The software development of Check_MK is organized in so called Werks. A Werk is any change or bug fix that has influence on the user's experiance. Each Werk has a unique ID, one of the levels Trivial Change, Prominent Change or Major Feature and one of the classes Bug Fix, Feature or Security Fix.
Whenever you make an update to a new Check_MK version please make sure that you have understood all incompatible changes. You might have to adapt your configuration.
If you like to get informed about new werks, you can subscribe to various mailinglists which inform you about werks of specific levels.

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Version 1.4.0p36
#6614 Agent Bakery: Fixed reflected XSS affecting agent updater AJAX calls
#6566 Agent Bakery: Fixed possible XSS on agent update status views
#6621 Agent Bakery: Add permission to prevent users from editing "Deploy custom files with agent" rule set
#6493 Checks & Agents: netscaler_vserver: Discovers readable names
#6479 Checks & Agents: oracle_tablespaces: Check for empty filenames
#6589 Checks & Agents: ibm_svc_mdiskgrp: Fixed disregarded provisioning state
#6590 Checks & Agents: uptime.include: Even if an SNMP-Device does not have a sysDesc it still can have an uptime
#6597 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_vs_traffic: Fixed pending services
#6593 Checks & Agents: sylo: Fixed missing performance data 'IN' and 'OUT' rates
#6592 Checks & Agents: snmp_info: Generate snmp_info service even if the sysDescription is not set
#6591 Checks & Agents: if: Network appliances with only one network interface were not discovered
#6476 Checks & Agents: apc_symmetra: Fixed transposed default levels for battery capacity
#6489 Checks & Agents: mssql_backup: Fixed parsing of backup date, time and type
#6404 Checks & Agents: oracle_undostat: prevent the discovery of invalid services
#6474 Checks & Agents: aix_diskiod: Fixed style of graphs
#6400 Checks & Agents: brocade_fcport: fix for the calculation of received and transmitted bytes per second
#6398 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_environment: Fixed discovery of environmental sensors like PSU
#5223 Checks & Agents: juniper_alarm juniper_bgp_state juniper_cpu juniper_cpu_util juniper_fru juniper_mem: Try discovery also on QFX series devices
#6313 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_hostsystem: Fixed discovery of multipaths
#6460 Checks & Agents: jolokia_generic: Do not crash when non-numeric data is supplied for number or rate type values
#6459 Checks & Agents: 3par_volumes: Fix crash due to unknown provisioning type
#6461 Checks & Agents: solaris_mem: Fix crashing check when values in agent output are given in Kilobytes
#6472 Checks & Agents: zpool: Fixed title and units of graphs
#6610 GUI: Fixed possible XSS using the dokuwiki snapin
#6622 GUI: Fixed possible open redirect on login page
#6620 GUI: Fixed missing CSRF protection for site status AJAX calls
#6613 GUI: Fixed multiple reflected XSS in affecting sidebar snapin AJAX calls
#6612 GUI: Fixed possible reflected XSS using back URLs in view editor
#6619 GUI: Fixed missing CSRF protection for master control AJAX calls
#6615 GUI: Fixed unauthorized access to master control actions
#6565 GUI: Fixed possible XSS issues in Bookmarks snapin
#6494 HW/SW-Inventory: win_video: Fixed crash if driver date is missing
#6563 Reporting & Availability: Fixed displaying of joined perf-o-meter columns
#6552 WATO: Role changes now create change entries on central site
#6551 WATO: Fixed missing permission checking during "Discard changes"
#6611 WATO: Fixed multiple reflected XSS attacks using AJAX calls
#6568 WATO: Fixed possible XSS on custom icon management page
#6618 WATO: Fixed missing CSRF protection for host diagnostic AJAX calls
#6567 WATO: Fixed possible XSS on activate changes page
#4682 WATO: Add permission "Can add or modify executables" to be able to fine tune access rights
#6609 WATO: Fixed possible XSS on SNMP MIB upload page
#6017 cmc: The CMC logs external commands into the monitoring history now.
