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Version 1.6.0i1 (Not yet released)
Tuesday, 13.11.2018
#6903 Checks & Agents: mk_jolokia: CA default for https connection
#6902 Checks & Agents: apache_status: Ignore certificate for localhost
Monday, 12.11.2018
#6417 Notifications: Users may disable notifications by accident after upgrading to 1.5.0
Friday, 09.11.2018
#6416 Notifications: mknotifyd: set a default timeout if no value is given for a method
Wednesday, 07.11.2018
#6871 Agent Bakery: multiple perfcounters were written to same INI line
Thursday, 18.10.2018
#6788 Notifications: Notification spooler: Fixed deserialization of arbitrary input
Tuesday, 09.10.2018
#6412 Checks & Agents: mk_docker_container_piggybacked: don't try to execute the check_mk_agent inside a container if no bash is available
Thursday, 27.09.2018
#6578 Checks & Agents: Agent access config can now be monitored
Tuesday, 25.09.2018
#6605 Checks & Agents: winperf_if: Fixed discovery of network interface alias
Monday, 24.09.2018
#6629 Checks & Agents: jolokia_generic: Make service descriptions consistent with jolokia_metrics
#6662 WATO: Timespecific check parameters: Changed computation algorithm to allow more flexible configurations
Friday, 21.09.2018
#5845 Checks & Agents: fsc checks: prevent fsc_fans and fsc_temp if corresponding fsc_sc2-* data is available, made snmp_scan_functions more readable
Tuesday, 18.09.2018
#6595 Checks & Agents: if.include: Recognize duplicate interface items correctly
Wednesday, 12.09.2018
#6496 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.linux: Moved piggybacked docker container sections to plugin 'mk_docker_container_piggybacked'
Friday, 07.09.2018
#6491 Checks & Agents: fortinet_controller_aps: Services disappear because no clients are connected
Thursday, 06.09.2018
#6476 Checks & Agents: apc_symmetra: Fixed transposed default levels for battery capacity
Friday, 31.08.2018
#6407 Checks & Agents: mk_postgres postgres_instances: output missing instance data
Friday, 03.08.2018
#6394 Checks & Agents: winperf_processor: Changed CPU util default levels from 101, 101 percent to 90, 95 percent
Thursday, 02.08.2018
#6210 Checks & Agents: Separate Checkgroups for 3par_capacity, 3par_volume und 3par_cpgs
Wednesday, 25.07.2018
#6380 Checks & Agents: oracle_jobs: Bugfix for auto_drop=TRUE jobs
Tuesday, 24.07.2018
#6127 Checks & Agents: ucd.include: Astaro Firewall is Linux but should use hr_mem
Thursday, 05.07.2018
#6120 Checks & Agents: cisco_nexus_cpu: use the ruleset "CPU utilization for simple devices"
Wednesday, 04.07.2018
#6304 Checks & Agents: sap_hana_filesystem sap_hana_mem: Fixed wrong conversion of filesystem and memory values
Monday, 25.06.2018
#6140 Checks & Agents: mssql_blocked_sessions: This check is now instance aware
Friday, 22.06.2018
#6115 WATO: Use the correct matching behaviour and avoid a crash while baking agents for some agent bakery rules
Wednesday, 30.05.2018
#6188 packages: Dropped fping dependency (Removes check_fping)
Monday, 07.05.2018
#6057 GUI: Changed GUI internal API functions
Wednesday, 18.04.2018
#5801 Checks & Agents: Fixed incorrect check parameter assignment after tabula rasa
Version 1.5.0b1
#5920 Checks & Agents: Windows: use standard file matching patterns for fileinfo
#5777 Checks & Agents: ucs_bladecenter_fans.temp: Made item name unique
#5748 Checks & Agents: cisco_cpu cisco_nexus_cpu: improve snmp_scan_functions
#5706 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: fix endianness of IP addresses
#5744 Event Console: Export of rule packs in MKP packages
#5797 WATO: netapp_api_luns: fixed interchanged free/used names in WATO configuration rule
Version 1.5.0i4 (Not yet released)
Friday, 23.02.2018
#5768 Checks & Agents: sap_hana check plugins are instance aware
Version 1.5.0i3 (Not yet released)
