite of checks to monitor DDN S2A storage devices
#5532 cmc: Host/Service states and outputs can now be translated
Monday, 13.11.2017
#5444 Core & Setup: SNMP commands: Prevent zombie processes in case of timeouts
Version 1.5.0i1 (Not yet released)
Thursday, 01.02.2018
#5701 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: renew logging
Monday, 20.11.2017
#5548 Checks & Agents: zpool_status: Fixed crash if pool has been deleted or vanished
Friday, 17.11.2017
#5531 WATO: New WATO page "Best practices" can be used to find things to improve in your Check_MK
#5530 GUI: Clicking on "Edit dashboard" accidentially copied dashboards with "publish to others"
#5529 GUI: Fixed accidentially cloning own visuals instead of builtin visuals
#5528 omd: Fixed showing help when executing "omd" without mode argument (1.4.0p18 regression)
#5518 Checks & Agents: win.mem: Fix incorrect representation of absolute memory levels in graphs
#5461 Livestatus: Fixed WaitTimeout handling
#5460 Livestatus: Waiting without a wait condition immediately returns now
#5436 Core & Setup: Fixed logical problem with SNMP check interval rule
#5262 Agent Bakery: Fix bug in agent bakery (regression #5261, since 1.4.0p17)
Thursday, 16.11.2017
#5478 Checks & Agents: fileinfo: fix globbing pattern expansion
Wednesday, 15.11.2017
#5244 WATO: Activate Changes: Fixed "Has never been activated" status message
#5357 Checks & Agents: cmctc_state cmctc_config cmctc_ports cmctc_output cmctc_lcp.current cmctc_lcp.humidity cmctc_lcp.position cmctc_lcp.status cmctc_lcp.user cmctc_lcp.leakage: make output for CMC-TC devices more consistent and add additional sensors
#5227 Checks & Agents: Checkgroup humidity: Fix swapped lower levels and definition of only one kind of levels
#5356 Checks & Agents: emcvnx_info,emcvnx_agent: move information from emcvnx_info into subchecks and a agent check
Tuesday, 14.11.2017
#5459 Livestatus: Disallow group-related wait objects, avoiding crashes
#5458 Livestatus: Enable filtering on columns with macros when the Nagios core is used
Monday, 13.11.2017
#5243 WATO: WATO: improved "Activate Changes" performance. Config files are no longer written with pprint
#5445 Checks & Agents: apc_symmetra_output: Fixed exception 'could not convert string to float' during discovery
#5443 Checks & Agents: cisco_redundancy: Discover 'Redundancy Framework Status' service if device supports that.
#5435 omd: Fixed "omd update" problems when updating from 1.4.0p17 or older
#5355 Checks & Agents: dmraid: add timeouts to the linux agent
Friday, 10.11.2017
#5410 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: handle section Skype correctly
#5434 GUI: Views: Fixed exception when trying to display downtime IDs in views
Thursday, 09.11.2017
#5241 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_connection: removed some invalid warning messages, which appear on virtual netapp systems
#5354 Checks & Agents: cmctc_lcp: Fixes an error leading to wrong inventory and check output
Wednesday, 08.11.2017
#5197 Livestatus: Improved Event Console history performance
#5240 Checks & Agents: agent_netapp, environmental sensors monitoring. No longer fails if a node has no configured shelfes
#5353 Checks & Agents: citrix_sessions: fixes a case where no session number was returned
#5196 Livestatus: Bumped Livestatus stack size to give regex matching more breathing room.
Tuesday, 07.11.2017
#5433 Notifications: Bulk notifications can now be made using Event Console comments
Monday, 06.11.2017
#5195 Livestatus: Fixed an obscure BI bug related to hard states when using the Nagios core.
#5194 Livestatus: Fixed time zone handling for Stats: columns.
#5193 Livestatus: Fixed authorization handling for Livestatus queries.
#5432 WATO: Network scan: The tag for the "criticality" host tag group can now be configured
Friday, 03.11.2017
#5431 GUI: Fixed possible reflected XSS using custom bookmarks
Thursday, 02.11.2017
#5238 WATO: WATO users now only see their configured sites in the Site-DropdownChoice
#5430 Metrics System: Pause page reloads when selecting timerange by using the graph previews
#5429 Event Console: Fixed broken event history expiration (when using default settings)
#5441 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle: Werk 5321 introduced usage of nawk for SunOS but was implemented incorrectly for Linux
Monday, 30.10.2017
#5409 Checks & Agents: Windows eventlog: wrong last state saved
#5261 Agent Bakery: Improve agent bakery robustness when baking new agents
#5428 nagvis: NagVis: Updated to 1.9.4
Friday, 27.10.2017
#5427 BI: Fixed different XSS issues triggerd from BI aggregation/rule titles/descriptions
#5352 Checks & Agents: agent_hivemanager_ng/hivemanager_ng_devices: new special agent and check
#5426 GUI: df perfometer: Fixed exception when maximum value is not available
#5425 GUI: Fixed broken bookmark list management for users with non ascii characters in User IDs
#5424 GUI: Fixed possible exception during logout when having cookies with invalid format for other sites
#5423 WATO: Fixed exception on "Catalog of check plugins page"
#5422 omd: Add build support for Ubuntu 17.10 (artful)
#5440 Checks & Agents: didactum_sensors_discrete: Discovers also smoke sensors
Thursday, 26.10.2017
#5439 Checks & Agents: storcli_vdrives: Configured check state of related device state was not set properly in some cases. Made that more robust.
#5351 Checks & Agents: check_http: Use HTTPS instead of HTTP in service description for SSL/TLS connections
#5421 WATO: LDAP: Fixed broken sync of group memberships for users with capital umlauts in names
#5420 omd: diskspace cleanup: Fixed exception when "Delete additional files when disk space is below" is enabled
#5419 Metrics System: Graphs can now be exported as PNG from the graph context menu
#5438 Checks & Agents: diskstat: Discovers a sort of diskless partitions which can be found on XEN virtual setups
#5307 Checks & Agents: windows_updates: Added information about default cache age and asynchronious execution
Wednesday, 25.10.2017
#5418 GUI: New filters: Regex matches for host and service contacts
#5350 Checks & Agents: check_http: Special characters in expected string of the content
#5327 Checks & Agents: cisco_temperature.dom: New check which monitors digital optical monitoring sensors of CISCO devices
Tuesday, 24.10.2017
#5192 Livestatus: Added new filter operators for list-valued columns
#5325 Checks & Agents: mssql_counters.cache_hits: Discover services for which the agent plugins does not provide any base for the counter 'cache_hits'
#5349 Checks & Agents: ovs_bonding: display bonding correctly for newer ovs-appctl versions
#5324 Checks & Agents: check_tcp: Made response time metric readable
#5348 Checks & Agents: veritas_vcs: add timeout in the Check_MK agent
#5347 Checks & Agents: agent_ucs_bladecenter: add option to disable certificate validation
#5405 WATO: LDAP: Removed missleading and confusing "No persistent connection" option
#5404 WATO: Changing "Agent encryption" ruleset now marks bakery as dirty
Monday, 23.10.2017
#5408 Checks & Agents: Windows perf counter base number formatting was broken
#5237 Checks & Agents: agent_updater was unable to update itself
#5306 Checks & Agents: dell_compellent_folder: Fixed crash because of missing library
#5191 omd: Fixed memory corruption in check_http.
#5305 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.hpux: Fix hardcoded version in lib path
#5403 WATO: RRDCached tuning can now be configured via Global Settings
#5402 WATO: Number of apache processes can now be configured via Global Settings
#5401 WATO: Fixed password auto completion prevention for current Chrome versions
Friday, 20.10.2017
#5346 Checks & Agents: cisco_mem/cisco_mem_asa/cisco_mem_asa64: trend computation
#5400 Agent Bakery: Added new permission for baking and signing agents using the bakery
#5190 Livestatus: The Livestatus command LOG works for the Nagios core now, too.
Thursday, 19.10.2017
#5399 WATO: Fixed multiple stored XSS injections in WATO dialogs
#5323 Notifications: Notification mail: Added variables which will be replaced by the entities choosen below 'Create separate notification bulks based on'
#5260 Metrics System: Fix presentation of mirrored areas
#5304 Checks & Agents: mssql_backup: Fixed error if existing rule has been set before 1.5.0
#5398 WATO: Agent bakery: Hide "Bake Agents" context button when not permitted to bake
Wednesday, 18.10.2017
#5345 Checks & Agents: mssql_backup: fix GUI error and show warn/crit values
#5322 Checks & Agents: fortigate_node_sessions: Now upper levels are configurable
Tuesday, 17.10.2017
#5321 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle: Fixed usage of awk command in case of SunOS which causes 'record ... too long' error
#5397 Core & Setup: Microcore can now be configured to send UNREACHABLE notifications
Monday, 16.10.2017
#5303 Checks & Agents: local: Fixed missing warn/crit in graphs if upper and lower thresholds are in perfdata
#5344 Checks & Agents: fileinfo: correct handling of file names with spaces in fileinfo.cfg
Friday, 13.10.2017
#5226 Checks & Agents: netstat win_netstat: Checks now include performance graphs for number of connections
#5396 Core & Setup: Nagios: Log external commands to nagios.log by default
#5395 Core & Setup: Nagios: Enable passive host check translation by default
#5225 Checks & Agents: apache_status: Change autodetection logic of agent plugin to include a process multiple times if it listens on multiple ports
#5394 Checks & Agents: agent_ucs_bladecenter: Fixed broken agent since 1.4.0p14 (#5233)
Thursday, 12.10.2017
#5224 Checks & Agents: check_http: Support verbose output
#5343 GUI: Bulk import for custom attributes of hosts
#5341 Checks & Agents: agent_vsphere: change of the option "Display VM power state on"
#5235 WATO: Distributed monitoring: Fixed race condition when unpacking snapshots
#5340 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_luns: make read-only configurable
#5393 Checks & Agents: MySQL agent plugin: With agent bakery it's now possible to use a local mysql config file
Wednesday, 11.10.2017
#5319 Checks & Agents: lnx_if: Now this check is cluster-aware
#5392 WATO: Fixed host monitored from all sites after editing custom host attributes
Tuesday, 10.10.2017
#5318 BI: BI aggregations can be configured to be in multiple groups
#5234 Checks & Agents: Fixed recently introduced issue with non working WATO rules
Monday, 09.10.2017
#5391 WATO: Removed CEE specific broken link from host edit page (CRE)
#5390 Core & Setup: MKP: Ignore *.pyc files when creating MKP packages
#5389 WATO: Fixed disabling services via discovery page when a host rule exists in wrong folder
#5388 packages: Dokuwiki: Fixed missing page edit dialog toolbar when using SLES
Thursday, 05.10.2017
#5363 GUI: Exporting graph data in JSON format via GUI is now possible
#5362 WATO: Fixed possible exception on global settings page related to "diskspace cleanup"
#5379 Checks & Agents: Allow Windows logfiles to be monitored without monitoring also eventlog
Wednesday, 04.10.2017
#5316 Checks & Agents: cmciii.access: Fixed error state handling
#5315 Agent Bakery: win_printers: Added missing bakery rule
#5361 Event Console: Fixed cancelling events by "text" (regression #5057, since 1.4.0p11)
Monday, 02.10.2017
#5360 GUI: Improved GUI performance when having a large number of custom views or dashboards
#5378 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: Ensure backwards compatibility of section webservices
#5359 Reporting & Availability: Reduced size of PDF exports containing graphs
#5358 Event Console: Event console status queries now handle the Limit header correctly
#5217 WATO: BI: Improved error handling in case of not existing but referenced rule
Friday, 29.09.2017
#5339 Checks & Agents: postfix_mailq_status: Now reports if PID file is not readable
#5216 GUI: Failed notification checking is now limited to 7 days
#5233 Checks & Agents: agent_ucs_bladecenter: Now uses python requests to fetch the data
#5232 Checks & Agents: Agent version check: fixed exception when an offcial release is expected and the agents version is a daily build
#5338 Checks & Agents: fileinfo: date variables can be defined in fileinfo.cfg
Thursday, 28.09.2017
#5231 WATO: Distributed WATO: Improved site snapshot generation speed, reduces "Activate changes" duration
#5313 WATO: Service discovery: Fixed 'Fix all missing/vanished' action: Disabled services were listed below 'Monitored services' after that button click.
