Werk #4876

KomponenteChecks & Agents
Titelmounts: Fixed wrong handling of NFS mounts on Linux which are detected as stale
Datum2017-06-26 15:49:13
Check_MK EditionCheck_MK Raw Edition (CRE)
Check_MK Version1.4.0p8,1.5.0i1,1.2.8p25
Level1 - Trivial Change
KlasseBug Fix
KompatibilitätKompatibel- benötigt keine manuelles eingreifen

Such mounts are marked with '\040(deleted)' und therefore discovered as new services while the related services report UNKNOWN - filesystem not mounted.

This has been fixed. The service now reports WARN - Mount point detected as stale.

Please see https://utcc.utoronto.ca/~cks/space/blog/linux/NFSStaleUnmounting for more information.