Monday, 22.01.2018
#5698 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: space in MRPE plugin path resulted in wrong plugin name
Thursday, 21.12.2017
#5476 cmc: Fixed notification numbering of periodic notifications
Version 1.5.0i2 (Not yet released)
Wednesday, 27.06.2018
#6116 Checks & Agents: mk_db2.linux: major refactoring of the plugin to solve different issues
Tuesday, 19.12.2017
#5527 Checks & Agents: ucd_mem hr_mem: Prefer ucd_mem check for certain Cisco IronPort models
Friday, 24.11.2017
#5412 Checks & Agents: Windows agent: fix logfile glob patterns without '*' at the end
Version 1.5.0i1 (Not yet released)
Friday, 17.11.2017
#5460 Livestatus: Waiting without a wait condition immediately returns now
Wednesday, 15.11.2017
#5356 Checks & Agents: emcvnx_info,emcvnx_agent: move information from emcvnx_info into subchecks and a agent check
Thursday, 09.11.2017
#5354 Checks & Agents: cmctc_lcp: Fixes an error leading to wrong inventory and check output
Thursday, 26.10.2017
#5351 Checks & Agents: check_http: Use HTTPS instead of HTTP in service description for SSL/TLS connections
Monday, 23.10.2017
#5305 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.hpux: Fix hardcoded version in lib path
Thursday, 21.09.2017
#5297 Checks & Agents: dotnet_clrmemory msexch_rpcclientaccess wmi_cpuload: Fixed activate changes because of inconsistent item handling
Tuesday, 19.09.2017
#5292 Checks & Agents: ucs_bladecenter_if: Fixed wrong indexing of single detected interfaces
Wednesday, 06.09.2017
#5185 HW/SW-Inventory: Check_MK HW/SW Inventory: The service was executed too often by default
Tuesday, 25.07.2017
#5042 WATO: Removed export of WATO folder permissions to NagVis
Wednesday, 12.07.2017
#4968 Checks & Agents: f5_bigip_cluster_status_v11_2: Now has its own check plugin file; This updates werk #4819
Monday, 26.06.2017
#4838 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_volumes: No longer shows service descriptions with UUIDs
#4874 Checks & Agents: cisco_power: Improved discovery of power supplies
Tuesday, 13.06.2017
#4819 Checks & Agents: f5_bigip_cluster_status.v11_2: Fixed wrong syntax in naming of the check plugin
Wednesday, 24.05.2017
#4631 Checks & Agents: cisco_ace_rserver: Fix broken IP address parsing
Monday, 15.05.2017
#4661 Checks & Agents: msexch_isstore msexch_isclienttype: Split up check files. Second one needs its own check plugin file if using Nagios core
#4682 WATO: Add permission "Can add or modify executables" to be able to fine tune access rights
#4698 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_volumes: Changed service description for clustermode volumes
Thursday, 11.05.2017
#4644 Checks & Agents: f5_bigip_mem: Improved Memory Check. Now also for TMM
Monday, 24.04.2017
#8287 Checks & Agents: brocade_mlx_power: Added new standard OID for snChasPwrSupply2Table to receive all power supplies in stacked devices
Wednesday, 05.04.2017
#4554 Checks & Agents: cups_queues: Moved agent section into own plugin script
Friday, 24.03.2017
#4527 Checks & Agents: websphere_mq_channels: Now has its own WATO ruleset
Wednesday, 15.03.2017
#4540 Checks & Agents: emcvnx_disks: Thresholds for count of failures can be set now
#4539 Checks & Agents: if_fortigate: transfered if-checks for fortigate devices into own checkplugin
Tuesday, 07.03.2017
#4485 HW/SW-Inventory: Removed uptime and snmp_uptime inventory plugins and other monitoring data from oracle_tablespaces inventory plugin
Friday, 03.03.2017
#8285 Checks & Agents: apache_status: Fixed wrong IPv6 URLs to query the information
Thursday, 02.03.2017
#8664 Checks & Agents: prefer ucd_mem over hr_mem in case of pfSense monitoring
Monday, 27.02.2017
#8758 Checks & Agents: SNMP checks: Fixed cluster node handling
Wednesday, 22.02.2017
#4031 WATO: LVM Volume Groups: fixed broken WATO configuration
