Werk #5923

KomponenteChecks & Agents
TitelWindows: section MRPE was incorrectly formatted
Datum2018-04-25 13:36:59
Check_MK EditionCheck_MK Raw Edition (CRE)
Check_MK Version1.6.0i1,1.5.0b2
Level1 - Trivial Change
KlasseBug Fix
KompatibilitätKompatibel- benötigt keine manuelles eingreifen

The output of section MRPE was incorrectly formatted. A null character at the end of the output string caused the output to be cut abruptly and missing a newline character before the following section header. Broken by commit d0ae246003d630f80ad5ff3fbe469552738141a9 that was included in releases 1.5.0i3 and 1.5.0b1.