Version 1.4.0p35
#6341 Agent Bakery: Fixed "SyntaxError: invalid syntax" warning when installing bakery packages on older systems
#5506 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent.exe now ignores windows proxies by default
#5502 Agent Bakery: Prevent baked tar.gz agents from changing ownership of files on host
#5500 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: Increase loglevel for syslog
#6308 Checks & Agents: mssql_counters.locks: Fixed wrong state marker
#6307 Checks & Agents: hyperv_checkpoints: Parameters did not correctly apply
#6301 Checks & Agents: if_fortigate: Related graphs look like all other interface graphs
#6309 Checks & Agents: winperf: Set default levels to 90, 95 percent
#4625 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle: Fixed configuration for remote instances in bakery
#6318 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.{linux,solaris,openwrt}: Quote command line in asynchronous MRPE call to prevent globbing and word splitting
#6383 Checks & Agents: db2_bp_hitratios: Fixed conversion to float if any value contains a comma instead of a dot
#6300 Checks & Agents: win_printers: Added line break to section header; otherwise the output format was broken in case of a Get-WMIObject failure
#6317 Checks & Agents: fileinfo fileinfo.groups: Prevent crash of all fileinfo services if one line fails
#6312 Checks & Agents: filesystem: Fixed blemish in discovery dialog: Invalid check parameter: Undefined key 'patterns' in the dictionary
#6306 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.aix: Prevent timeout of Check_MK service if LPARs of a PowerHA are hanging
#6124 Checks & Agents: juniper_bgp_state: avoid crash if peer state or peer status is missing in SNMP walk
#6120 Checks & Agents: cisco_nexus_cpu: use the ruleset "CPU utilization for simple devices"
#6299 Checks & Agents: mk_logwatch: If no MK_CONFDIR/logwatch.cfg exists all configuration files below MK_CONFDIR/logwatch.d were ignored. Fixed that!
#5739 Checks & Agents: mbg_lantime_ng_refclock.gps: support for more substates
#6127 Checks & Agents: ucd.include: Astaro Firewall is Linux but should use hr_mem
#6126 Checks & Agents: use correct metric with a better visible colour for averaged CPU utilization
#6142 Checks & Agents: qnap_disks: Fixed undetected error if SMART information is missing
#6148 Checks & Agents: solaris_fmadm: Some 'fmadm' versions provide a different output format. This may lead to empty service details if the agent reports any problems
#6132 Checks & Agents: ipmi_sensors.include: Treat states 'S0G0' (System full operational, working) and 'System Restart' as 'OK'
#6340 Core & Setup: Fixed debian agent package incompatibilities
#6373 Core & Setup: Fixed UnicodeEncodeError when piping "cmk -M" to stream or file
#6424 GUI: LDAP: Only set SSL/TLS specific options when SSL is enabled
#6423 GUI: Fixed possible XSS in views with some filters
#6421 GUI: Fixed interpretation of script tags when displaying werk texts
#6326 GUI: Fix "event_host_in_downtime" exception when connecting 1.5 master with 1.4 slave
#6363 GUI: Fixed "host_inventory" exception when using "Has inventory data" filter
#6235 GUI: check_mk-if.php: fixed errors arising with php7.1
#6119 Notifications: asciimail mail: display the custom host and service notes URL correctly in notifications
#6359 Reporting & Availability: View "Export as PDF" results in empty PDFs
#6346 WATO: Fixed failed host rename when host is configured as parent on folder level
Version 1.4.0p34
#6029 Agent Bakery: Fixed error handling when RPM building fails
#6172 Agent Bakery: Fixed building of RPMs on platforms with newer RPM utils (e.g. Ubuntu bionic)
#5522 Checks & Agents: mkbackup: Fix crash in case of multiple backup jobs
#6190 Checks & Agents: Win-agent: prevent unsigned integer overflow in process uptime
#6109 Checks & Agents: etherbox.temp: fix unicode error
#6129 Checks & Agents: megaraid_ldisks: Fixed crash if item not found
#6130 Checks & Agents: ipmi: Fixed unknown device status handling
#6149 Checks & Agents: ps: The linux ps check CPU utilization calculation changed since 1.4.0p27
#6133 Checks & Agents: mssql_counters.locks: Fixed confusion of warn and crit check state
#6131 Checks & Agents: brocade_fcport: Fixed wrong look up of indices which might lead to stale services