Tuesday, 10.01.2017
#4236 Checks & Agents: Removed g_hostname and g_service_description from Check API
Version 1.4.0b1
#4294 Checks & Agents: statgrab_disk: Works now in the same way as other diskstat check plugins
#4005 Checks & Agents: agent_activemq: now able to provide BasicAuth credentials
#4207 Checks & Agents: mk_jolokia: Use configured port as default instance name
#4344 Checks & Agents: lnx_quota: Fixed wrong value calculation and removed performance data
#4335 Checks & Agents: perle check and inventory plugins: some updates and improvements
#4219 Event Console: Trap processing with community "public" is now only default and not accepted in all cases anymore
#4154 Event Console: Do not send notifications if host found and currently in downtime
Version 1.4.0i4 (Not yet released)
Tuesday, 14.02.2017
#4194 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_hostsystem.multipath: Fixed grouping of paths
Thursday, 12.01.2017
#4291 Checks & Agents: mk_postgres postgres_instances postgres_bloat postgres_conn_time postgres_connections postgres_locks postgres_query_duration postgres_sessions postgres_stat_database postgres_stats postgres_version: plugin and checks are now instance aware
Version 1.4.0i3
#4099 Checks & Agents: msexch_rpcclientaccess: Previously nonfunctional WATO rule and default parameters now work
#3995 Checks & Agents: skype check: updated perfvariable and metric names, making their purpose more clear
#4094 Checks & Agents: apc_rackpdu_power: now detects all phases or banks connected to this pdu
#3998 Checks & Agents: agent_netapp / netapp_api_if: improved mechanism to collect interface infos. fixes invalid if-speed
#8642 cmc: Reworked logging configuration of the Check_MK Microcore
#8577 cmc: Fixed Livestatus queries for custom_variable_names columns.
Version 1.4.0i2
#8622 Agent Bakery: Agent Bakery: Fix broken deployment of automatic agent updater for Windows
Version 1.4.0i1 (Not yet released)
Thursday, 29.09.2016
#3905 Checks & Agents: barracuda_mailqueues nullmailer_mailq postfix_mailq qmail_stats: these checks now have items, postfix can now monitor multi directories (linux agent)
Friday, 23.09.2016
#3878 Checks & Agents: apc_symmetra: divided into several checks
Friday, 02.09.2016
#3869 Checks & Agents: ipmi: new discovery rule and cleanup
Thursday, 25.08.2016
#3743 Checks & Agents: mk_jolokia: Fix possible code injection
Wednesday, 24.08.2016
#3791 Checks & Agents: f5_bigip_vserver: now reports lots of additional performance data
Monday, 18.07.2016
#3695 Checks & Agents: f5_bigip_cluster_v11: Now WATO configurable
Monday, 04.07.2016
#3693 Checks & Agents: ups_eaton_enviroment: Fixed handling of dictionary-based parameters
Friday, 27.05.2016
#3615 Checks & Agents: if: Convert bandwidth from octets into bits for graph display
Wednesday, 11.05.2016
#3131 Checks & Agents: if64 if64adm: These checks now display the speed of interfaces slower than 1Mbit correctly
Monday, 09.05.2016
#8450 cmc: Fixed separator for modified_attributes_list columns
Wednesday, 20.04.2016
#3418 Notifications: Do not send host notifications if a service group is required
Tuesday, 19.04.2016
#3386 Checks & Agents: AIX agent: Cached local scripts / plugins need to be configured in seconds
Friday, 15.04.2016
#3412 Checks & Agents: stulz_temp: now has readable sensor names and discovers all possible sensors which are connected
Wednesday, 13.04.2016
#3407 Checks & Agents: cisco_mem_asa64: new check which monitors the used memory of Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances
#3405 Checks & Agents: cisco_fantray cisco_fru_power: now these checks have readable item names
#3376 GUI: Cleaned up handling of setting Livestatus AuthUser for "see all" users
Friday, 01.04.2016
#3110 Checks & Agents: ewon: Various improvements to snmp proxy functionality
