Werk #4858

KomponenteChecks & Agents
Titelomd_apache data collection: fixed issues caused by missing newline at the end of statsfile(s)
Datum2017-06-14 10:26:44
Check_MK EditionCheck_MK Raw Edition (CRE)
Check_MK Version1.4.0p6,1.5.0i1,1.2.8p24
Level2 - Prominent Change
KlasseBug Fix
KompatibilitätKompatibel- benötigt keine manuelles eingreifen

Sometimes the apache statsfile(s) can miss a newline at the end of the file. This caused the following known issues:

* missing agent section directly after omd_apache section - because the section header was starting in the same line as the omd_apache section's last line * crashed omd_apache check because of missing data