#6221 Checks & Agents: emc_datadomain_disks: Fix crash caused by missing busy data
#6088 Checks & Agents: steelhead_connections: Skip values of connection types which are not reported
#6082 Checks & Agents: aix_hacmp_services: Fixed parsing data; If a subsystem is in 'inoperative' status no PID is reported
#5928 Checks & Agents: Provide option to deploy hyperv_vms_guestinfos plugin for Windows through Agent Bakery
#5813 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle.ps1: temporary files are no longer written to c:\windows\system32
#6087 Checks & Agents: cups_queues: Fixed missing parameters if old format is used
#6083 Checks & Agents: websphere_mq_instance: Fixed crash if no standby status is reported
#6086 Checks & Agents: oracle_processes: Handle Oracle specific error
#6085 Checks & Agents: innovaphone_licenses: Do not discover if no data is sent by special agent
#6084 Checks & Agents: apc_rackpdu_power: Do not discover services if device information is missing
#6174 Core & Setup: Fixed discovery for host with management board without IP addresses configured
#6110 HW/SW-Inventory: inv_if: Don't return Unknown if no data for OID is present
#6171 Reporting & Availability: Fixed vertical lines overlapping graph legend in some cases
#6107 WATO: Agent bakery signing key passphrases could be visible in access logs
#6115 WATO: Use the correct matching behaviour and avoid a crash while baking agents for some agent bakery rules
#6184 WATO: LDAP: LDAP connection was not correctly using the sites trusted CAs
#6155 WATO: Service discovery page: Active checks were not correctly shown in specific cases
Version 1.4.0p33
#6080 Checks & Agents: fortigate_sessions: Removed useless include statement which cause an OSError
#6100 Core & Setup: Fixed broken active checks (Regression in 1.4.0p32, werk #6063)
Version 1.4.0p32
#6052 Agent Bakery: Show "Agent updates" context menu only for permitted users
#5804 BI: BI aggregations: increased render performance
#6007 Checks & Agents: etherbox.temp: Fixed another UnicodeDecodeError
#6006 Checks & Agents: pvecm_nodes pvecm_status: Now supports Proxmox VE Cluster versions greater equal 3
#6005 Checks & Agents: hp_procurve_cpu: Fixed invalid parameter format
#6008 Checks & Agents: df.include: Fixed possibly missing parameter 'Show reserved space'
#6078 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.openwrt: Fixed invalid syntax in nfsmounts section
#6069 Checks & Agents: netextreme_fan: Fixed crash if no speed information is sent from device
#6054 Checks & Agents: db2_bp_hitratios: Fixed broken perfometer
#6062 Checks & Agents: checkpoint_ha_status: Workaround devices reporting wrong state information
#6002 Checks & Agents: cisco_asa_failover: If a failover occurs the check goes WARN as the related manpage describes.
#6075 Checks & Agents: fortigate_ipsecvpn: Fixed crash if no parameters are stated
#6077 Checks & Agents: ps: Using number of cores sent by Linux agent is now configurable
#5805 Checks & Agents: windows services: service discovery was unable to ignore disabled rules
#6000 Checks & Agents: statgrab_mem: Missing data caused UnboundLocalError
#6071 Checks & Agents: emcvnx_sp_util: Fixed UnboundLocalError 'busy_ticks' referenced before assignment
#5926 Checks & Agents: Agent Bakery options for WMI and full path with Windows processes
#6070 Checks & Agents: oracle_locks: Fixed missing include which caused the NameError 'oracle_handle_ora_errors' is not defined
#5998 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.aix: Fixed parameter substitution for environment variables MK_LIBDIR,MK_CONFDIR and MK_VARDIR
#6063 Core & Setup: Special agents: Remove unreplaced macros from special agent command lines
#5807 Core & Setup: Periodic service discovery crashed when no "Automatically update service configuration" option was set
#6011 Event Console: Fixed host name translation via regexes in the EC
#5808 GUI: Quicksearch: Searching for groups did not always return full results
#5810 GUI: CMC Graphs: fixed incorrect fallback to pnp4nagios graphs in case some sites are disabled
#6091 GUI: Fixed possible UnicodeDecodeError with special characters in the start_url parameter
#5994 HW/SW-Inventory: inv_if: Fixed failing scan function if device returns no data for OID '.'