Thursday, 31.03.2016
#3108 Checks & Agents: network interface and switch port discovery rules can now be combined to dicover multiple sets of interfaces
Tuesday, 16.02.2016
#3186 Checks & Agents: fortigate_node: fixed empty item
#3185 Checks & Agents: ucd_cpu_load: this service will be discovered although we prefer HOST-RESOURCES MIB
Version 1.2.7i4 (Not yet released)
Monday, 01.02.2016
#2942 Checks & Agents: juniper_cpu_util: new check replaces juniper_cpu which was reporting incorrect values
Monday, 25.01.2016
#2937 Checks & Agents: mrpe: check now supports service descriptions using percent-encoded characters
Wednesday, 20.01.2016
#2934 Checks & Agents: All temperature checks now use common code and have the same features
Thursday, 03.12.2015
#1309 Checks & Agents: multipath: Fixed name handling of multipaths
Wednesday, 02.12.2015
#2858 Checks & Agents: hp_proliant_da_phydrv: Adding disk controller to check items
Thursday, 26.11.2015
#2803 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_volumes: clustered volumes now longer show the current node name in the service description
Wednesday, 04.11.2015
#1301 Checks & Agents: cmciii: Some rewrites of the cmciii Temperature and Power Phase Checks
Saturday, 31.10.2015
#2671 Checks & Agents: df: avoid duplicate items for btrfs that is mounted several times
Thursday, 22.10.2015
#8309 cmc: Fix authorization settings for seeing service in the user interface
Friday, 16.10.2015
#2663 Checks & Agents: knuerr_rms_temp: switch to new generic temperature logic, allow e.g. lower levels
Wednesday, 14.10.2015
#2434 Checks & Agents: NetApp monitoring: Cluster-Mode is now supported, changes in existing 7Mode checks
Version 1.2.7i3
#2351 Checks & Agents: FreeBSD Agent: Made plugin/local paths standard conform
#2451 Checks & Agents: wut_webtherm.humidity wut_webtherm.pressure: Two new checks for humidity and air pressure sensors for WuT devices
#2489 Checks & Agents: cmciii_lcp_water: New check replacing cmciii_lcp_waterin/out, support for newer devices
#2589 Checks & Agents: check raritan_emx: splitted into three subchecks
#1266 Checks & Agents: cisco_mem_asa: Special memory check for cisco asa devices.
#2350 Checks & Agents: FreeBSD Agent: Changed bash path to /usr/local/bin/bash
#1269 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_counters.diskio: Check now uses the default diskstat implementation
#2285 Checks & Agents: Modified checks for printer pages: canon_pages, printer_pages, printer_pages_ricoh, printer_pages.include
#1272 Checks & Agents: alcatel_power, alcatel_temp Support for stacked environments
#1291 Checks & Agents: alcatel_fans: The internal name of the Check changed
#1292 Checks & Agents: hitachi_hus_status: Internal Name of Check changed
#2673 Event Console: SNMP-Traps: Fixed translation of OIDs which are parts of trap values
#7557 packages: Updated NSCA to be compatible with clients of newer distros
Version 1.2.7i2
#2219 Checks & Agents: hr_cpu: Reworked check to use WATO rule allowing averaging and predictive levels
#1259 Checks & Agents: wut_webtherm: Check now uses the Check_MK defaults for temperature checks
#1256 Checks & Agents: lvm_vgs: Check now has his own configuration in wato
Version 1.2.7i1
#2030 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_temp: add Perf-O-Meter, make configurable via WATO
#2031 Checks & Agents: brocade_mlx_temp: make configurable via new WATO rule, add Perf-O-Meter, add default levels
#2032 Checks & Agents: brocade.temp: use new generic WATO rule, add Perf-O-Meter
#2022 Checks & Agents: SNMP: Fixed handling of backslashes in SNMP data
#1999 Checks & Agents: raritan_pdu_inlet_summary raritan_pdu_inlet ups_socomec_outphase: renamed services to be consistent
#1971 Checks & Agents: printer_input/printer_output: Discovery is using name field when available no