#5301 Checks & Agents: infoblox_dhcp_stats: Fixed crash of graphs
#5214 GUI: Events in tactical overview can now be disabled
Wednesday, 27.09.2017
#5213 GUI: Global settings can now be filtered to show only modified settings
#5212 Event Console: check_mkevents: Improved performance
Tuesday, 26.09.2017
#5211 Agent Bakery: Agent bakery: Reduced agent baking time when monitoring 0 hosts from central site
#5210 GUI: LDAP: Fixed equal default value for custom variable sync plugins
#5312 Checks & Agents: citrix_sessions: Fixed crash if not all session values 'total', 'active' or 'inactive' are available
Monday, 25.09.2017
#5137 Agent Bakery: Fix error when spaces are present in custom agent files
#5311 Checks & Agents: oracle_performance: Making sure that we use float instead of integer for correct calculations
#5209 packages: Python: Updated to 2.7.14
#5034 Checks & Agents: Do not skip first entry in Windows eventlog
#5300 Checks & Agents: dell_idrac_fans dell_idrac_power dell_idrac_power.unit dell_idrac raid dell_idrac_raid.bbu: New checks for Dell iDRAC
#5299 HW/SW-Inventory: dell_idrac_info: Added Dell HW information to inventory
Friday, 22.09.2017
#5223 Checks & Agents: juniper_alarm juniper_bgp_state juniper_cpu juniper_cpu_util juniper_fru juniper_mem: Try discovery also on QFX series devices
#5310 Checks & Agents: dell_idrac_virtdisks: Added raid level information
#5309 Checks & Agents: dell_idrac_disks: Added disk power status
Thursday, 21.09.2017
#5222 Checks & Agents: mrpe: Fix compatibility of bakery ruleset when updating from 1.2.8*
#5297 Checks & Agents: dotnet_clrmemory msexch_rpcclientaccess wmi_cpuload: Fixed activate changes because of inconsistent item handling
#5135 Checks & Agents: hitachi_hnas_virtual.volume: New subcheck to monitor virtual volumes
#5296 Checks & Agents: fsc_if64 fsc_sc2_cpu_status fsc_sc2_fans fsc_sc2_inf fsc_sc2_mem_status fsc_sc2_power_consumption fsc_sc2_psu fsc_sc2_temp fsc_sc2_voltage: New checks for Fujitsu Server
Wednesday, 20.09.2017
#5298 Checks & Agents: Fixed crash if only lower levels for humidity has been set
#5017 Agent Bakery: check_mk_agent: Fixed false positive error messages while installing rpm from bakery
#3921 Core & Setup: MKP: Custom localizations can now be packed
#5295 WATO: Service discovery: Fixed permission handling regarding foreign changes if user just performs a service discovery
Tuesday, 19.09.2017
#3920 GUI: Graphs: Vertical axis scaling and mirroring can now be customized
#5293 Checks & Agents: ucs_bladecenter_if: Now detects 'Direct Server Connect' interfaces
#5292 Checks & Agents: ucs_bladecenter_if: Fixed wrong indexing of single detected interfaces
#5221 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_hostsystem.cpu_usage esx_vsphere_hostsystem.cpu_util_cluster: Fix min/max values in perfdata
#5134 Checks & Agents: check_http: Add the option to specify a proxy server in check_http
#5133 Checks & Agents: infoblox_services infoblox_node_services: checks are now cluster aware
#5230 Checks & Agents: logwatch/logwatch.ec: fixed "no forwarding" option in rule "Logwatch Event Console Forwarding"
Monday, 18.09.2017
#5132 Checks & Agents: cisco_ip_sla: fix snmp scan function
#3919 Reporting & Availability: PDF: Improved handling of long words in text wrapping
#5290 Checks & Agents: salesforce_instances: Monitors the instances connected to Salesforce
#5016 Checks & Agents: hp_proliant_temp: Fixed crash if thresholds are set manually
#5229 WATO: Rename host: fixed exception when having more than 1024 users configured
#5289 Checks & Agents: temperature.include: Allow floating point numbers in upper and lower levels in 'Temperature' ruleset
#5288 BI: BI packs: Fixed permission of target pack for bulk moving operation of rules
#5287 Checks & Agents: postfix_mailq: Fixed parameter handling
#5015 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle.bat: Removed deprecated plugin
Friday, 15.09.2017
#5284 Checks & Agents: akcp_exp_humidity akcp_sensor_humidity allnet_ip_sensoric apc_humidity etherbox humidity.include knuerr_rms_humidity stulz_humidity tinkerforge: Fixed wrong parameters
#5283 Checks & Agents: megaraid_ldisks: Fixed error during discovery: UnboundLocalError: local variable 'item' referenced before assignment
#5282 Checks & Agents: hpux_tunables: Fixed discovering kernel tunables on HPUX 11.23
#5281 Checks & Agents: apache_status: Fixed ignoring invalid lines
#5280 Checks & Agents: rds_licenss: Fixed missing includes
#5279 Checks & Agents: qnap_disks: Just discover slots that are not empty
#5278 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.linux: Fixed wrong detected sensors in state "State disasserted"
Thursday, 14.09.2017
#5131 Checks & Agents: suseconnect: New check to monitor information about SLES licenses via SUSEConnect
Wednesday, 13.09.2017
#5127 Notifications: asciimail mail: Added macros $COUNT_NOTIFICATIONS$ and $COUNT_HOSTS$ which can be used in bulk notification subject
#5207 WATO: Bulk discovery: Fixed "Maximum number of retries reached" error during bulk discovery
#5126 WATO: Service discovery dialog: Fixed moving services to "Disabled services" for remote sites
#5220 Checks & Agents: brocade_sys brocade_sys.mem: New checks to monitor main memory usage and CPU utilization of Brocade fibre channel switches
#5189 Core & Setup: Fixed scheduling of checks after a start/reload of the Micro Core
#5125 Checks & Agents: brocade_mlx_power: Fixed wrong index usage which leads to undetected power supplies
#5228 WATO: WATO Web-API: now able to edit users which were created through the GUI
#5124 WATO: Service discovery: Fixed permission if user is not allowed to manage services
#5219 Checks & Agents: brocade_sfp brocade_sfp.temp: New checks to monitor SFPs of Brocade fibre channel switches
Tuesday, 12.09.2017
#5206 WATO: Ruleset quick search now excludes deprecated rulesets
#5014 Checks & Agents: df: Fixed error if dynamic levels should be set
Monday, 11.09.2017
#5218 Checks & Agents: jolokia_metrics: Fix failing parse function for MBeans containing ":"
#5123 WATO: Service discovery: Fix moving services from 'Disabled services' to 'Vanished services' or 'Undecided services'
#5122 WATO: Service discovery: Find SNMP checks of not yet monitored type when using cached data
#4807 Checks & Agents: safenet_hsm safenet_hsm.events safenet_ntls safenet_ntls.clients safenet_ntls.connrate safenet_ntls.expiration safenet_ntls.links: Several new checks to monitor Safenet HSM appliances
#4862 Checks & Agents: MSSQL: detect instances on non-standard TCP ports
#5121 Checks & Agents: check_sql: Added error message if cx_Oracle module is not installed
#5130 Checks & Agents: cmcii: New check to monitor Rittal CMC-II devices.
#4806 Checks & Agents: df: Add option to include volume name in service description
#5205 Core & Setup: Host rename: Fixed broken renaming when new name uses dots
#5204 Core & Setup: Host rename: Fixed broken rename of hosts in rrdcached journal
#5203 GUI: Removed sorting of perfometers
#4805 Checks & Agents: AIX agent can now output spool files as well
#5120 Checks & Agents: ps ps.perf: Fixed regex range introduced with werk 5114 which allows "/" in process name in manual checks
Friday, 08.09.2017
#5142 BI: BI aggregation: Increased compilation performance for large aggregations
#5202 Reporting & Availability: Fixed timeouts when generating reports (regression in #4957)
#5201 Checks & Agents: check_mkevents: Removed deprecated "less verbose output" option
#5200 GUI: Removed CEE specific link to Reports from Bookmark list pages
#5199 Checks & Agents: winperf_if: DHCP was always shown as enabled
Thursday, 07.09.2017
#5198 GUI: Delete contact groups: Fixed error message when users have no alias
#5187 WATO: WATO sync: Improved error message in case a target site is not running
#5186 Event Console: Improved error handling when receiving broken SNMP traps
Wednesday, 06.09.2017
#5140 WATO: WATO Web API: add_users/edit_users: now able to set password attribute
#5185 HW/SW-Inventory: Check_MK HW/SW Inventory: The service was executed too often by default
#5184 Agent Bakery: Bake agents on restart only affects master sites now
Tuesday, 05.09.2017
#5188 Core & Setup: Sending service metrics to Graphite/InfluxDB can now be fine-tuned
#5183 packages: Updated shipped navicli to
#5030 WATO: Skype section can now be enabled/disabled in agent bakery
#5180 omd: Add bash completion for OMD command
#5179 GUI: Views: Fixed sorting of commands in different languages
Monday, 04.09.2017
#5129 HW/SW-Inventory: fixed inventory plugin detection for SNMP devices
#5178 GUI: Added option to hide edition/version from sidebar header
#5175 omd: Livestatus TCP: Can now be restricted to specific IP addresses
#5174 WATO: Diskspace cleanup: Fixed default configuration
Friday, 01.09.2017
#5173 WATO: Major OMD config options can now be set via WATO global settings
#5172 omd: Removed CRONTAB configuration option
#5171 omd: Removed DEFAULT_GUI configuration option
#5170 omd: Removed TMPFS configuration option
Thursday, 31.08.2017
#5139 WATO: Fixed baked agent download page when user had no global bakery permissions
#5169 GUI: LDAP: Fixed syncing contact groups / roles of users with special characters in their name
#5027 Core & Setup: Made communication with alert helper more robust.