#5894 Inline-SNMP: Fixed possible exception on service discovery page for SNMP hosts
#6053 Notifications: Fixed sync after user notification rule changes
#6035 Reporting & Availability: Improved error handling when images can not be rendered
#6034 Reporting & Availability: Fixed adding combined graphs to reports
#6089 WATO: Download agent page: Only link to rule sets in case the user is permitted to access it
#6023 distros: Add build support for Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic)
#6032 omd: Debian/Ubuntu: Disable possible duplicate startup on systemd based systems
#6033 packages: pnp4nagios: Fix PHP 7.2 incompatibility (sizeof(): Parameter must be...)
Version 1.4.0p31
#5276 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: Restore compatibility to older python versions (Regression since 1.4.0p25)
#5984 Agent Bakery: Agent RPMs: Add missing "Vendor" RPM header
#5757 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_sensors: ignore 'Unknown' sensors
#6028 Checks & Agents: chrony: Fixed incompatibility with RedHat 7.5
#5756 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.linux check_mk_agent.openwrt: specify message digest for encrypted agent output explicitly
#5989 Checks & Agents: fireeye_content: Fixed exception, in case content update has never been performed
#5914 Checks & Agents: ucd_mem hr_mem: Fixed wrong preferring of ucd_mem
#5835 Event Console: Improve performance of various event console queries.
#6027 GUI: Fixed availability CSV export when summary is disabled
#6021 Metrics System: Combined graphs: Fixed handling of optional metrics
#5913 WATO: webapi: Fixed handling of the option mode in service discovery
#6030 packages: NagVis: Updated to 1.9.8
#6026 packages: Updated pnp4nagios to 0.6.26
Version 1.4.0p30
#5713 Checks & Agents: mk_logwatch: Fix message rewriting and continuation patterns
#5754 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_vf_stats: now uses the correct number of CPUs
#5964 Checks & Agents: sym_brightmail_queues: Fixed ValueError if some queues do not provide all necessary data
#5798 Core & Setup: Fixed Check_MK Check Helper file locking errors
#5834 Event Console: Fixed SNMPv3 credential handling in the event console.
Version 1.4.0p29
#5961 Checks & Agents: nfsmounts cifsmounts: Fixed the blemish "Invalid parameter" displayed in service discovery dialog
#5921 Checks & Agents: mk_logwatch frozen binary for Windows was broken
#5957 GUI: LDAP: Locking of users using "Authentication Expiration" plugin was not unlocking users
#5956 packages: Updated NagVis to 1.9.7
Version 1.4.0p28
#5795 Checks & Agents: Realtime Checks: fixed race condition which caused loss of counter data
#5912 Checks & Agents: mk_jolokia: Fixed exception in Bakery rule if an instance is set
#5830 Core & Setup: Fixed DST shift correction for downtimes, causing CMC to use 100% CPU
#5942 GUI: Fixed broken BI availability with limit set to 0 (regression in 1.4.0p26)
#5943 Reporting & Availability: Fixed broken PDF export of host/service history views
#5931 WATO: Fixed "skipping unimplemented check" warning message of active checks
#5797 WATO: netapp_api_luns: fixed interchanged free/used names in WATO configuration rule
#5907 packages: CentOS/RedHat: Add explicit dependency to php-cli to fix possible broken PNP graphs
#5906 packages: NagVis: Updated to 1.9.6
Version 1.4.0p27
#5775 Agent Bakery: Fixed missing McAfee AV client baklet for Windows systems
#5882 Agent Bakery: Agent bakery host selection was showing wrong settings after saving
#5790 Checks & Agents: Fixed broken calculation of correct host check command
#5919 Checks & Agents: Windows agent crashed with a lot of transport protocols available
#5788 Checks & Agents: check_bi_aggr: no longer reports "SubjectAltNameWarning" when initiating connection
#5792 Checks & Agents: Agent Encryption: No longer trying to decrypt all incoming tcp data when a "Encryption" rule with an arbitrary value was set
#5710 Checks & Agents: jolokia_generic.string: Fix broken parameter handling
#5910 Checks & Agents: ups_cps_outphase: Fixed decimal place in current outphase
#5909 Checks & Agents: fortigate_sessions fortigate_cpu: Fixed duplicated discovery if needed information is at two places
#5786 Checks & Agents: Fixed broken host check command "Always assume to be up"
#5911 Checks & Agents: mem.linux: Fixed Perf-O-Meter displaying wrong usage if swap is used
#5876 Checks & Agents: fileinfo_groups: Increased size of input fields
#5712 Checks & Agents: cisco_mem cisco_mem_asa cisco_mem_asa64: No longer crash when total memory is reported as 0.
