Blessed Checks

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1. Blessed Checks

When writing your own checks, it is a good practice to have a look at existing code as an example. In this case you might want to look at one of the following checks. They have passed a special review process and are known to be of excellent quality.

viprinet_serialSNMP Simple SNMP check fetching one value, always OK
cisco_fantraySNMP Simple SNMP check with items, no parameters, no performance data
cisco_fru_powerSNMP Check computing its outcome from two aspects, both of which can trigger warn or crit
solaris_multipathAgent Simple check with items, without parameters
uptimeAgent Simple check using an empty dict parameter and an include file
timemachineAgent Simple check with time arithmetics and dictionary based parameters
hitachi_hnas_fanSNMP Check with items that combines two aspects into one result status