Check manual page of winperf_if

State and performance of network interfaces of Windows hosts

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: Windows

This check monitors the operational status, link speed, traffic, packet counts, discards and errors of network interfaces of a Windows host using data sent by the Check_MK agent.

In order to get information about the link status and MAC address you need to deploy the agent plugin wmic_if.bat into the plugins directory of your Check_MK agent for Windows. On servers with just one network interface you probably won't need the information about the link status, since the agent will be unreachable anyway if the status is not up. We propose to not installing the plugin in that case and save a few CPU resources.

The plugin "mk_dhcp_enabled.bat" can be used to get a WARN if the ip address of the interface was assigned by dhcp.

The interface index (in SNMP known as ifIndex) is simulated by creating an artificial running index after sorting the names of the interfaces alphabetically.

All other aspects of this check are completely compatible of if. Please refer to that man page for further information.


See man page of if for details


See man page of if for details