Check manual page of tsm_stagingpools

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM): Staging Pools

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: AIX, Linux

This check is used on servers running Tivoli storage manager to monitor staging pools. It can alert you if you are running low on remaining space in the pool.

The check goes to warning or critical if the number of media that are considered as "free" falls under a threshold.

This is done by setting a user defineable value for the used percentage on a tape up to which you think it still makes sense to append to it, and then defining alert levels on the number of of tapes that need to have more than the limit.

The check also tells you about the average utilization of all the tapes that still have enough capacity reserve to be considered as free.


The name of the staging pool.


The check creates one item per staging pool found.