#5748 Checks & Agents: cisco_cpu cisco_nexus_cpu: improve snmp_scan_functions
#5711 Checks & Agents: cisco_mem_asa64: Fix incorrect labelling of graph
#5749 Checks & Agents: tcp_conn_stats: use ss by default if present otherwise fall back to cat /proc/net/tcp
#5751 Event Console: Add contact group contacts of EC rule if host is not a core host
#5904 GUI: Add view name to view permission help text
#5880 GUI: Dashboards: Fixed broken links in views provider columns
#5879 GUI: Dashboard: View dashlets were not applying row limits
#5776 HW/SW-Inventory: win_reg_uninstall: Fixed transposed month and day fields of dates which caused 'Inventory failed: unconverted data remains'
#5745 Notifications: handle deferred notification properly
#5892 Reporting & Availability: Tables: Fixed backgrounds not filling whole table cells
#5891 Reporting & Availability: Fixed column layout of host/service report tables (smaller titles)
#5890 Reporting & Availability: Fixed possible exception in PDF export when showing services withput metrics (regression in 1.4.0p26)
#5747 Reporting & Availability: fix daylight saving time error
#5893 Reporting & Availability: Fixed some report table layout problems
#5719 WATO: The Start URL is now configured optionally for new users
#5905 WATO: Configured "Receive fallback notifications" attribute of users was not displayed correctly
#5889 WATO: Fixed visible HTML tag in WATO folder permission error message
#5874 WATO: Improved diagnose logging for WATO integrated Git
#5886 WATO: Improved performane of "ineffective ruleset" searching
#5875 WATO: Git: Fixed error "git add --all ... is outside repository" with older git versions
#5881 WATO: Tag condition editor could show wrong tag selection after submission
#7516 packages: diskspace cleanup: now also deletes any connected .info file when removing a rrd file
Version 1.4.0p26
#5274 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: prevent saving state file to wrong directory on windows
#5869 Checks & Agents: mem.win: Fixed displaying of percentage thresholds in graphs (Regression in 1.4.0p21)
#5782 Checks & Agents: cmk-update-agent: Adapt logging for permission check on windows
#5704 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: prevent crash without IPv6 support
#5741 Checks & Agents: isc_dhcpd: allow dynamic-bootp entries
#5861 GUI: Availability: Fixed missing warning about reached logrow limit for BI aggregations
#5864 GUI: Host- and service state filters were not set when adding a filtered view to a dashboard
#5871 GUI: Improved service view rendering performance when showing perfometers
#5856 GUI: Fixed host auxiliary tag filter with service views
#5867 Reporting & Availability: Report scheduler: Sending mails manually could be triggered multiple times when reloading the page
#5853 Reporting & Availability: Fixed escaped HTML entities in view columns
#5866 WATO: Fixed performance issue on ruleset search and discovery page with a large number of rules
#5860 WATO: Fixed description of recurring downtime rules
#5863 WATO: Windows agent sections: Fixed incompatibility with rules created before 1.4.0p14
#5862 WATO: Wiondows agent sections: Fixed incompatibility with rules created before 1.4.0p22
#5855 packages: Updated NagVis to 1.9.5
Version 1.4.0p25
#5271 Agent Bakery: Better handling of erroneous deployment information in Agent Bakery
#5763 Agent Bakery: mk_jolokia: relative URI was not written into configuration file
#5762 Agent Bakery: mk_jolokia mk_logwatch win_eventlog win_logwatch winperf: Fixed UnicodeEncodeError while baking agents
#5781 Agent Bakery: Check_MK Update Agent: Now automatically repairs missing agent plugins after a failed windows agent update
#5703 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: section logwatch output was cut abruptly with 'vista_api=yes'
#5709 Checks & Agents: apc_netbotz_sensors apc_netbotz_other_sensors: Fix discovery for newer models
#5760 Checks & Agents: infoblox_node_services: Unknown service IDs led to a check crash
#5701 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: renew logging
#5761 Checks & Agents: ipmi: Fixed wrong perfdata format which led to RRD creation errors
#5557 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.aix: Fixed bug in uptime because AIX is not able to interpret ? and + in regexes
#5778 Checks & Agents: mk_logwatch.exe: fixed broken python frozen binary
#5738 Checks & Agents: Make custom attributes of a host available for the core
#5764 Checks & Agents: df.include: Fixed dynamic levels in ruleset 'Filesystem (used space and growth)'
#5735 Event Console: Fixed PDF export of "Event Detail" page
#5670 Event Console: Handle history files from older EC versions, which have fewer columns.
