Check manual page of multipath

State of multipathing on Linux

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: Linux

This check monitors the state of multipath devices on Linux hosts. For each multipath device at time of inventory the number of paths is put into the check parameters. If later the number of paths is less then expected, the check goes critical. So it does if any of the paths is broken.

If the number of paths is higher than expected, the check goes warning. A reinventory of the check might be neccessary in that case.

This check is based on the output of the command multipath -l as sent by the Linux agent. It correctly deals with various subtle differences between the available versions of the multipath tools.


The UUID of the multipath device, e.g. "360a980004334644d654a364469555a76". If the multipath device has an alias you can alternatively specify the alias as item.


One check for each multipath device is created. Via iventory_multipath_rules you can specify whether an alias should be used as item instead of the UUID.