The New Check API

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1. The New Check API

As you have learned in previous articles, a check must be declared to Checkmk. In the old times this had be done with a line like this:

check_info["uptime"] = (check_uptime, "Uptime", 1, inventory_uptime)

As of version 1.2.0 Checkmk offers an alternative dictionary based declaration:

check_info["uptime"] = {
    "inventory_function"  : inventory_uptime,
    "check_function"      : check_uptime,
    "has_perfdata"        : True,
    "service_description" : "Uptime",

This new style has the advantage that it also covers further keys that had been kept in special variables, which now become obsolete. Here is a more complex example (from the df check):

check_info['df'] = {
    "check_function"          : check_df,
    "inventory_function"      : inventory_df,
    "service_description"     : "fs_%s",
    "has_perfdata"            : True,
    "group"                   : "filesystem",
    "default_levels_variable" : "filesystem_default_levels",
    "includes"                : [ "df.include" ],

2. Available Parameters for check_info[mycheck]

The following table lists all possible keys in the new dictionary-type declaration. The only mandatory parameters are check_function and service_description:

check_functionThe check function (like first parameter in old-style declaration)
inventory_functionThe inventory function (forth parameter in old-style declaration)
service_descriptionThe service description for Nagios (second parameter)
has_perfdataTrue if the check sends performance data, False or missing if otherwise (replaces the 0 and 0 of the old-style third paramter).
groupWATO configuration group for this check (formerly checkgroup_of[...])
default_levels_variableName (not value!) of the variable that the user can define in in order to define default levels. This works only for dictionary based parameters (formerly check_default_levels[...]).
includesA list of files this check needs to include (formerly check_includes[...])
snmp_infoSNMP OID configuration for SNMP checks (formerly snmp_info[...])
snmp_scan_functionSNMP scan function for SNMP checks (formerly snmp_scan_functions[...])
parse_functionA function who should parse all information before passing it to the check or inventory function