#5168 WATO: Fixed highlighting of rules when searching for ineffective rules
Wednesday, 30.08.2017
#5057 Event Console: Fixed cancelling events by "syslog application" when using similar rules
#5056 GUI: WATO: Wrong list of groups shown on user edit page when syncing groups via LDAP
#5128 Checks & Agents: arbor_pravail: Now also checks for overrun drop rates of incoming queues
Tuesday, 29.08.2017
#4860 Checks & Agents: mailman_lists: fixed path of python modules for some operating systems
#5055 Checks & Agents: quantum_libsmall_door: Fixed exception in scan function when . is not available
#5054 Core & Setup: SNMPv3 contextes were not always used during discovery
Monday, 28.08.2017
#4857 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_vm.datastores: this check always reported only one datastore information
#5053 packages: NagVis: Updated to 1.9.3
#5052 GUI: Views: Fixed possible encoding exception when cells contain special chars
#4859 Checks & Agents: MSSQL: plugin detects 32bit and 64bit instances now
Thursday, 24.08.2017
#5119 BI: BI rules: 'Call a rule' in 'Child Node Generation' shows separated pack and rule title
#4856 Checks & Agents: Check_MK was unable to handle cached tcp data greater than 10MB
#4817 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_vs_traffic: Extend check by nfs values
#4816 Checks & Agents: iptables: New check which monitors parameters of the iptables configuration
#5118 BI: Added bulk moving and deletion operations for BI aggregations
#4815 Checks & Agents: cisco_ip_sla: New check which monitors Cisco IP SLAs
#5117 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_vm.devices: Check mounted devices in order to monitor HA functionality
Wednesday, 23.08.2017
#5116 Checks & Agents: if.include: Fixed wrong handling of duplicate interfaces if "use alias" or "use desccription" is configured
#4564 Agent Bakery: Compatibility fix for windows agent updater
Tuesday, 22.08.2017
#4855 WATO: Web-API Hosttags: add_hosttags no longer raises an exception when the configuration_hash key is missing
#5115 Checks & Agents: zfs_arc_cache: Fixed wrong detected lines from agent output if they contain no counters, eg. 'class = misc'
Monday, 21.08.2017
#5114 Checks & Agents: ps ps.perf: Allow "/" in process name in manual checks
Friday, 18.08.2017
#5113 Checks & Agents: cifsmounts nfsmounts: Fixed wrong reported error message if user has not right permissions on mount point
#4814 Checks & Agents: sshd_config: New check which monitors security relevant parameters of the sshd_config
Thursday, 17.08.2017
#5111 Checks & Agents: kentix_co kentix_dewpoint kentix_motion: New checks which monitor carbon monoxide, dew point and motion of Kentix devices
#5026 Core & Setup: Fixed possible core dumps during config reload
#5110 Checks & Agents: appdynamics_memory: Fixed crashing if max. available for heap or non-heap memory is zero
Wednesday, 16.08.2017
#5109 Checks & Agents: dell_poweredge_status: Monitors ExpressServiceCode which is supported by DELL devices such as DELL PE R430 or 730 series
Tuesday, 15.08.2017
#5108 Checks & Agents: fjdarye100_disks fjdarye100_disks.summary fjdarye101_disks fjdarye101_disks.summary fjdarye500_disks fjdarye500_disks.summary fjdarye60_disks fjdarye60_disks.summary: Now device states can be used instead of expected state
Monday, 14.08.2017
#4804 Checks & Agents: brocade_fcport: Fix limiting discovered ports by operational and physical status
#5097 Checks & Agents: cpu_util.include: Alert on high utilization over an extended time period on total CPU and alert on too high CPU utilization on single cores
Thursday, 10.08.2017
#5096 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle_crs: crs_stat command is deprecated since Oracle 11gR2; Now the plugin handles that correctly
#5095 Checks & Agents: "Round trip average" graph: Added warn and crit lines
#5094 HW/SW-Inventory: lnx_distro: Prefers /etc/os-release if available which is systemd-supported
Wednesday, 09.08.2017
#5093 Checks & Agents: dell_poweredge_temp: Fixed device levels handling if they are empty
#5092 WATO: Service discovery performance: Do full scan once only right after clicking full scan
#4813 Notifications: All recipents of an email are visible in notifications
#5091 Checks & Agents: Perfometer: Allow zero as maximal value; Fixed unsupported operand type for /: 'float' and 'NoneType'
Monday, 07.08.2017
#5099 WATO: Fix custom user attributes un user form
#5098 WATO: Fix sporadic exception during activation
#5090 Checks & Agents: mssql_databases: Database status is now configurable
#5089 Checks & Agents: citrix_xenapp.ps1: Refactored; now uses powershell commands for Citrix environment instead of WMI objects which caused runtime errors
Friday, 04.08.2017
#5012 Checks & Agents: lvm_lvs: New check vor LVM logical volume pools
#4738 Checks & Agents: New Support for Nimble Storage Appliances
#4645 Checks & Agents: Dell Compellent: Added support for Compellent Storage appliances
#4911 Checks & Agents: Added new Checks for Dell OpenManage: PSU & Fans
#4787 Checks & Agents: HPE MCS 200: Added new checks for cooling device
#5088 Checks & Agents: postgres_stats: Age for never checked tables is now configurable
#5087 Checks & Agents: brocade_fcport: Fixed conversion of BB credits
#5083 Checks & Agents: oracle_locks: Do not discover if data is incomplete
#5082 Checks & Agents: gude_powerbanks: Adapted discovery of powerbanks
Thursday, 03.08.2017
#5025 Core & Setup: Make communication with smartping helpers more robust
#5081 Reporting & Availability: Reporting: Fixed converting old title format into new one
#5080 Checks & Agents: mssql_blocked_sessions: Put details about session ID, blocking ID, wait data and type into longoutput
#5079 Checks & Agents: windows_tasks: Adapted man page; Some OK states were missing
Wednesday, 02.08.2017
#5051 WATO: Fixed backup/restore of encrypted backups
#5050 WATO: Fixed error "You need to specify a backup job." when restoring a backup
#5078 Checks & Agents: lnx_distro: Detects version and name of Check_MK Appliance correctly
#5024 Livestatus: Fixed parsing of some host-related monitoring history entries.
Tuesday, 01.08.2017
#4987 HW/SW-Inventory: oracle_instance: Removed uptime from inventory plugin in sense of werk #4485
#4854 WATO: WATO Web-API: The liveproxyd configuration was not correctly updated when a site got configured
#5049 omd: omd config: New mode "change" for bulk changing config options
#5023 Livestatus: Fixed parsing of monitoring history.
#4803 Checks & Agents: Always display agent version and OS in Check_MK service if available
Monday, 31.07.2017
#4802 Checks & Agents: mk_jolokia: Can now be configured to use the local machine's FQDN to access Jolokia
#5022 Livestatus: Fixed timperiod history calculation
#4986 Checks & Agents: mcafee_emailgateway_agent mcafee_emailgateway_av_authentium mcafee_emailgateway_av_mcafee mcafee_emailgateway_bridge mcafee_emailgateway_cpuload mcafee_emailgateway_entities mcafee_emailgateway_smtp mcafee_emailgateway_spam_mcafee: New checks for McAfee Email Gateway
Friday, 28.07.2017
#5047 Event Console: EC views: Fixed "Events of host X" views of unrelated events
Thursday, 27.07.2017
#5046 WATO: Site specific globals: Highlight setting icon of sites having modified settings
#5045 GUI: Custom icons and actions: Add macros for getting URL encoded values
Wednesday, 26.07.2017
#5044 GUI: LDAP: Active Directory connection try to discover the nearest DC now
#4985 WATO: Service descriptions can be translated
#5069 Reporting & Availability: Choose correct owner for report schedule entry when creating a new one
#4984 Checks & Agents: aix_service_packs: Cleaned up mixture of the latest and all past service packs
#5043 Notifications: RBN: Improved displaying of notitification context in analyse notification mode
Tuesday, 25.07.2017
#5042 WATO: Removed export of WATO folder permissions to NagVis
#5041 packages: Removed NAGVIS_URLS OMD config option
#4812 Notifications: Add missing Acknowledge author to host notifications
#5068 Reporting & Availability: Add error message to report in case some sites are not reachable
#5040 WATO: Site specific global settings: Distinguishing between factory and global settings
Monday, 24.07.2017
#4983 Checks & Agents: brocade_fcport: Fixed wrong speed information
#5011 Checks & Agents: scaleio_mdm scaleio_pd scaleio_sds scaleio_storage_pool scaleio_system scaleio_volume: New Checks for EMC ScaleIO Appliances
#5039 Livestatus-Proxy: Livestatus proxy: Connection parameters can now be configured globally
#5038 Core & Setup: Datasource programs: Prevent zombie processes in case of timeouts
#4982 Checks & Agents: zypper: Made check more robust against different SLES 12 service packs
#4853 Checks & Agents: agent_netapp: Re-enabled some deprecated SSL Ciphers which were used in old 7mode filers
#4980 Checks & Agents: mssql_counters.file_sizes: Added readable titles of related metrics
#4852 Livestatus: Livestatus connections: fixed bug where data from previous connection got reused
Thursday, 20.07.2017
#5003 Event Console: Fixed missing filtering by effective contact groups of events
#5021 Checks & Agents: Make sure that the output of the event console active check is valid
#5002 GUI: Fixed possible exception related to multisite_user_connectors on login failures
#5001 Reporting & Availability: PDF exports: Default graph layout options were not applied
Wednesday, 19.07.2017
#5010 Checks & Agents: f5_bigip_mem.tmm: Fixed discovery warning on command line if TMM information is not provided by the device
#5020 Event Console: Log levels for the event console are now updated on activation of changes
Tuesday, 18.07.2017
#4851 Checks & Agents: Improved WATO service discovery performance
#4978 Checks & Agents: ipmi: Ignore sensors with state 'na'
Monday, 17.07.2017
#4977 GUI: Improved displaying a large number of contact groups in folder/host properties
#5000 GUI: Icon selector: Icon names can now be toggled
#4999 GUI: Icon selector: The popup menu is now resizable
#4811 Checks & Agents: mssql_backup: Set limits for different type of backups
#4998 GUI: View editor: Fixed sorting of sorte choices
#4976 Checks & Agents: wmi_cpuload: Fixed UNKNOWN service state due to werk #4742
#4997 Metrics System: Fixed visibility of metric toggle switch in graph designer
#5009 Checks & Agents: huawei_osn_fan huawei_osn_if huawei_osn_laser huawei_osn_power huawei_osn_temp: Now supporting Huawei OSN devices
Friday, 14.07.2017
#5028 Checks & Agents: fortigate_sync_status fortigate_sensors: New checks
#5019 Core & Setup: Make it possible to handle a large number of helpers
#4996 WATO: Backup targets: Fixed possible MemoryError exception when editing a target
#4995 WATO: Fixed broken link from contact group list page to rulesets
#4994 WATO: Analyze host rulesets: Fixed rendering of some values (e.g. Count, size and age of files)
#4993 Event Console: Fixed visibility of events for users with limited access to events
#4992 GUI: Fixed sending fake DOWN states for hosts when using Nagios core
#4991 Agent Bakery: Fixed the Installed-Size header of baked deb packages