#1991 Checks & Agents: emc_datadomain_temps: make configurable via WATO, add Perf-O-Meter
#1998 Checks & Agents: statgrab_net: New implementation of network interface monitoring via statgrab
#2043 Checks & Agents: ibm_svc_mdiskgrp: Fix computation of capacity, show and check provisioning
#2048 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_fan netapp_api_psu netapp_api_temp: fixed typo in service description Shelfes -> Shelves
#2275 Checks & Agents: windows agent: new subfolders, improved folder cleanup during uninstall
#2277 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle.ps1: changed location of config file
#2278 Checks & Agents: printer_supply: now able to toggle the point of view for used and remaining material
#2202 Checks & Agents: hr_fs: Remove Label:... from mount point, replace \ with /
#2184 Checks & Agents: statgrab_mem: converted to the same logic as the other memory checks
#2052 Checks & Agents: winperf_if: Now able to automatically group teamed interfaces and more
#2062 Checks & Agents: grouped interfaces: additional information in check output and new port state 'degraded'
#2137 Checks & Agents: diskstat: new implementation of Linux Disk IO check
#1960 Checks & Agents: akcp_sensor_drycontact: Service description prefix changed from "Device" to "Dry Contact"
#1939 Checks & Agents: check_ftp: changed service description if the ftp port differs from 21
#1524 Checks & Agents: kentix_temp: Now supports setting levels
#1525 Checks & Agents: viprinet_temp: Now uses new Temperature WATO rule
#1674 Checks & Agents: ibm_svc_license other license checks: now able to configure limits
#1523 Checks & Agents: lnx_thermal: Now supports setting levels
#1521 Checks & Agents: carel_sensors: Now uses new Temperature WATO-Rule
#1457 Checks & Agents: logins: new check renamed from "users" check
#1519 Checks & Agents: etherbox.temp: Now supports lower levels, output configurable to Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin
#1520 Checks & Agents: hwg_temp: Now uses new temperature ruleset, allows lower levels and alternate output units.
#1819 Checks & Agents: dell_poweredge_temp: Make output and service description consistent with other temperature checks
#1217 Checks & Agents: dell_om_sensors: Check now uses generic temperature features
#1863 Checks & Agents: cisco_power: fix for cases with a slash in the device description of a power supply
#1890 Checks & Agents: cisco_temperature: Replaces cisco_temp_perf and cisco_temp_sensor
#1892 Checks & Agents: hp_procurve_mem: Now supports setting levels in WATO
#1853 Checks & Agents: cisco_power cisco_fan cisco_temp_perf: fixed service description for some special cases
#1852 Checks & Agents: solaris_multipath: this check now works with inventory to remember the number of total paths
#1820 Checks & Agents: mem.linux: new dedicated check for Linux memory management
#1827 Checks & Agents: oracle_tablespace: WATO rule for default increment
#1830 Checks & Agents: oracle_rman: added detection of INCR0/1 backups
#1229 Checks & Agents: MySQL: The MySQL Plugin now supports multiple instances
#2041 Notifications: Notification Spooler can now handle incoming and outgoing persistent TCP connections
Version 1.2.6b1 (Not yet released)
Tuesday, 09.12.2014
#1726 Checks & Agents: Move variable data of Linux/UNIX agents to /var/lib/check_mk_agent
#1725 Core & Setup: The get_average() function from now on only returns one argument: the average
Wednesday, 03.12.2014
#1593 Checks & Agents: IBM SVC Checks: The Service Descriptions not longer contain IBM SVC as prefix
#1563 Checks & Agents: Reworked configuration of process monitoring
Friday, 28.11.2014
#1518 Checks & Agents: raritan_pdu_inlet raritan_pdu_inlet_summary: Modified existing check to give one item per phase and support setting levels.
