Werk #5896

KomponenteCore & Setup
TitelImproved output of Check_MK services
Datum2018-03-09 09:41:11
Check_MK EditionCheck_MK Raw Edition (CRE)
Check_MK Version1.5.0b1
Level1 - Triviale Änderung
KlasseBug Fix
KompatibilitätCompatible - no manual interaction needed

  • The result of the different data sources was not visible to the user in the Check_MK service.
  • The Check_MK service is now showing individual status information about each data source (e.g. the agent version).
  • The Check_MK HW/SW Inventory and Check_MK Discovery services are only showing data source related details in case a problem happened for a data source.
  • The states of Check_MK, Check_MK Discovery and Check_MK HW/SW Inventory are now working in the same way (and all respect the "Check_MK service" ruleset) settings. This makes e.g. the Check_MK Discovery service result in CRIT states e.g. in case of agent communication errors when there is no cache file present where it previously only reported a WARN state.