Werk #1853

KomponenteChecks & Agents
Titelcisco_power cisco_fan cisco_temp_perf: fixed service description for some special cases
Datum2015-01-20 11:55:04
Check_MK EditionCheck_MK Raw Edition (CRE)
Check_MK Version1.2.7i1
Level1 - Trivial Change
KlasseBug Fix
KompatibilitätIncompatible - Manual interaction might be required

For some Cisco switches the item name of sensors was incorrectly determined from the snmp oid "ciscoEnvMonSupplyStatusDescr". When the status description contains "Status is ..." or "PS1 ..." in the second field, this field was incorrectly included in the item name.

The problem is fixed. Since the item name changes due to this fix, you need to redo a service discovery.

To our knowledge this problem only affects the cisco_power check. cisco_fan and cisco_temp_perf may theorectically be affected since the same algorithm is used, but the status descriptions for these checks are different.


status description: "Sw1, PS1 Normal, RPS Normal", old item name: "Sw1 PS1 Normal 3036", new item name: "Sw1"