#4563 Metrics System: Fix issue with @ in metric title
Thursday, 13.07.2017
#4849 Checks & Agents: Windows mrpe scripts: strip leading whitespaces in mrpe command
#4801 Checks & Agents: emc_datadomain_fs: Fix broken filesystem graph
#5018 Livestatus: Handle vanished service groups correctly
#4990 WATO: Host tags: Tags of a tag group can now be sorted by the description
#4973 Checks & Agents: zpool: Fixed missing include statement which causes undefined 'df_inventory' error if using Nagios core
#5008 Checks & Agents: cups_queues: Fixed crash if previously discovered printer is not available anymore
#4972 Checks & Agents: mk_inventory.aix: Use MK_VARDIR instead of MK_CONFDIR for the state file
#4989 Event Console: Added handling of host downtimes during event creation
#4810 Checks & Agents: ps.include: Add levels of CPU utilization for single processes
Wednesday, 12.07.2017
#4970 Reporting & Availability: Reporting: Heading of graph elements can now be customized
#4917 Checks & Agents: multipath: Fixed wrong output message if state changed to warn because of to much paths
#4969 GUI: Service discovery view: Fixed sorting service descriptions
#4988 GUI: LDAP: Improve error handling in case of authentication failures
#4968 Checks & Agents: f5_bigip_cluster_status_v11_2: Now has its own check plugin file; This updates werk #4819
Tuesday, 11.07.2017
#4916 Checks & Agents: windows_multipath: Now configurable through agent bakery
#4847 Checks & Agents: Windows Agent / fileinfo: fixed another issue, where meta information (size,age) was not accessible
#4846 Checks & Agents: ESX monitoring: fixed incomplete data, when the xml response from the esx server includes newlines
#4960 GUI: Virtual host trees: Add option to exclude empty tag choices from the trees
#4957 Reporting & Availability: Group headers of views are now displayed in PDF reports
Monday, 10.07.2017
#4956 Core & Setup: Fixed possible exception in cmc.log when working with piggyback data
#4915 Checks & Agents: solaris_mem: Unified graphs and Per-O-Meter with common memory checks
#4955 GUI: Virtual host trees: The whole WATO folder structure can now be added
#4845 Checks & Agents: Windows Agent / Fileinfo: now able to read files meta information (size, age) even when file is locked
#4954 WATO: Host/Folder properties: fixed displaying of inherited checkbox tag group values
#4953 WATO: Fixed possible exception during activation when files are modified while activating
Friday, 07.07.2017
#4886 Notifications: HTML mail notification: Added choices 'Automatic HTTP/s' to URL prefix option
#4952 GUI: Fixed broken alert statistics view (regression since 1.4.0p8)
Thursday, 06.07.2017
#4885 WATO: New button to export data structure of configured rule
#4914 Checks & Agents: statgrab_mem: Plugin is now prioritized over solaris_mem if both is available
#4951 Event Console: Added missing host custom variables to notifications created by the EC
#4884 Checks & Agents: oracle_logswitches: Fixed missing oracle.include
#4950 GUI: Virtual host tree: Fixed navigating back to root of tree
#4913 Checks & Agents: oracle_tablespaces: A service will now indeed change state only if left space is below a threshold level
#4949 GUI: Fixed grouping by host-/servicegroup in availability views
#7661 omd: Fixed possible stored XSS using the internal server error handler
Wednesday, 05.07.2017
#4843 Checks & Agents: Windows Agent / logfile monitoring: fixed agent crash when * was used as file wildcard
#4948 Checks & Agents: ups_modulys_battery.temp: Fixed possible "check_temperature" not found exception
Tuesday, 04.07.2017
#4937 Core & Setup: SNMP bulk walk: Size of bulks can now be configured
#4936 Agent Bakery: apache_status: Bakery can now configure host/DNS names as instance addresses
#4935 WATO: Foldertree snapin: Fixed broken layout when using localized GUI
#4842 Checks & Agents: Windows Agent / Exchange Monitoring: fixed broken MSExchange checks
#4934 GUI: Views: Fixed possible broken table background when using "table" layout with zoomed pages
#4912 Checks & Agents: rds_licenses: Fixed exception if agent bakery is used to deploy this plugin
Monday, 03.07.2017
#4933 Event Console: Fixed possible KeyError event_host in EC views since 1.4.0p6
#4932 WATO: Timeperiod iCalendar import: Fixed broken import of full day entries
#4841 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_hostsystem.cpu_usage: fixed missing cpu checks when querying vcenter with windows agent
#4931 WATO: Trusted certificate authorities: Silently ignore dangling symlink errors
#4930 WATO: Fix activation page not reloading after activation in some cases
Friday, 30.06.2017
#4929 GUI: Improved responsiveness of the GUI while loading hover graphs
#4928 GUI: Views: Toggle all checkboxes in row select was missing last row in grouped views
#4927 WATO: LDAP: Use port 636 instead of 389 by default when enabling SSL
#4926 WATO: LDAP: Use Check_MK trusted certificate authorities for validating certificates
#4840 WATO: Check parameters can now be bound to timeperiods
#4883 Checks & Agents: juniper_trpz_aps_sessions: Fixed performance data handling if running on cluster
#4925 WATO: Rule listing: Focussing rules after editing in list
#4924 WATO: Rulesets: Cloning rules opens the edit dialog
Thursday, 29.06.2017
#4940 Event Console: Handle non-ASCII characters in event console messages
#4923 WATO: Host diagnostic: Fixed error when saving host with DNS name as IPv4 address
#4839 Checks & Agents: windows agents: fixed invalid hieroglyps in agent output, when plugin output includes FF FE byte order mark
#4939 Core & Setup: Always use DNS when looking up the IP of Graphite servers
#4922 GUI: Logwatch: Show only hosts with problematic log files in "Problematic log file" list
#4921 GUI: Users can be limited to a list of authorized sites now
#4920 WATO: Fixed error when user is not permitted to open a folder for reading
Wednesday, 28.06.2017
#4910 Checks & Agents: Added new checks for Stormshield Firewalls
#4881 Checks & Agents: multipath: Fixed service details: Number of paths were interpreted as expected paths
#4880 Checks & Agents: wut_webtherm wut_webtherm.humidity: Fixed missing device type and enabled performance data for humidity
#4879 Checks & Agents: akcp_sensor_humidity akcp_exp_humidity: Fixed wrong order of level evaluation
#4919 WATO: Service discovery: Fixed disabling services with backslashes in description
#4938 Notifications: Make sure that a notification has the plugin output available
#4918 GUI: EC views: Hiding wrong icons for events that are not related to a host
Tuesday, 27.06.2017
#4878 HW/SW-Inventory: lnx_distro: Fixed wrong detected distribution name, vendor and version
#4902 GUI: Monitoring history views: Fixed possible XSS when displaying "plugin output"
#4901 Livestatus-Proxy: Reworked Livestatus Proxy to be more scalable
#4877 Checks & Agents: netscaler_vserver: Added some performance data such as request rate, received and transmitted byte rates
Monday, 26.06.2017
#4909 Checks & Agents: arris_cmts_cpu: Fixed crash if thresholds are set
#4908 Checks & Agents: enterasys_powersupply: Fixed crash if empty output
#4900 WATO: Activate changes: Improved error reporting during activate changes
#4899 WATO: Don't fail WATO snapshot creation because of modified temporary files
#4827 Checks & Agents: domino_info: Fixed crash if some information is missing
#4876 Checks & Agents: mounts: Fixed wrong handling of NFS mounts on Linux which are detected as stale
#4826 Checks & Agents: juniper_cpu_util: No crash anymore if information is not provided
#4825 Checks & Agents: mkbackup: Fixed crash if size of backup is not reported because of a failure
#4875 Checks & Agents: Fixed graph labeling and unit of active HTTP service
#4824 Checks & Agents: f5bigip_conns: Fixed crash if Parameters are at 'No Levels'
#4838 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_volumes: No longer shows service descriptions with UUIDs
#4874 Checks & Agents: cisco_power: Improved discovery of power supplies
#4823 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_cpu: Fixed crash if data for node is missing
#4873 Checks & Agents: printer_supply: Fixed IndexError in case of missing colour information
#4872 Checks & Agents: zfs_arc_cache: Fixed conversions of size, arc meta used, arc meta limit and arc meta max
Friday, 23.06.2017
#4695 Livestatus: Make communication with event console more robust
#7660 packages: Added missing livedump binary to bin path
Thursday, 22.06.2017
#4898 Livestatus-Proxy: Liveproxy daemon: Log level can now be configuration via WATO
#7659 distros: CentOS 7: Removed not needed dependency to mariadb-server package
#4897 Checks & Agents: check_bi_aggr: Fixed URL in error messages in case of exceptions during checking
#4809 Notifications: Display the OMD Site and Host Tags in HTML Emails
#4896 GUI: Views: Services are now sorted correctly again
#4694 Livestatus: Reloading the Nagios core works again
#4895 Core & Setup: cmk --convert-rrds: Don't fail when RRDs refered by PNP XMLs are missing
#4894 WATO: Fixed still visible sites on "activate changes" page after deletion
#4893 WATO: Fixed creation of default "local" site
Wednesday, 21.06.2017
#4892 WATO: Cleanup site changes of deleted sites correctly
#4891 WATO: Trusted CA certificate file is now updated during all WATO activations
#4837 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_if: a grouped interface now reports a WARNING when one of its member interfaces is down
#4871 Checks & Agents: if.include: Added missing interface types
#4836 Notifications: Notifications rules: Modifying a rule always set the option "allow users to deactivate this notification"
Tuesday, 20.06.2017
#7658 deb: Debian Stretch: Added missing dependency to apache2
#4890 Core & Setup: Fixed broken management board monitoring when using the Microcore
#4889 WATO: LDAP connections: Fixed exception when using "nested groups" with groups to roles plugin
#4693 Livestatus: Catch communication errors with the event console when the Nagios core is used.
#4835 WATO: windows_updates.vbs: this plugin automatically configured to asynchron execution and 4 hours cached
#4834 GUI: Quicksearch: fixed quoting problem with \ in service description
#4888 Event Console: Fixed missing link to "events of host" view for hosts the user may see
#4765 Livestatus-Proxy: Liveproxyd: Fixed possible exception in case of temporary load issues
#4870 Metrics System: Fixed ineffective graph time range display option
#7657 packages: Updated naviseccli to to fix segfaults on some platforms
Monday, 19.06.2017
#4764 WATO: Fixed internal automation error handling when syncing with 1.2.8 or older
#4869 Checks & Agents: apc_symmetra apc_symmetra_input apc_symmetra_output: Fixed wrong WATO rulesets
#4833 Checks & Agents: Windows Agent: Fixed pipe handle leak whenever plugin/mrpe scripts raised an error
#4763 Notifications: HTML mails: Fixed wrong rendered state markers in plugin outputs
#4692 Livestatus: Correctly handle deactivated event console when Nagios core is used.