Wednesday, 12.11.2014
#1069 GUI: Replaced insecure auth.secret mechanism
Thursday, 06.11.2014
#1203 Checks & Agents: veeam_client: Now supports multiple Backups for one host
Wednesday, 05.11.2014
#1444 Checks & Agents: f5_bigip_chassis_temp f5_bigip_cpu_temp: Two new checks to replace the old f5_bigip_temp
Tuesday, 04.11.2014
#1202 Checks & Agents: cisco_power cisco_temp_perf: Both checks now using a new service description
Monday, 03.11.2014
#1484 Checks & Agents: dell_om_sensors: Use sensor name as item
Friday, 31.10.2014
#1479 HW/SW-Inventory: liveproxyd: new function for collecting remote inventory data
Version 1.2.5i6 (Not yet released)
Monday, 20.10.2014
#1131 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_hostsystem.maintenance: fixed misspelling in service description
Thursday, 16.10.2014
#0661 HW/SW-Inventory: HW/SW-Inventory: install date of software packages no longer in unix timestamps but date format
Tuesday, 14.10.2014
#1184 Checks & Agents: cisco_power: Fixed detection of item. In some cases the status information was part of the item
Thursday, 02.10.2014
#1158 GUI: Moved filter logic to visuals module
Thursday, 18.09.2014
#1403 Checks & Agents: kernel.util: allow levels for the total CPU utilization
Monday, 08.09.2014
#1384 Checks & Agents: oracle_jobs: new WATO rules, changed service name to SID.OWNER.NAME
Sunday, 07.09.2014
#1383 Checks & Agents: oracle_asm_diskgroup: Account for offline disks and required mirror free space
Tuesday, 02.09.2014
#1393 Checks & Agents: casa_cpu_temp casa_cpu_util: Change service description to standard
Saturday, 30.08.2014
#0652 HW/SW-Inventory: windows software inventory gives some more details about OS and installed software
Tuesday, 26.08.2014
#0650 Checks & Agents: f5_bigip_pool: limits to the number of active nodes are now correctly applied
Saturday, 23.08.2014
#1374 Checks & Agents: arc_raid_status: moved plugin into main Linux agent
Wednesday, 20.08.2014
#1144 Checks & Agents: blade_bx_temp dell_chassis_temp emerson_temp ibm_svc_enclosurestats ups_bat_temp: rename service description
Thursday, 14.08.2014
#0644 Checks & Agents: adva_fsp_if: instead of lower warning and critical levels check now supports lower and upper levels
#0643 HW/SW-Inventory: windows inventory: OS now contains the install date, reg_uninstall now contains the path
Monday, 11.08.2014
#1173 Checks & Agents: cisco_secure: Check creates now a summary instead one service by port
Friday, 01.08.2014
#0194 Checks & Agents: raritan_pdu_inlet: Check now outputs the correct values
Version 1.2.5i5 (Not yet released)
Thursday, 26.06.2014
#1012 Core & Setup: Fix quoting of backslashes in custom checks with nagios core
Version 1.2.5i4 (Not yet released)
Tuesday, 27.05.2014
#0984 WATO: Fix code injection for logged in users via automation url
Version 1.2.5i3 (Not yet released)
Monday, 26.05.2014
#0978 Checks & Agents: Fix security issue with mk-job on Linux
Wednesday, 21.05.2014
#0975 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_vm.guest_tools: renamed check (formerly esx_vsphere_vm.guestTools)
Monday, 19.05.2014
#0162 Checks & Agents: if_brocade: New if64 Check version for Brocade VDX Switches
Thursday, 10.04.2014
#0881 Checks & Agents: rmon_stats: now needs to be activated via a rule in order to be inventorized
Monday, 07.04.2014
#0151 Checks & Agents: enterasys_cpu_util: Changed check to not longer summarize all modules
Thursday, 03.04.2014
#0601 Checks & Agents: printer_alerts: check can now display a textual representation of the alert code

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