#5740 Event Console: mkeventd: reload configuration on SIGHUP used e.g. by omd reload
#5729 GUI: Fixed loosing configured icons when editing bookmark lists
#5725 GUI: Fixed changing view filter default values not being effective right after editing
#5667 GUI: Fixed broken newline rendring in sidebar user messages
#5665 GUI: Improved timeout error handling when trying to download agent output of a host
#5723 GUI: Fixed broken sorting of services
#5461 Livestatus: Fixed WaitTimeout handling
#5460 Livestatus: Waiting without a wait condition immediately returns now
#5668 Livestatus: Fixed potential segfault when talking to the event console
#5728 Metrics System: Fixed larger graph legends being cut off in graph dashlets
#5273 Metrics System: Fix display of CustomGraphs for metrics without current performance data
#5780 WATO: fileinfo.groups: Fixed check parameters display bug in service discovery page
#5733 WATO: Fixed bulk deletion of users with special characters in their ID
#5721 WATO: Saving backup jobs: Fixed AttributeError() occuring while handling an exception
#5727 packages: nrpe: Fixed missing check_nrpe on stretch
Version 1.4.0p24
#5619 Checks & Agents: memory.include: Ignoring levels led to a crash because the handling of the paramters was not correct
#5689 Checks & Agents: Newline in mrpe include file crashed Windows agent
#5487 Checks & Agents: isc_dhcpd: Resolve performance issues
#5660 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: Removed unused nowin.exe
#5614 Checks & Agents: raritan_pdu_ocprot: Fixed wrong scaling of current value
#5602 Checks & Agents: ups_modulys_alarms: Make check handle devices outputting NULL instead of integer type flags on some values
#5489 Checks & Agents: pvecm_status: Fix parsing of agent output that could lead to a crash
#5488 Checks & Agents: veeam_jobs: Add support for new veeam API
#5494 Checks & Agents: nfsmounts cifsmounts: increase timeout of nfsmounts and deliver correct status details
#5699 Checks & Agents: Windows agent crashed at non-existent Skype perf counter
#5554 Checks & Agents: ps: Fixed missing Total RAM if AIX is the source and percentual thresholds are configured
#5634 Core & Setup: Fixed slowing of CMC stop operation when SNMP checks are running
#5595 Event Console: Fixed "Events of monitored host" view showing events not related to the wanted host
#5659 GUI: Master control snapin: Improved handling of half configured sites
#5658 GUI: Fixed possible "TypeError" on "Agent update status" view
#5632 GUI: Fixed XSS when rendering values of dropdown choices
#5654 GUI: Fixed XSS on the site management page
#5623 HW/SW-Inventory: lnx_if: Do not ignore interface any more if no speed information is available
#5491 Notifications: Show failed host notifications in tactival overview
#5656 Reporting & Availability: Report edit: Add validation that reports can not use layouts from itself
#5652 WATO: Fixed escaped underline HTML tag in help texts
#5657 WATO: Custom user attributes that are not editable by the user can now edited by the admin
#5648 omd: omd stop/start: Add new option to execute site actions simultaneously
Version 1.4.0p23
#5268 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: Improve exception handling
#5598 Checks & Agents: postfix_mailq_status: Fix Linux agent to handle newer SuSE systems
#5608 Checks & Agents: temperature.include: Fixed device levels handling
#5599 Checks & Agents: check_dns: Return to the behaviour prior to Werk #5526
#5582 Checks & Agents: hr_cpu: Fixed displaying of "per core CPU utilization" in raw edition graphs
#5550 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle.ps1: Fixed exceptions because of useless backslashes
#5485 Checks & Agents: alcatel_power: improved detection of power supplies on newer devices
#5484 Checks & Agents: logwatch.ec: Fix exception when reclassify patterns are specified
#5551 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.aix: Fixed crash in uptime if the output is day instead of days