#4762 Notifications: Showing correctly formated plugin output in "analyse notifications table"
#4832 GUI: Quicksearch: Malformed regular expressions generated no error message when no specific filters were set
Sunday, 18.06.2017
#4761 GUI: Fixed multisite setups with sites using Check_MK/Livestatus < 1.4
Saturday, 17.06.2017
#4760 Checks & Agents: Fixed vanishing CUPS queues services on systems using systemd
#4759 GUI: Fixed some wrong escaped links in help texts
Friday, 16.06.2017
#4758 GUI: Fixed site status and master control snapin not displaying states of sites
#4868 Checks & Agents: oracle_tablespace: Restrict data for check from primary
#4785 Checks & Agents: oracle_locks: New SQL for check
#4784 Checks & Agents: oracle_rman: wrong detection of level 1 backup
#4831 HW/SW-Inventory: HW/SW inventory: fixed missing inventory data from slave sites for new hosts
Wednesday, 14.06.2017
#4757 GUI: Fixed possible reflected XSS in webapi.py
#7656 packages: NagVis: Updated to version 1.9.2
#4830 Checks & Agents: IP lookup cache: Fixed bug were updated ipaddress was overwritten by old cached data
#4829 GUI: netapp_api_volumes: fixed missing read/write/latency graphs for the various data protocols
#4822 Checks & Agents: mk_tsm: Made query for storagepools more robust
#4821 Checks & Agents: heartbeat_crm: Made Check more robust
#4820 Checks & Agents: smart: Added support for uncommon Descriptions (CRC Error and Uncorrectable errors)
#4858 Checks & Agents: omd_apache data collection: fixed issues caused by missing newline at the end of statsfile(s)
#4756 Core & Setup: Fix possible timeouts when changing configurations or changing user profile properties
Tuesday, 13.06.2017
#4819 Checks & Agents: f5_bigip_cluster_status.v11_2: Fixed wrong syntax in naming of the check plugin
#4828 Notifications: User notification rules can now be canceled
Monday, 12.06.2017
#4715 WATO: Web-API Calls updates. get_ruleset/get_sites: enforce output_format=python. set_ruleset now validates incoming data
#4755 Core & Setup: Fixed possible error when processing piggyback monitoring data
#4714 HW/SW-Inventory: Inventory win_networkadapter: Fixed exception when values were missing
#4783 Notifications: User notifications can now temporarily disabled within configured timerange
#4782 WATO: Prevent deletion of parent host
Saturday, 10.06.2017
#7662 packages: NagVis: Updated to NagVis 1.9.1
Friday, 09.06.2017
#4713 GUI: logwatch: fixed missing "Clear log" button for normal user in distributed setup
#7514 omd: Fixed SSL connection issues in different situations
#4818 GUI: Fixed "No Data" in Tactical Overview if missing permissions to see failed notifications
#4781 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle mk_oracle.aix: Added support for Oracle 12.2
#4780 HW/SW-Inventory: HW/SW inventory: Removed entries about section ages provided by check_mk_agent; this reverts Werk 3904
#4779 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.freebsd check_mk_agent.solaris: Reduce agent output by excluding mirror devices
Thursday, 08.06.2017
#4712 BI: BI availability: Fixes bugs related to no configured BIs and BIs only showing services
#4800 Checks & Agents: zpool: Enable check to handle variant output of zpool list command
#4795 Checks & Agents: netstat: Fixed wrong output if LISTENING connections should be monitored on Ubuntu
#4778 Checks & Agents: lnx_quotas: Adapted plugin output if TABS are used in fstab
#8656 GUI: Button "All Logfiles" in logwatch user interface now works in distributed mode
#4794 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.solaris: Now considers top in /usr/bin/ and /usr/local/bin/
#4799 Checks & Agents: printer_input: Make check work with newer revisions of the Printer-MIB
#4793 Checks & Agents: chrony: Changed to raw IP address without dns name to avoid empty output
#4777 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_sensors: Fixed wrong interpretation of ESX sensor health state 'UNKNOWN'
#4776 HW/SW-Inventory: solaris_psrinfo: Fixed handling of newer output eg. of Solaris SPARC T5
#4792 Checks & Agents: Fixed wrong unit in graph for tape utilization
#4791 Checks & Agents: tsm_scratch: Now creates graph for remaining tapes
#4775 Checks & Agents: fortigate_sessions: Improved missing or invalid output handling
#4635 Checks & Agents: raritan_emx_sensors.temp raritan_px_sensors: Fix checks for Nagios core, add missing WATO rule to raritan_px_sensors
#4711 Notifications: mknotifyd: parts of master configuration could be transfered to the slave sites
#4774 Checks & Agents: wmi_cpuload: Expanded missing information handling
#4710 Notifications: mknotifyd did not always reload its configuration
#4634 Checks & Agents: aix_if: Make check work with different ifconfig output format
#4773 Checks & Agents: mssql_instance: Added error handling if plugin fails to gather SQL server instances
#4790 Checks & Agents: Fixed scaling for the average in interface services of pnp4nagios graphs
#4772 Checks & Agents: cisco_wlc cisco_wlc_clients: Added support for Cisco 1850 devices
Wednesday, 07.06.2017
#4709 Notifications: Notifications: Missing SERVICECONTACTGROUPNAMES/HOSTCONTACTGROUPNAMES parameters no longer causes a notification not to be sent
#4789 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.aix: Fixed computation of uptime
#4708 Checks & Agents: Windows Agent/Agent Updater: Fixed raise condition which removed the windows service
#4560 Agent Bakery: Fix implausible error msg from windows agent updater
#4771 GUI: MKP manager: Fixed broken listing of unpackaged files
#4788 Checks & Agents: openhardwaremonitor: New support of current hardware
Tuesday, 06.06.2017
#4797 Checks & Agents: Removed deprecated global service discovery setting and added new standard rule
#8290 WATO: Fixed new service description selection for new sites
#4770 Checks & Agents: ipmi_sensors: Added performance data for all temperature sensors
#4769 Checks & Agents: saprouter_cert: More robust detection of "not after" value
#4053 GUI: Summary line in BI availability moved when sorting. It is fixed now.
#4768 Checks & Agents: cisco_asa_connections: New check which monitors number of connections currently in use by Cisco ASA devices
#4707 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_vf_stats: improved computation of CPU utilization, now showing number of processors
Friday, 02.06.2017
#4706 Event Console: Fixed broken upload of snmp mibs (cannot import name defaultMibPackages)
#4705 WATO: Fixed broken flexible notifications configuration
#4691 Core & Setup: Make Smart Ping more robust
#4704 Checks & Agents: MSI generation: fixed bug in MSI version number generation which broke the 1.4.0 MSI installer
Wednesday, 31.05.2017
#4754 WATO: Fixed possible "Operation not permitted issue" during activation
#4745 Checks & Agents: multipath: Fixed crash on Dell devices if a colon is on uuid
#4753 GUI: Inactive browser windows/tabs are not updated until focused again
#4752 WATO: MKP manager: Fixed creating packages for 1.4.0i* releases
#4703 BI: Business intelligence: fixed various display and navigation bugs in timelines page
#4744 Checks & Agents: msexch_rpcclientaccess: Fixed discovery failure because of an non existing item
#4751 GUI: Fixed "dragging not defined" javascript error on dashboards
Tuesday, 30.05.2017
#4766 HW/SW-Inventory: snmp_extended_info: Inventorizes all available physical components except ports in more robust way
#4440 Checks & Agents: check_sftp: New Check for SFTP Connections
#4702 GUI: Quicksearch: fixed minor parsing issue when using specific filters
#4559 Agent Bakery: Prevent Check_MK agent updater from running multiple times
#7655 packages: NagVis: Configuring Check_MK BI backend for local site by default now
#7654 packages: NagVis: Update to 1.9
#4750 WATO: Ensure uploaded icons are saved with their filename instead of paths
Monday, 29.05.2017
#4665 Notifications: mail asciimail: Added subject for bulk notifications
#4749 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: Removed implicit dependency on distutils.spawn
Thursday, 25.05.2017
#4701 WATO: WATO Web-API: now able to manage sites
Wednesday, 24.05.2017
#4743 Checks & Agents: f5_bigip_conns: Fixed crash if empty values
#4633 Checks & Agents: jolokia_metrics.uptime: No longer crash when agent info is incomplete
#4632 Checks & Agents: fsc_subsystems: No longer crash when statuscode is missing
#4742 Checks & Agents: wmi_cpuload: Added required tables to prevent crash
#4631 Checks & Agents: cisco_ace_rserver: Fix broken IP address parsing
#4741 Checks & Agents: dell_powerconnect_temp: Fixed missing reference for computing the temperature
#4748 Checks & Agents: solaris_fmadm: Check was only discovered when an error is detected
#4740 Checks & Agents: mysql: Fixed crash if instance is not available anymore
#4664 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_qtree_quota: Fixed NameError: name 'is_digit' is not defined
#4663 Checks & Agents: check_mailboxes: Removed useless report_age which causes TypeError: float() argument must be a string or a number
#4747 WATO: Fixed resetting global settings to factory defaults
#4739 Checks & Agents: hp_proliant_da_phydrv: Implemented new possible values
Tuesday, 23.05.2017
#4700 WATO: WATO Web-API: Now able to configure host tags
#4662 Checks & Agents: win_ip_r: inventorizes routes table of Windows hosts
#4699 WATO: WATO Web-API: now able to configure rulesets and folders
#4568 HW/SW-Inventory: mk_inventory.vbs: fixed getNetworkAdpater function to prevent errors caused by null arrays
#7652 omd: Diskspace cleanup config is now synced to slave sites like other settings
#4690 Core & Setup: Fixed handling of state changes when cmcdump is used
#4746 GUI: Fixed using HW/SW inventory filters in views without inventory painters
#4735 Checks & Agents: check_mailboxes: Fixed broken check when setting "connect timeout" option
#4734 Checks & Agents: check_mail check_mail_loop check_mailboxes check_sql: Passwords from password store were not used correctly
Monday, 22.05.2017
#4737 Checks & Agents: cisco_asa_failover: Now roles of cluster and state of failover is configurable
#4689 Core & Setup: Fixed buffer overflow when importing cmcdump data
#8289 Checks & Agents: wagner_titanus_topsense.smoke: Adapted levels to be more user friendly
#4733 Metrics System: Check_MK graphs can now be exported as PNG images
#7651 packages: pnp4nagios: Fixed broken custom time range selection
#4732 Checks & Agents: systemd: Don't kill child processes of the agent
#4731 Event Console: Fixed exception when receiving SNMPv3 INFORM messages: ignore them now
#7650 packages: NagVis: Updated to 1.9b19
Friday, 19.05.2017
#4730 Agent Bakery: Name of backed packages can now be configured (Linux, UNIX)
#4729 GUI: Add service cache information to action menu entry
#4728 Core & Setup: Check_MK service: Fixed handling of "State in case of empty agent output"
Thursday, 18.05.2017
#4726 Checks & Agents: ps: Process memory graph: Removed duplicated "resident size" metric
#4736 Checks & Agents: ucs_bladecenter_if: Fixed crash if fabric interconnects are aggregated
#4725 Core & Setup: Significant improvement of Check_MK check helper memory usage
#4724 WATO: Web-API: Fixed create_folder parameter of add_host call
#4723 WATO: Web-API: Fixed effective_attributes parameter for get_host/get_all_hosts calls
Wednesday, 17.05.2017
#4722 Checks & Agents: agent_ucs_bladecenter: Fixed broken special agent
#4630 Checks & Agents: atto_fibrebridge_sas atto_fibrebridge_fcport atto_fibrebridge_chassis atto_fibrebridge_chassis.temp: New checks for Atto Fibrebridge devices
#4721 WATO: Improved error handling when a ruleset value can not be rendered on agent bakery page
#4720 WATO: The settings of the MK Notify daemon could be lost when saving other global settings
Tuesday, 16.05.2017
#4719 WATO: Folder host list: Improved performance for folders with a large number of hosts
#4718 Core & Setup: Fixed memory leak in Check_MK check helpers when started in verbose mode
#4717 Agent Bakery: Fixed "corrupted package" archive messages when installing DEB packages baked on SLES
#4716 Core & Setup: Fixed broken config when selecing "empty" icon as host/service icon image
#4685 WATO: Fixed exception when trying to reset a global setting twice
#4684 WATO: Fixed visualization of on/off toggles in global settings
#4683 WATO: New permission: Clear audit log
Monday, 15.05.2017
#4661 Checks & Agents: msexch_isstore msexch_isclienttype: Split up check files. Second one needs its own check plugin file if using Nagios core
#4682 WATO: Add permission "Can add or modify executables" to be able to fine tune access rights
#4660 HW/SW-Inventory: win_os: Fixed wrong OS information if eg. ESX is installed on Windows host
#4659 BI: Added bulk moving operation for BI rules
#4698 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_volumes: Changed service description for clustermode volumes
#4658 BI: Fixed permissions in BI packs using rules from other packs
#4688 Livestatus: Emit error message in livestatus response
Sunday, 14.05.2017
#4656 WATO: Added folder selection to Host & Service Parameters search
Friday, 12.05.2017
#4655 Checks & Agents: fileinfo.groups: Added missing metric information
#4654 Checks & Agents: oracle_recovery_area: Added missing metric info
#4687 Livestatus: Fixed types of non-Stats: columns in Stats: queries
#4681 Agent Bakery: win_logwatch: Fixed exception when baking agents containing this plugin with old config
#4680 WATO: Sync of local hierarchy (MKPs) preserves symlinks now
#4679 Reporting & Availability: Report scheduler: Text body of mails can now be configured in the jobs
Thursday, 11.05.2017
#7649 packages: NagVis: Updated to 1.9b18
#4697 BI: Availability/Timeline views: Restructored some code, speeding up data collection
#4653 Checks & Agents: websphere_mq_channels: Added percent levels for messages
#7648 omd: Fix fstab appending when file does not end with a newline
#4678 Reporting & Availability: Availability reports: Fixed possible exception when working with empty data
#4677 GUI: GUI crashes can now also be downloaded
#4629 Checks & Agents: dell_powerconnect_fans dell_powerconnect_psu: Discovery now also works for Force10 switches
#4652 Checks & Agents: ipmi_common.include: Fixed wrong states handling; only use state if there are related items
#7647 packages: PNP4Nagios: Fixed PHP export when using PHP7
#4676 HW/SW-Inventory: win_os: Added type/vendor information
#4675 Event Console: Improved handling of rare but possible EINTR "interrupted system call" exceptions
#7646 packages: Local agent directory is now accessible via HTTP
#4674 GUI: CSV/JSON export: Fixed exception in icon columns
#4644 Checks & Agents: f5_bigip_mem: Improved Memory Check. Now also for TMM
Wednesday, 10.05.2017
#4673 Agent Bakery: Agent bakery creates Solaris PKG packages now
#7645 packages: heirloom-pkgtools: Added pkgmk and pkgtrans to be able to build Solaris pkgs
#7644 omd: omd restore: Fixed possible crash "linkname ... not found"
#7576 packages: The rrdtool library should never terminate its process.
#4650 Checks & Agents: juniper_trpz_aps_sessions: Fixed missing performance data
#4649 Checks & Agents: fortigate_ipsecvpn: tunnels which are down can now be ignored during levels calculation
#4648 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle: Fixed logswitches SQL statement for ORACLE RAC case
#4672 WATO: Activation: Discard of changes is now possible again
Tuesday, 09.05.2017
#4696 Checks & Agents: mk_logwatch.exe in windows: now supports IPv6 addresses, fixed path of statefile
#4567 HW/SW-Inventory: inventory of interfaces: prevent showing negative last_state_change value
#4643 Checks & Agents: Added special agent and checks for HPE StoreOnce
#4670 BI: Fixed exception when trying to edit not existing BI aggregation
#4668 WATO: Fixed editing of cluster properties
#4667 WATO: Cluster edit page: Removed useless "network scan" properties
#4475 Checks & Agents: Windows Agent: Agent shutdown no longer stalls while plugin is running
#4686 Livestatus: FIX Fixed "loose" authorization for hostgroups/servicegroups tables in NEB
Monday, 08.05.2017
#4474 GUI: graphs for fileinfo checks: the size value was displayed without unit information
#4666 GUI: Fixed ineffective rulesets page showing empty rulesets
#4642 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent: Added support for new storcli
#4647 Checks & Agents: websphere_mq_queues: Fixed 'list index out of range' error
#7643 omd: Changed initial admin credentials (cmkadmin + random password)
#4612 GUI: Auth works now with $apr1$ prefixed passwords
#4628 Agent Bakery: mk_jolokia: Bakery now allows to specify server to poll using FQDN instead of IPv4 address
#4611 Checks & Agents: check_mail_loop: Fixed exception 'module' object has no attribute ‘text’
Friday, 05.05.2017
#4610 GUI: Fixed error in graph displaying views with invalid perfdata strings
#4595 Checks & Agents: lnx_distro lnx_packages: Both inventory plugins now support Gentoo Linux
#4641 Checks & Agents: mysql_capacity: Fixed crash if schema contains spaces
#4640 Checks & Agents: heartbeat_crm: Fixed crash if output contains capital letters
#4609 Agent Bakery: Agent bakery package list: Sort rulesets by title now
#4594 Checks & Agents: snmp_uptime: Fixed uptime
#4608 Agent Bakery: Agent bakery creates Solaris TGZ packages now
#4607 Agent Bakery: mk_oracle.aix: Fixed baking mk_oracle plugin into AIX agent tgz
#4606 Agent Bakery: Added context button to agent bakery to rulesets affecting the baked agents
#4605 Agent Bakery: Bakery: Fixed marking agents to be build after changing agent related rulesets
#4593 Checks & Agents: wmi_cpuload: Fixed missing WATO group
#4604 Agent Bakery: AIX TGZ: Agent plugins were not packed correctly
#4603 Agent Bakery: Bakery continues to build agents when one fails
Thursday, 04.05.2017
#7641 packages: NagVis: Updated to 1.9b17
Tuesday, 02.05.2017
#4601 WATO: Fixed layout of distributed site login dialog
Friday, 28.04.2017
#7639 packages: NagVis: Updated to 1.9b16
#4473 Checks & Agents: agent_hp_msa: HP MSA agent no longer throws ssl validation errors
Thursday, 27.04.2017
#4627 Checks & Agents: apc_symmetra: Fix bogus 100000000 A battery current occurring on some devices
#4639 Checks & Agents: bintec_cpu: Added CPU utilization to bintec devices
Wednesday, 26.04.2017
#4472 Agent Bakery: windows agent disabled sections: The existing WATO rule was ignored during the agent baking
#4592 Notifications: New options for pushover notification plugin: Usage of a proxy, receipt and sound selection
#4052 GUI: Fixed escaping bug in help text.
Tuesday, 25.04.2017
#4591 BI: Added bulk deletion operation for BI rules
#8288 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: Fixed curl HTTP error 302 Found during agent registration process
#4600 WATO: Network scan: Can now be configured to be executed only in a given time frame
Monday, 24.04.2017
#4638 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_hostsystem.multipath: Fixed compatibility to older versions
#4637 Checks & Agents: blade_blades: Fixed buggy state validation
#4636 Checks & Agents: Added compatibility for Lenovo blades
#8287 Checks & Agents: brocade_mlx_power: Added new standard OID for snChasPwrSupply2Table to receive all power supplies in stacked devices
#4590 Notifications: Now retry and expire time can be configured in pushover notification below 'emergency' priority
Friday, 21.04.2017
#4625 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle: Fixed configuration for remote instances in bakery
#4599 WATO: Fixed rendering of network scan results in folder properties
#4598 WATO: Folder tables in ruleset edit dialog can now be folded
#4597 Checks & Agents: Vanilla agents (RPM/DEB) of latest releases did not contain recent changes
Thursday, 20.04.2017
#4435 Livestatus: Fixed pending_flex_downtime column in host/service-related tables
#4434 Livestatus: Fixed group-related 'contains' filters
#4624 Checks & Agents: postfix_mailq: Now takes correct parameters if checking the length of queues
#8735 Reporting & Availability: Fixed 'ZeroDivisionError: float division' if total weigth is zero during rendering availability table in reports
#4623 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.solaris: Fixed computation of uptime
#4622 Checks & Agents: emc_isilon_diskstatus: Now treats L3 caching devices as OK
#4621 Checks & Agents: emc_isilon_power: Now considers more naming possibilities
Wednesday, 19.04.2017
#4471 Checks & Agents: Windows Agent Process Monitoring: ps section is no longer completely suppressed when only parts of the data is missing
#4589 Reporting & Availability: Fixed error handling for graphs if graph is not found or unavailable
Tuesday, 18.04.2017
#7638 distros: Added support for Ubuntu 17.04 (zesty)
#4470 Event Console: Event console: fixed incorrect event counting for timed-out and heartbeat events
#4619 Checks & Agents: veeam_client: Now shows information to which host a backup job belongs to
Friday, 14.04.2017
#4626 Checks & Agents: f5_bigip_conns: Support setting levels on HTTP request rate
Thursday, 13.04.2017
#4588 Checks & Agents: cisco_wlc cisco_wlc_clients: Fixed missing OID for Cisco WLC-8510 devices
#4587 Checks & Agents: juniper_trpz_aps juniper_trpz_aps_sessions: Fixed missing OID for WLC800R series
#4586 Checks & Agents: juniper_trpz_aps_sessions: Fixed crashes if access point is not reachable or no values could be calculated
Wednesday, 12.04.2017
#4618 Checks & Agents: 3par_remotecopy: New check for HPE 3PAR remote copy replication status
#4617 Checks & Agents: 3par: several fixes for 3PAR Storage Services
Tuesday, 11.04.2017
#4616 Checks & Agents: mk_postgres/mk_db2.linux: Fixed quotes which lead into wrong interpretation
#4584 Checks & Agents: mssql_counters.pageactivity: Raised always a MKCounterWrapped which resulted in PENDING service state; Fixed that.