#5594 GUI: Custom graphs: Fixed rendering titles of "sidebar hidden" custom graphs on graph list page
#5586 GUI: Raw edition: Fixed adding graphs to dashboards
#5585 GUI: Added missing icon "host is currently not being checked" to host views
#5584 HW/SW-Inventory: Fixed exception when "Export List of Software packages as CSV file" is enabled
#5552 Reporting & Availability: reporting: Fixed unreasonable high timeout for availability elements
Version 1.4.0p22
#5266 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: Python 2.4 compatibility fix
#5527 Checks & Agents: ucd_mem hr_mem: Prefer ucd_mem check for certain Cisco IronPort models
#5456 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle mk_oracle.aix: Fixed excluding all sections for any SID which contains invalid characters in the related variable name
#5415 Checks & Agents: Make Windows section openhardwaremonitor backwards compatible
#5416 Checks & Agents: Prevent MS Exchange checks from crashing upon WMI timeout
#5452 GUI: Highly improved performance of rendering large tables of HW/SW inventory trees
#5473 cmc: Add correct host-related acknowledgement info to notifications.
#5471 cmc: Handle malformed SEND_CUSTOM_{HOST,SERVICE}_NOTIFICATION commands more gracefully.
#5472 cmc: Ensure correct quoting of values in event contexts.
Version 1.4.0p21
#5546 Agent Bakery: Count size and age of files (Linux Windows): Increased input fields of paths
#5265 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: Enable Agent Updater to update itself on Windows
#5264 Agent Bakery: cmk-update-agent: Improve logging under windows
#5581 Agent Bakery: Fixed incompatibility when installing baked packages on systems with older python versions
#5479 Checks & Agents: fileinfo: handle globbing pattern expansion and whitespace in fileinfo.cfg
#5548 Checks & Agents: zpool_status: Fixed crash if pool has been deleted or vanished
#5526 Checks & Agents: check_dns: Do not pass off the host's IP address as a default DNS server address
#5521 Checks & Agents: logwatch: Fix exception in WATO's check parameter display
#5451 Checks & Agents: logwatch: Fixed reclassifying mechanism: Patterns did not apply correctly if they have changed
#5245 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_status: Now also considers the status "ok_with_suppressed" as OK
#5520 Checks & Agents: rstcli rstcli.pdisks: Fix broken parse function
#5413 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: nocontext tag did not work for multibyte encoded logfiles
#5251 Checks & Agents: Windows Agent: Improved handling of cmk-update-agent.exe plugin
#5549 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle.ps1: Fixed scattered information for configuration
#5246 Checks & Agents: cmk --list-hosts now supports the additional options --all-sites, --include-offline
#5411 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: handle WMI timeouts
#5412 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: fix logfile glob patterns without '*' at the end
#5414 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: Exchange Availability Service was broken
#5518 Checks & Agents: win.mem: Fix incorrect representation of absolute memory levels in graphs
#5534 Core & Setup: Fixed wrong host graph scaling when using DNS names as IPv4 address
#5469 Core & Setup: Fixed acknowledgement notifications when RBN is disabled
#5467 Core & Setup: Fixed interaction between periodic notifications and acknowledgements.
#5541 GUI: IE 11+: Fixed styling of select fields
#5570 GUI: Fixed disabling of availability row limit
#5530 GUI: Clicking on "Edit dashboard" accidentially copied dashboards with "publish to others"
#5529 GUI: Fixed accidentially cloning own visuals instead of builtin visuals
#5453 HW/SW-Inventory: HW/SW inventory: Changed output format of raw inventory tree
#5463 Livestatus: Report invalid table names via response header.