#4555 Checks & Agents: apc_humidity: Fixed missing conversion from old format of parameters to new one
#4583 Checks & Agents: netextreme_psu: Fixed empty data handling
#4557 Metrics System: Stacking on metrics with empty values is now possible
Monday, 10.04.2017
#8631 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_luns: Fix nonsensical infotext, treat LUN offline status as CRIT instead of WARN
#4596 Checks & Agents: agent_innovaphone: Fixed import error of lxml (which is not shipped with Check_MK)
Thursday, 06.04.2017
#4469 BI: BI aggregations: Views containing multiple aggregations now render faster
#4051 Reporting & Availability: Timeline highlighting for availability tables works in both directions now.
Wednesday, 05.04.2017
#4582 Checks & Agents: Prevent timeout messages in passive service, should be reported by Check_MK service
#4554 Checks & Agents: cups_queues: Moved agent section into own plugin script
Tuesday, 04.04.2017
#4468 Checks & Agents: mk_logwatch.exe: added missing executable for recently converted linux mk_logwatch
#4433 Core & Setup: Fixed freshness and staleness for always-up and cluster hosts.
#4581 Checks & Agents: postgres_stats: Fixed confusion of VACUUM and ANALYSE timestamp in agent plugin
#4432 Core & Setup: Avoid starvation of normal checks by real-time checks
#4580 Checks & Agents: informix_dbspaces informix_locks informix_logusage informix_sessions informix_status informix_tabextents: New checks for IBM Informix DBs
#4579 Checks & Agents: Bulk discovery options can now be set in global settings
Monday, 03.04.2017
#4553 Checks & Agents: 3par_volumes: Fixed graphs (removed useless and added missing)
Friday, 31.03.2017
#4578 Checks & Agents: websphere_mq_instance websphere_mq_instance.manager: Fixed wrong WATO group
#4577 Checks & Agents: websphere_mq_channels: Fixed missing channel states
Thursday, 30.03.2017
#4431 Core & Setup: Fixed enabling/disabling of notifications/active checks/passive checks
#4576 Checks & Agents: if64 if64adm: Fixed interface speed handling, if highspeed data is not available or zero
Wednesday, 29.03.2017
#4552 Checks & Agents: win_dhcp_pools: Fixed conversion of old type of rules (1.2.6) to new type (1.2.8)
#4535 Checks & Agents: emcvnx_writecache: Fixed discovery, id. if getcache command is not supported
#4534 Checks & Agents: emcvnx_mirrorview: Handles 'Request failed.' correct, id. sync mirror feature is not installed or unavailable.
#4533 Checks & Agents: cisco_vpn_tunnel: Fixed handling if tunnel is not yet open and phase two values are not set
#4467 BI: BI aggregation compilation: fixed race condition exception, also forks less processes for compilation
Tuesday, 28.03.2017
#4532 Checks & Agents: Removed inventory plugin oracle_performance in sense of werk 4485 and unified all other Oracle inventory plugins
#8630 Checks & Agents: ups_bat_temp ups_capacity ups_in_freq ups_in_voltage ups_out_load ups_out_voltage ups_power ups_test: Extend and unify range of discovered devices
#4531 Checks & Agents: oracle_tablespaces: Added missing info for better analysis
#4530 Checks & Agents: lnx_distro: Fixed missing distribution if eg. Oracle and Redhat release files are available
Monday, 27.03.2017
#4551 Checks & Agents: zfs_arc_cache: Fixed metrics in html5 graphing
#8629 Checks & Agents: win_printers: Fix broken default parameters
#4550 Checks & Agents: smart: the services do not crash anymore if a threshold is not provided
#4549 Checks & Agents: citrix_licenses: Fixed always ok state even if all licenses are used
#8628 Checks & Agents: printer_alerts: Fix discovery when there are no alerts
#4529 Checks & Agents: hp_proliant_raid: Fixed incomplete raid detection; Added missing states
#4514 Agent Bakery: Removed agent configuration from debian package descriptions
#8627 Checks & Agents: apt: Fix Ubuntu "NOTE: This is only a simulation!" warning being output in check
#4513 Agent Bakery: Agent Updater: Fixed broken state persisting on windows (regression since #4499)
Saturday, 25.03.2017
#4466 Livestatus-Proxy: liveproxyd: fixed needless connection timeouts (site dead) when changing the site configuration
#4465 Checks & Agents: Fixed race condition when mulitple Check_MK helpers updated the ipaddresses.cache file
#4464 Core & Setup: RRD Helper Process: No longer uses default RRD templates after a core reload
Friday, 24.03.2017
#4548 Checks & Agents: Added new checks for liebert devices
#4527 Checks & Agents: websphere_mq_channels: Now has its own WATO ruleset
#4463 Checks & Agents: f5_bigip_cluster_status: fixed invalid evaluation of node states when this check runs on a cluster
#4512 WATO: Rule list: Fixed possible "assert table" error on ruleset rule listing page
#4526 Checks & Agents: agent_emcvnx: Now monitors storage pools
Thursday, 23.03.2017
#4556 Agent Bakery: Fixed compatibility problem in agent updater with some older windows versions
Wednesday, 22.03.2017
#4547 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.linux: Fixed agent section which spammed in utmp of RHEL/CentOS
#8626 Checks & Agents: jolokia_metrics.threads: Prevent service staleness in case of decreasing threads
#8625 Checks & Agents: fortigate_ipsecvpn: Now configurable via WATO
#7637 omd: Fixed exception when saving any global setting while having specific diskspace cleanup settings
#4511 GUI: Graph dashlets: Fixed graph rendering on host specific dashboards
#7636 omd: omd backup/cp/mv: Excluding more files with --no-logs/--no-past option
#4510 WATO: Checking for name conflict during host rename
Tuesday, 21.03.2017
#4546 HW/SW-Inventory: lnx_packages: Now inventorizes also release numbers of rpm based Distributions
#4545 Checks & Agents: hpux_tunables: All services will now have thresholds
#4525 Checks & Agents: acme_agent_sessions acme_certificates acme_fan acme_powersupply acme_realm acme_temp acme_voltage: New checks for ACME devices which support the APSYSMGMT-MIB, APSECURITY-MIB and ACMEPACKET-ENVMON-MIB
#4509 WATO: Removed now useless "parents" attribute from "New/Edit cluster dialog"
#4508 Core & Setup: Clusters: Now always have their nodes as parents (Fixes Nagios inconsistency)
#4507 Core & Setup: Non resolvable hosts may lead to config compilation error
Monday, 20.03.2017
#4462 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: df section (filesystem monitoring) now also support spaces in paths
#4544 Checks & Agents: multipath: Fixed missing infos in output if a failure occurs
#4506 Event Console: User without permission to host could see host information when permitted for "all events"
Friday, 17.03.2017
#4505 WATO: Fixed broken links of logwatch and OMD * status services on services page
#4504 GUI: Removed wrong context menu links to add "availability views" to dashboards
#4503 Metrics System: Graph designer: Show warnings when all or single sites use incompatible cores
#4502 Core & Setup: LDAP: Fixed setting default values for user/group filters and attributes
#4501 GUI: Bulk delete possible for bookmark lists, graph collections and custom graphs
Thursday, 16.03.2017
#4543 Checks & Agents: cisco_cpu: Fixed too restrictive service discovery
#8670 HW/SW-Inventory: win_networkadapter: added network adapters to inventory of Windows hosts
#8669 HW/SW-Inventory: win_video: now inventorizes memory of graphic cards for Windows hosts
Wednesday, 15.03.2017
#4542 Checks & Agents: watchdog_sensors: Added new checks for GEIST watchdog devices
#4541 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_vm: Added age of oldest snapshot
#4540 Checks & Agents: emcvnx_disks: Thresholds for count of failures can be set now
#4539 Checks & Agents: if_fortigate: transfered if-checks for fortigate devices into own checkplugin
#4500 Metrics System: Graph designer: Hex codes can now be inserted into color picker manually
#4499 Agent Bakery: Agent Updater: Prevent broken state files caused by incomplete writes
Tuesday, 14.03.2017
#4206 Reporting & Availability: Fix display of host availability annotations in service views
#4498 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: Temporary files cmk-update-agent-verify-* were not deleted
#4430 Livestatus: Fixed logwatch-related Livestatus queries in NEB module
#8624 Checks & Agents: brocade_fcport: Fix usage of port name during discovery
#4522 Checks & Agents: emka_modules: New checks for EMKA devices which support the ELM2-MIB
Monday, 13.03.2017
#4538 Checks & Agents: blade_bx_powermod: Fixed outdated calculation of state
#4354 Checks & Agents: netstat_an.bat: Fix syntax error
#4521 HW/SW-Inventory: mssql_versions: Fixed IndexError during inventory
#4353 Checks & Agents: palo_alto: Fix wrong infotext
#4537 Checks & Agents: hyperv_checkpoints: Fixed wrong detection of checkpoint
#4460 BI: BI aggregations: Now able to configure additional message for each rule result
#4536 Checks & Agents: akcp_sensor_humidity: Crash if parameters are set
#4352 Checks & Agents: akcp_exp_temp akcp_sensor_temp: No longer crash when temperature information is missing.
#4445 Checks & Agents: cisco_cpu: Fixed crash if values are empty
#4497 alerts: Alert handling: Added several missing match conditions
#4444 Checks & Agents: f5_bigip_vserver: Fixed crash when Service has no params
#4517 Checks & Agents: 4516 FIX check_mk_agent.openwrt: Escaped quotes in run_cached function used for ipmi-sensors command
#4516 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.linux: Escaped quotes in run_cached function used for ipmi-sensors command
#4496 Notifications: The site ID can now be used as match condition
#4493 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle.ps1: Now takes version into account which fixed wrong calculation of tablespaces
Friday, 10.03.2017
#4490 Reporting & Availability: Reporting & scheduler: Date & time option is now available in time range options
Thursday, 09.03.2017
#4459 BI: BI aggregations: fixed bug where the compilation of inactive aggregations raised an exception
#4458 BI: BI aggregations: Users with restricted host/services access no longer see "Not yet monitored" messages for unavailable hosts
#4351 Agent Bakery: jolokia_generic: Add missing bakery functionality
#4443 Checks & Agents: mem: Changed name from RAM available to Estimated RAM for new processes
Wednesday, 08.03.2017
#4442 Checks & Agents: mem: Fixed wrong calculation of Available Memory
#4457 BI: BI aggregations: fixed BI aggregations showing state "MI"
#4488 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_if: Now monitors received and sent packets
#4456 Checks & Agents: windows agent: fixed broken agent encryption when section data exceeded 16kB
#4487 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.aix check_mk_agent.linux check_mk_agent.solaris: Agents use either default MK_[LIB/CONF/VAR]DIR variables or environmental variables if configured
#4455 Checks & Agents: windows agent: now longer crashes when no performancecounter for process monitoring could be found
Tuesday, 07.03.2017
#4486 Checks & Agents: avaya_88xx avaya_88xx_cpu: fixed invalid data handling, ie. ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''
#4425 WATO: Fixed issue in WATO rule analayzer with negated host conditions
#4485 HW/SW-Inventory: Removed uptime and snmp_uptime inventory plugins and other monitoring data from oracle_tablespaces inventory plugin
#4424 GUI: Fixed user language selection showing wrong language after change
#4429 Core & Setup: Freshness check respects check period now
Monday, 06.03.2017
#4484 Metrics System: Graph time range previews can be disabled, default can be set
#4428 Core & Setup: "Always up" hosts are never stale
#8667 HW/SW-Inventory: fixed missing patchlevel in inventory data of SuSE 12.1 and 12.2
#8666 Checks & Agents: added more detected APs to aironet_clients
#8665 Checks & Agents: fixed aborted snmp scan because of werk #8664
#4483 HW/SW-Inventory: cisco_vlans: New inventory plugin which collects vlan information of Cisco devices supporting CISCO-VLAN-MEMBERSHIP mib
#4482 Checks & Agents: websphere_mq_instance: fixed missing installation info handling
Friday, 03.03.2017
#8285 Checks & Agents: apache_status: Fixed wrong IPv6 URLs to query the information
#4480 Checks & Agents: cisco_redundancy: fixed UnboundLocalError: local variable 'infotext' referenced before assignment
#4423 GUI: Availability of service filtered views was showing services multiple times
#4454 Checks & Agents: agent_ucs_bladecenter: disabled ssl certificate validation
#4453 Checks & Agents: ucs_bladecenter_faultinst: No longer reports UNKNWOWN when no fault instances are found
#8733 Agent Bakery: mk_jolokia: added missing protocol configuration
Thursday, 02.03.2017
#8664 Checks & Agents: prefer ucd_mem over hr_mem in case of pfSense monitoring
#4205 Metrics System: You can now combine several graphs into one
#4385 HW/SW-Inventory: mk_inventory.vbs: Add new query type for installed software on hosts
#4441 Checks & Agents: mem: new configurable thresholds for "Estimated RAM for new processes"
#4452 GUI: Multisite Quicksearch: Now able to configure quicksearch filters in the global settings
#4422 Checks & Agents: logwatch.ec: Message forwarding via TCP can now use a spool
Wednesday, 01.03.2017
#8663 Checks & Agents: MSSQL plugin: fixed reading in of ini file(s)
#4478 Checks & Agents: systemtime: Now takes the agent data cache file age into account
#4421 WATO: Host rename created a "parent rename" change for each existing host
Tuesday, 28.02.2017
#4451 BI: BI Aggregations: fixed redundant read of cached data, slowing down GUI
#4419 Checks & Agents: check_form_submit: Deal with forms that provide the method as lower case string
#4418 Checks & Agents: check_form_submit: Use Content-Type sent by server to decode the content
#4417 Checks & Agents: check_form_submit: Fixed GET method "item is not defined" issue
#4416 Checks & Agents: check_form_submit: added documented but missing --help argument
#4450 GUI: quicksearch: fixed exception when using special characters
#4405 WATO: Fixed setting custom times for timeperiod iCal import
#7635 packages: Fixed problems in legacy graphs when having dashes in cookies
#7634 packages: python-modules: Added paramiko module needed for check_sftp
#4403 WATO: Fixed problem on diagnose page for distributed hosts
#4402 GUI: Fixed possible UnicodeEncodeError on service discovery page
#4350 Checks & Agents: check_sql: Make database server to connect to configurable
#4477 Metrics System: Now graph time ranges are configurable
#4439 Checks & Agents: statgrab: added uptime into plugin
#4476 Checks & Agents: mssql_blocked_sessions: now wait types can be ignored
Monday, 27.02.2017
#4449 GUI: Quicksearch: fixed "name name" results with distributed monitoring
#4427 Core & Setup: Fixed temporal spreading of pnp4nagios' XML file updates.
#7633 distros: Add build support for Debian 9 (stretch)
#4448 Checks & Agents: agent_netapp: now provides systemtime info for 7mode/CM. check will follow soon
#8758 Checks & Agents: SNMP checks: Fixed cluster node handling
#4447 Checks & Agents: f5_bigip_conns: Now also monitors the connection rate per seconds
#4401 Core & Setup: Improved error handling in case of invalid autocheck entries
#4400 GUI: Fixed possible random "OSError: [Errno 9] Bad file descriptor" in GUI
Friday, 24.02.2017
#8757 Checks & Agents: didactum_sensors_outlet didactum_can_sensors_analog didactum_can_sensors.humidity didactum_can_sensors.voltage: new check for Didactum devices
#4446 Checks & Agents: new check netapp_api_environment (cluster mode only): allows monitoring of PSU faults
#4399 GUI: Views: Fixed graph showing views of services with invalid perfdata
#8756 Checks & Agents: didactum.include: added missing states and improved status handling
#4398 GUI: Fixed broken GUI when deleting local/share/check_mk/web/plugins dir
#4397 GUI: Views: Fixed datasource KeyError exception
#4034 Checks & Agents: Windows agent fileinfo monitoring: Now able to configure globbing patterns for subdirectories
#4396 BI: Fixed exception in BI views when using site icons
#4395 HW/SW-Inventory: Inventory filters: Fixed error handling when entering invalid regexes
Thursday, 23.02.2017
#8755 Checks & Agents: fixed statgrab_disk: Now computes rate correctly
#4438 Checks & Agents: statgrab_mem: Fixed wrong calculation of swap
#4437 Checks & Agents: qlogic_fcport: added compatibility for HP StorageWorks Fibre Channel Switch
#8754 Checks & Agents: ipmi ipmi_sensors: Now individual sensor levels can be configured
#4394 Checks & Agents: mssql_backup: Backups of availability group databases are now handled correctly
#4436 Checks & Agents: check_sql: fixed thresholds and added missing options
#4033 GUI: Quicksearch: Now cycles through the filters h:/ad:/al:/s: when no specific filters are set
#7632 packages: dokuwiki: Exclude bw.png icons from indexmenu plugin (licensing reason)
#4426 Core & Setup: Fixed PID file locking
#4393 Event Console: The permissions on events were not always handled correctly
#8751 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_system_time: new check which monitors the age of Netapp devices
#4392 Agent Bakery: Fixed possible broken agent deployment status data
Wednesday, 22.02.2017
#4032 Checks & Agents: smart agent plugin: disable megacli logging output
#4031 WATO: LVM Volume Groups: fixed broken WATO configuration
#4030 WATO: cmk-update-agent: fixed two bugs related to curl download and certificate validation
#4414 Checks & Agents: oracle_rman: fixed UnboundLocalError if sid level 0 is empty
#4413 Checks & Agents: mem.linux: handle empty info
#4412 Checks & Agents: haproxy.server: fixed empty uptime info handling
#4196 Checks & Agents: blade_blades: fixed out of range state
#4410 Checks & Agents: brocade_fcport: fixed missing info handling
#4409 Checks & Agents: uptime: fixed missing info handling
#4349 Checks & Agents: cisco_qos: Fix crashing check for some cases where the QoS class cannot be found
#4408 Checks & Agents: checkpoint_temp checkpoint_fan checkpoint_voltage: fixed status and value handling
#4391 WATO: Services: Fixed broken link for services having no WATO configurable check parameters
Tuesday, 21.02.2017
#4029 Checks & Agents: Windows Agent Process Monitoring: Now able to set levels to process age
#4407 Checks & Agents: df: fixed handling of paths including spaces
#4348 Checks & Agents: agent_jolokia: Fix nonfunctional special agent
#4028 Checks & Agents: Windows Agent: now also sets the environment variable REMOTE for compatibility reasons
#4027 BI: BI Aggregations: fixed compilation problem with BI aggregations when using sites without hosts
#4347 Checks & Agents: packeteer_fan_status packeteer_ps_status: Two checks for Blue Coat Packet Shaper devices
#4364 Checks & Agents: fan.include: now performance data can be enabled
#4363 Checks & Agents: netgear_fans: fixed typo in group
#4362 Checks & Agents: fileinfo.groups logwatch.groups: now group pattern matching is allowed in service description
#4390 GUI: Virtual host trees are now identified by manually set IDs
Monday, 20.02.2017
#4389 GUI: Views: Fixed "Cached" column when cache interval is reported to be 0
#4388 GUI: Views: Fixed exception with host tag columns which tag has been deleted
#4387 WATO: Git integration: Fixed error handling when enabling it while git is not installed
#4386 GUI: Fixed exception when creating links from service views to service group views
#4026 Checks & Agents: mk_logwatch: plugin now also supports windows
#4382 GUI: Views: Silently ignore configured but not existing view filters
#4381 WATO: Fixed exception when WATO ruleset without main group definition exists
#4380 GUI: Raw Edition: Fixed broken views that contain graphs
Friday, 17.02.2017
#4379 Event Console: Don't show delete event icon in event history views
#4378 BI: BI: Hostname aggregations were missing parent information
#4377 WATO: Services of host: Fixed styling of WARN states
#4204 WATO: Prevent password completion for all WATO rule where passwords are being specified
#4376 WATO: WATO Web-API: Is now disabled when WATO is disabled on a site (e.g. slave sites)
#4375 Checks & Agents: check_sql: Fixed reporting configuration issues to monitoring core
#4374 Checks & Agents: check_sql: Fixed exception in verbose mode when querying MSSQL
#4373 WATO: Timeperiods: iCal events with multiple days can now be imported
Thursday, 16.02.2017
#4372 WATO: Timeperiods: Fixed broken import of iCal files
#4371 GUI: Dashboards: Folder filtered globe dashlets now link to filtered views
#4370 WATO: Distributed WATO: Remote site properties "WATO enabled" and "Automatic sync" were not applied on slaves
#4369 WATO: Fixed broken host edit page on distributed WATO slave sites (when WATO is enabled)
#4361 Checks & Agents: if.include: fixed ifGroup handling if agent already sends interface groups
Wednesday, 15.02.2017
#4346 Checks & Agents: cisco_cpu_multiitem cisco_cpu: Make checks mutually exclusive
#4368 WATO: User password were deleted when saving users without setting a new password
#4366 GUI: Fixed random exception related to html.unplug() in GUI
Tuesday, 14.02.2017
#4365 GUI: Service availability: Host down could not be rewritten to other states like CRIT
#4203 Checks & Agents: Fix failed SSH login in Linux remote alert handlers on some distributions
#4331 Checks & Agents: check_sql: Is now printing FreeTDS debug messages in verbose mode (with MSSQL)
#4195 Checks & Agents: agent_3par: New special agent for HPE 3PAR
Tuesday, 10.01.2017
#4236 Checks & Agents: Removed g_hostname and g_service_description from Check API
#4235 Core & Setup: cmk command: Finally removed long deprecated -S/-H options
#4234 Core & Setup: Host/Service aggregation have been removed
#8654 Reporting & Availability: Availability annotations are also rendered in PDF reporting now
Monday, 07.11.2016
#4042 Notifications: Fix missing From address in synchronous SMTP notifications
Tuesday, 05.04.2016
#3114 Core & Setup: Linux and Windows agent can now encrypt their output
Version 1.4.0p25
#5725 GUI: Fixed changing view filter default values not being effective right after editing

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