#5468 Livestatus: Fixed indexing with disjunctions.
#5466 Livestatus: Fixed filtering of services table for host name
#5464 Livestatus: Report invalid GET headers even when they appear before ResponseHeader.
#5540 Metrics System: "Graph time range" display option had no effect on Check_MK graphs
#5568 Reporting & Availability: Fixed breaking report elements when reloading edit page
#5249 WATO: Fixed tmpfs full issue: CME Activate Changes did not cleanup all temporary files
#5545 WATO: Editing rules: Fixed adding date+user to rule comments
#5547 WATO: Errors in pre-activate-changes hooks prevent configuration activation now (regression since 1.2.8)
#5250 WATO: Fixed tmpfs full issue: Activate Changes did not cleanup all temporary files
#5558 WATO: Rule list: Fixed visibility of rules in child folders for transitive folders
Version 1.4.0p20 (Not yet released)
Friday, 01.12.2017
#7515 packages: diskspace cleanup: No longer deletes agent updater registration files of hosts monitored in foreign sites
#5561 distros: Add build support for SLES12SP3
Thursday, 30.11.2017
#5560 GUI: Fixed "Events of Monitored Host" showing events of unrelated hosts
Friday, 17.11.2017
#5528 omd: Fixed showing help when executing "omd" without mode argument (1.4.0p18 regression)
Version 1.4.0p19
#5263 Agent Bakery: Improve compatibility of baked agents regarding xinetd installation
#5262 Agent Bakery: Fix bug in agent bakery (regression #5261, since 1.4.0p17)
#5445 Checks & Agents: apc_symmetra_output: Fixed exception 'could not convert string to float' during discovery
#5478 Checks & Agents: fileinfo: fix globbing pattern expansion
#5443 Checks & Agents: cisco_redundancy: Discover 'Redundancy Framework Status' service if device supports that.
#5410 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: handle section Skype correctly
#5227 Checks & Agents: Checkgroup humidity: Fix swapped lower levels and definition of only one kind of levels
#5444 Core & Setup: SNMP commands: Prevent zombie processes in case of timeouts
#5244 WATO: Activate Changes: Fixed "Has never been activated" status message
Version 1.4.0p18
#5435 omd: Fixed "omd update" problems when updating from 1.4.0p17 or older
Version 1.4.0p17
#5261 Agent Bakery: Improve agent bakery robustness when baking new agents
#5427 BI: Fixed different XSS issues triggerd from BI aggregation/rule titles/descriptions
#5353 Checks & Agents: citrix_sessions: fixes a case where no session number was returned
#5354 Checks & Agents: cmctc_lcp: Fixes an error leading to wrong inventory and check output
#5441 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle: Werk 5321 introduced usage of nawk for SunOS but was implemented incorrectly for Linux
#5409 Checks & Agents: Windows eventlog: wrong last state saved
#5240 Checks & Agents: agent_netapp, environmental sensors monitoring. No longer fails if a node has no configured shelfes
#5241 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_connection: removed some invalid warning messages, which appear on virtual netapp systems
#5429 Event Console: Fixed broken event history expiration (when using default settings)
#5426 GUI: df perfometer: Fixed exception when maximum value is not available
#5434 GUI: Views: Fixed exception when trying to display downtime IDs in views
#5425 GUI: Fixed broken bookmark list management for users with non ascii characters in User IDs
#5431 GUI: Fixed possible reflected XSS using custom bookmarks
#5424 GUI: Fixed possible exception during logout when having cookies with invalid format for other sites
#5242 GUI: Fixed display bug "Customer not found", shown in slave sites
#5196 Livestatus: Bumped Livestatus stack size to give regex matching more breathing room.
#5197 Livestatus: Improved Event Console history performance
#5430 Metrics System: Pause page reloads when selecting timerange by using the graph previews
#5423 WATO: Fixed exception on "Catalog of check plugins page"
#5239 WATO: Managed Services Edition: Improved activate changes performance
#5422 omd: Add build support for Ubuntu 17.10 (artful)
#5209 packages: Python: Updated to 2.7.14

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